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Bowling today


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It had been awhile since I witnessed any sneezing out of my man of interest. I want to say the last time I saw him sneeze was back in September.

I call him J, he is a little bit taller than me, like 5’9”ish, brown spiky hair, mustache and goatee, blue eyes, and a shapely cute nose that turns up just a tad at the tip.

Today, we pre-bowled for our league night this coming Saturday. We decided to go out with my high school friends this weekend instead. 😊

So, we met at the bowling alley after he got out of work. We practiced for a few minutes, and then started bowling. Somewhere in the middle of our first game, he got his ball, but before he walked up to the lane, he paused. Then he shifted his ball from his right hand to his left, and turned towards me, which is how I noticed his pre-sneeze expression. He gasped once and then ducked his head into his right elbow and sneezed. His sneeze sounded a little more wet and harsh than usual. I blessed him. When he was going to go up to bowl he turned around again, and gasped a couple of times, while I watched. And then sneezed a second time into his elbow again, just like the first one. Except after this one he shook his head like a dog and made a funny raspberry type sound afterwards. I blessed him and smiled, and he grinned at me, then went up to bowl. He was kind of sniffly and rubbing his nose for a bit afterwards, which was super cute.

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Oh my oh my, hope someone's not catching a cold! Wouldn't that be horrible. ;) Very cute observation, especially the head shake. 

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This is going to sound strange coming from me, but I actually hope he doesn’t get sick. Mostly because we do have plans tomorrow night, and I would be crushed if he couldn’t go because he felt shitty. 😋 

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That's fair. It's always a tricky feeling, wanting to see them sneeze battling your care for them, not wanting to wish them ill will. 

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