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Comic Con sneezes


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I was at a comic con today with my aunt and as we were walking around the hall, we were interrupted by the sounds of someone sneezing. A white guy in all black was sneezing openly into his elbow in front of a booth some feet away from us, angled in such a way so I could see everything. He kept on sneezing in a crazy fit, with these short pauses in between, as if almost done before he geared up for another sneeze. His friends kept blessing him after each sneeze, but he didn't drop his elbow at all and seemed to totally expect the fit. 

Each sneeze sounded pretty wet and he rocked forward a little with each one. They were like 'Ahh-HeehhTSHHHUU!' and he must have done like six or seven of them. My aunt and I were both staring a bit (for different reasons obviously) until he finally finished with a 'Okay, I think I'm done.' And then my aunt steered us away to another table in the next aisle over, saying, "Don't get close to him, it sounds like he has a cold." OMG. 



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