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Seriously world/universe/any deity. Felicia Day please

Jasper Jay

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Ok, having watched everything she has done, met and been hugged by her at Boston Comic Con, and currently watching the new season of MST3K; can the universe please throw me a bone and have her sneeze, real or acted, at least once? I've been a good human, loving to my family and kind to my fellow man. I feel I, and the rest of us, deserve this. Thank you for giving me a forum for my plea/rant.


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3 hours ago, Sen Beret said:

Real talk. I loved your post and I loved the way you said it.

Ditto, couldn't have said it better. If you find anything, keep us posted. Would love to see this. 

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For some reason this topic has stuck with me; possibly because of how excellently the post was written, and so I am proud to finally present, after two years, this:


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You are a true hero. I cannot thank you enough. No one can say 2020 didn't have it high points. Thank you!

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Wouaw, this is a very nice find !! :D
Is she really Felicia Day or just a Tweeter who looks like her ? Frankly, I think I am dreaming. When I was a teenager, she was one of my favorite actresses and I was head over heels in love with her. I didn't know she was doing Let's Play, where did you find these clips ?

Anyway, a big thank you to you KSC, you just made one of my teenage dreams come true. :razz:
A masterful sneeze. If the angels sneeze, it should be like this. :wub:

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