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Hair Salon Uncovered Mirror Spray


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This was a really amazing observation. I'm very glad to have been in the right place at the right time. Yesterday I was in a hair salon waiting for a friend. It was near the end of the day and fairly quiet. Across the room was one of the girls who worked there. I assume she was a stylist apprentice as she was young, doing small jobs and looked a little lost. 

She was around 19, fairly tall, pale skin, freckles and dressed in black with a black apron on. She had blond hair tied up in a bun but I would assume she was probably originally ginger. She had a long nose with a slight bump in the middle accompanied by some medium sized flared nostrils, which were kind of red at the base. By the look of her red nostrils and the sound of congestion as well as a later conversation I overheard about medication I think she may have had a cold. 

She was about 10ft away from me and tidying up a little as it was almost closing time. She leaned over one of the salon chairs facing towards the mirror. She leaned into the gap between the chair and the wall and began to coil up the cord of a hair dryer. I was looking down at my phone when I heard a sharp intake of breath then suddenly "Hut-CHOOO". It was a VERY powerful and wet sounding sneeze with none of her voice in it at all. The sound came from the sheer power of the air escaping her lungs along with the distinctive sound of spray being amplified by the "CH" sound as it was all jettisoned from her nose and mouth while passing through her lips in the explosion. There was however, a throaty vibration noise which came out for just a split second in the middle of "choo" part due to the forcefulness of the sneeze. 

The chair was slightly to her left as she leaned over it coiling up the hair dryer cord but when that first sneeze came she did not choose to cover it. Maybe she didn't want to cover, maybe she didn't have enough warning or maybe she could not free her hands. So what she did was turn her head. She kept her body facing forward as she turned her head over her left shoulder and sneezed downward while arching her back a little and twisting her upper torso around slightly but keeping her feet firmly planted. The sneeze was totally uncovered, spraying the top part of the chair point blank. I know this because I looked up from my phone instantly when I heard her sneeze and she remained in that position for a couple of seconds after the sneeze to regain composure. 

She then turned back towards the mirror and continued to coil up the hair dryer. I carried on watching her carefully without her being suspicious. I could tell another sneeze was imminent as I could see her reflection in the mirror while she was twitching her nose and sniffling in an obvious attempt to make it go away. Her mouth dropped open and her breath started to hitch. This was amazing. Her hands were still coiling the cord when no more than 5 seconds after she lifted her head from the previous sneeze "hut-CHOO". This one sounded exactly the same as the previous sneeze in all its forceful
glory. Again, she did not cover but she did turn her head to her left again. However, this time she did not face downward nor did she manage to get past her shoulder. She simply positioned the direction of the blast slightly to her left in a vague attempted to sneeze away from the mirror. She needed the direction of the expulsion to be parallel with the mirror
but she did not turn enough and sneezed toward the mirror over to her left at an acute angle. 

She was not phased at all though and didn't seem embarrassed in the slightest. She didn't even check to see who was watching her after either sneeze. She just carried on working, as if to say sneezing totally uncovered is normal practice for her. She then left the area and few minutes later I wandered over in that directing and had a sneaky inspection of the mirror while pretending to look at myself (almost no one was about).The mirrors were all spotless and had clearly been cleaned recently (I guess they do it daily) but still prior to the two sneezes from this girl. I looked at the part where she had inadvertently directed her last sneeze towards, which was about 4ft to the left from where she was standing, and could see tiny droplets of spray. There was lots of droplets and they were very spread out due to the distance they had traveled. She never looked at the mirror she just carried on coiling up the hair dryer after her last sneeze then moved elsewhere and continued to tidy up. She was obviously unaware of how much spray comes from a wet sounding sneeze such as that and how far it can actually travel.     


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Wow that's a really amazing obs! I'm a fan of uncovered, wet sneezes, so I really like the detail you put into this :)

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