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5 hours ago, ThePokeFan599 said:

If I were her, I would rub that nose by placing an index finger directly under it, and rubbing it back and forth, but getting the right side more than the left side. I would think that nostril would bother me more.


I’d shove a palm up against the front of the nose and slide it up and down worth the palm stretching the nostrils upwards. 



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4 hours ago, Guy20XX said:


I would use the part of my index finger between the knuckles to rub it in small circles as fast as possible. I know it will draw attention to me but that doesn't matter. I need that itch gone.


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I would scratch the outside of my nostrils, and if that didn't work, scratch in between the nostrils to see if that would relieve the itch. Touching the bridge always results in a sneeze.


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21 hours ago, Guy20XX said:


I am a woman of symmetry. If my left nostril is itching, I'll use my right index finger to rub it back and forth, middle finger if it doesn't work, ring finger if that doesn't work. Same thing with my right nostril itching, the fingers on my left hand will relieve the itch. If both sides bother, you guessed it, I'll use both hands to help relieve the itch. .


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If I were her, I’d scratch my nostrils with my fingers and wiggle the tip with the palm. I’m very pissed about any itch. 



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My nostrils flair uncontrollably, but rather than draw attention to myself, I'll fight the itch by wiggling my nose hands free. The right nostril always seems to feel better, but every so often that pesky left one needs a hard rub. I'll use the back of my hand, never my fingers to violently rub it up and down until that itch is hitchtory… I mean history.



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image0.jpgI’ll try to hide my face a bit and cup both my hands. Shoving my fingertips against the tip and edges of my nostrils up and down will normally do. 

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I'll use the index and middle finger on my left hand to rub in between my nostrils slowly. I'll move them faster if I desperately needed to. 


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  • 2 months later...

Id take a knuckle and wiggle the septum rapidly, making sure to refocus the itch on the bulbous part of my nose



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If i were her, any itch would get on my nerves. Id contort my septum with my right finger, scrubbing my right nostril to get rid of any pesky itch.





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I would fight so hard not rub, fight so hard not to rub, but more often than not I need to rub my pesky nose. I always use my left hand rub my nose left to right, every time. Unfortunately, some of my harder nose rubs results in a surprise sneeze.


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  • 1 month later...

The tip of my nose is always itchy. Its natrual for me to wriggle my nose often, but there are rare times where i resort to rubbing my nose with the palm of my hand, left and right. Im always careful to not agitate the stub on my nose. 


(You think we could share furry/anthro characters too?)



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The bridge of my nose bothers me all the time, so I have to rub it more often than I really want to. Unfortunately, I'm not a good judge of how much pressure that adds to my nose, and therefore I have to completely stifle a sneeze as a result of it. Yes, I have mastered the hands-free silent stifle, and can do so without any obvious signs of hinting at myself sneezing.

See the source image

You can share anthro/furry characters if you want to and we'll do our best to describe how they will rub theinose. i'm not into anthro/furry so I won't post any of my own, but the rest of the forum is welcome.

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I usually try to make my sneezes silent or go away quickly, since they can just be so loud. Often, my left nostril is the most troublesome nare, but a palm strike against my nose to turn it up eases it more often than not. 

If the itch gets to the bridge my my nose, ill scratch it like crazy, but i dont typically last long



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My wide nostrils get my in trouble because I try so hard to relieve the itch in my nose without having to rub it. If wiggling my nose alone doesn't work, I'll duck my head and quickly rub my nose with the inside of my thumb to relieve the itch. 98 times out of 100 that works, the other 2 times, I sneeze.


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I hardly have any allergies that bother me, let alone make me sneezy. So when the tip of my nose gets the faintest itch, i overreact and use my whole hand to fight the tingle. If i ever break down in a fit, my right nostrils usually is to blame. 




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