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Ingrown hair in nose leads to a small fit

mysterious sneeze man

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So the last few days i've had a very irritated right nostral. It started off mild enough and I just thought it was the dry weather causing me some irritation. But as time went on it kept getting worse. Today I went to the bathroom and investigated with a  small flashlight and the mirror to see a small, pimple like patch of redness with a hair awkwardly growing out of it. I've dealt with this before and didn't think much of it and grabbed my trusty tweezers. It's right at the upper tip inside my nose next to the bridge. Easy enough I thought. As soon as I stuck the tweezers in my nose a medium tickle started brewing, not quite enough to bring on a sneeze but my eyes watered a bit and my face started got a little crinkled up. I grabbed what felt like the problem hair and gave a firm tug when the show started. As soon as I pulled the hair, or "hairs" out I felt a slightly painful pop that quickly changed to an intense itchy tingly feeling that completely shot up my nose. It was like a sneeze God decided to send a lighting bolt in the shape of a feather to assault my face lol 😂. My eyes immediately shut and I let out a small cough followed by a quick sneeze the caught me off guard. "Hihtishhhuu" followed by a huge involuntary gasp of air and a bigger "HETCHOO". This went on for 6 sneezes with each sneeze getting bigger. I was able to compose myself enough to grab 2 tissues before sneezing a very itchy triple followed by a false start that never grew into a sneeze. I ended up throwing the tissue out and grabbing a fresh one to blow my nose. I finally have some sweet relief. I hope you all enjoyed reading this! 

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Wow. What an intense fit that must have been. I’m sure it was lovely though hehe thank you for sharing. Too bad you didn’t record it 😉 bless you 

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