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Accidentally in Love (Cdrama)


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Lately, I’ve been watching a really cute Chinese drama on Netflix called Accidentally in Love. I haven’t even finished it yet but there’s already been a lot of sneezes — including the incredibly attractive male lead Feng getting sick :heart: (although it’s not focused on tooo much). I’ll update this if there are any more later in the series.

For now, though:

Episode 5:

-Around 25:25 Feng sneezes due to others talking about him

Episode 6:

-Around 3:45 Qingqing, the female main character, sneezes (possibly due to a strong scent of the sanitary wipe he handed to her?)

Episode 11: Feng gets sick

-Around 3:20 he sneezes, loosely covered into his hand.

-Around 10:09 he sneezes a double into his hands (prayer style) — they sound a bit more congested and tired than his usual sneezes in my opinion.

-Around 13:49 he coughs a few times, dry.

-Around 14:25 his voice fails and he coughs a few times, dry

-Around 16:24 until around 17:40 he speaks slow and is very disoriented and pale due to his fever (although he insists “I’m fine” in an almost inaudible whisper and that killed me). He has trouble standing and walking on his own and Qingqing and the teacher both feel his forehead.

-Sleeping sick in bed at 20:08 and later in the scene Xinya (who has a crush on him) shows up and there’s some minor fever discussion.

-Around 21:17 Qingqing sneezes, possibly from being soaked from the rain (it was not contagion though it may have seemed like it).





Also, I watched episode 11 with a friend (who also likes this drama) without knowing what was going to happen and it was really awkward because I was freaking out internally but couldn’t really show it lol. Luckily, I’m an overprotective fangirl anyway normally so I could at least excuse me saying things like, “Awww, poor baby, is he okay?” :lol: But it was kind of awkward though. This fetish is so unfamiliar to most people though that even if my friend actually noticed me dying, she wouldn’t have thought anything of it lol.

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