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So... Is This The Start of A Cold? (female, self)


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So, I normally don't sneeze a lot. 

Today, I keep sneezing, only in singles, but the tickle just keeps coming back. It's not an itch, it's a really light tickle, but it doesn't stop until I sneeze. And then it goes away for like half an hour or an hour, and then it comes back. It's starting to drive me crazy. Some of them come really suddenly, others are really drawn-out. They started out fairly light, not exactly dry, but not super wet. Then they went into wet territory. And now they're starting to get messy. 

I have this rundown, tired feeling in my entire body, I'm freezing, but not constantly, more like it comes in waves, and my throat is starting to feel slightly sore, but I'm not sure if that's because I've been sneezing a lot or if I'm actually getting sick. I don't want to get sick, and I'm not entirely sure it's that, but it's starting to feel more and more likely. It COULD be hormone-related as well, because I tend to get flulike symptoms in certain places of my cycle, but since I have been around sick people the past week, it's still up for debate.

Guess we'll see what it leads to. So far I've probably sneezed like twelve times throughout the day, but all in singles. Thankfully, I've been at home all day, so I haven't been embarrassed in public. :lol:  


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Definitely sounds like the start of something, I would pay attention to that sore throat and any sinus/nasal congestion that may occur. Even if it is hormone related (which I can feel, it happens to me too), it couldn't hurt to stock up on some Dayquil or the like in order to deal with those symptoms. Hope you feel better soon!


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I'm still feeling achy and tired, and now I have a headache as well, but the sneezing and sore throat has calmed down. Soooo... I still can't say for sure what this is trying to become. :huh: 

We don't have cold meds like Dayquil where I'm from, but I stocked up on orange juice and cough drops. :lol: Doesn't seem to be necessary though, but... we'll see where this goes.

Thank you! :) 


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