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I had to sit in front because my guitar need the back seat. I could see the red nose against pale skin immediately. He was coughing hard while I walked up to the car and verified he was my ride. A strong fever glassed over his eyes.

"Sndfgggh, heh-hi-haaa, snxxxt...." He grabbed all the used tissues from the passenger seat so I could sit down.  He promptly sneezed harshly into the crumbled, shredded tissues and tucked them away.

"I'b Ebad, snnnnuk, sndt, snxt, hehhh..." He said as he ferociously rubbed and wiped his nose with his hands and then extended it towards me. 

I cheerfully took it and shook it, "I'm Sarah" his hand was still wet and sticky

"Dell be ib id'd doo coldbb ind here." He was basically wearing a parka and the heat must have been set at 90F. I could see a shiver go straight through his body as he started coughing wetly, uncovered as he started driving off.  Specks of yellow-green mucous splattered in front of him.

"Are you okay? I mean, are you sick?  I have a big performance tomorrow." I just really need to know and he looks like death.

He didn't speak... Only liquid sniffles every few breaths that he was taking through his mouth, interrupted by tiny coughs as we drove through the city. He rubbed his throat. He rubbed his nose. He tried to turn the heat up but it was already on max. 

Suddenly, his sniffles come so quickly and so wetly I just coming.

"HASHOOO" spray shot everywhere as he kept his hands on the wheel. "Heh-hiiiih- AChOOO ESHiRwww" colorful snot dangled from his nostrils and he gave a powerful snort. I could hear the sneezes tear through his throat. He tried to wipe the mucous and snot flowing from each sneeze but only transferred it to his cheek. 

He pulled over. "Bsoryybb" he snorted and started coughing. All uncovered, for the purpose of driving and maybe life intended be to get sick before the major gig I have lined up tomorrow.

He tried to reach across me, still sneezing amongst many phlegmy coughs for the glove box. I wiped away what I could from my face and hands.  It took four tissues to gurgle his voice to clarity. 

"Please don'd dake away a stdar. I guess I've sigc bud I need thid job" 

He looked me in the eyes, breathing heavy, and then turned back into traffic... "ASHEWWwww" Every sneeze went across the whole dashboard. I felt so bad for him.

"I'm going home now. Take a break at my house and we can have some tea," I could only offer.  The idea of him infecting my whole house was minimal to bring trapped in such a small space with him for the 20 minute drive anyway.

He rubbed his nose and sniffed deeply, and then wiped again. 

He reached out for my hand and grabbed it, "thangk youd" 

I ran my hands through my hair, what was I doing? It's going to be a long night. I rubbed my temples and then my eyes. We'd be home soon and I'd sort it out 

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So I just read this story and OMG it is fantastic! I absolutely love the way you describe his sickness and lord knows I’m a slut for a guy with a horrible cold lol!! Reall hope you write more! Can’t wait to read it!

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