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It would be cool to see what anyone from Europe thinks about this. And it’s crazy to see how the US could be affected.  

A little background on how Americans might be affected for those not watching the video. Since companies in the United States will follow the strictest protocol to be accessible to all countries, they will adhere to Europe’s Article 13 which significantly decreases what counts as fair use of copyrighted material. So this law that has already passed the initial stage has four factors that are used to limit what copyrighted material can be used such as classroom use, parody, etc. The US has six criteria as well as specific phrases that allow a huge amount of  flexibility since the law was made in 1976. What the article says is something along the lines of “ok content-creating companies like youtube, Twitter, imgur, Facebook, etc....work together in good faith with owners of copyrighted material. Now what facet said comes in with YouTube being accountable instead of the person who uploaded the video. Safe Harbour makes the person accountable , but Article 13 wants to get rid of safe harbour and make the company accountable. YouTube isn’t going to deal with that hassle. They will just work with big companies if they adopt that policy. 

An example he used of the US following the strictest policy was all those emails we received months ago wanting us to sign a new privacy policy for the GDPR. That was from the European Union. The US adopted the policy. Otherwise they would have had to create separate policies. 

So it’s a lose-lose for everyone except the people already making big bucks. European creators will lose their content jobs and not be able to receive certain content from non-European countries. Non-European countries might change their flexible policy to include European countries and we lose flexibility. 

Funny sidebar: He used this meme scenario of replacing Eddie’s face with Mario when Venom pulls back to reveal who they are, saying, “It’s me, Mario”. It’s not allowed in Europe. Parody is a factor that can be used but parody only counts with songs that closely resemble and make fun of original songs.

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I live in the US, and have reblogged stuff about Article 13 anytime I've seen it come up on my Tumblr dash(the only social media that I currently use). It really scares me what this could mean on a global level and I am worried about it affecting me and others in the US. I strongly encourage everyone to spread the word about this regardless of where you live and I hope those that live in Europe will do what they can with contacting their representatives.

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