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Hiding the sickness


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I woke up coughing uncontrollably last night with an incredible raw throat. John stayed asleep through it all next to me. I got up and took some medicine before falling asleep again. I can't be sick. I've got way too much to do. I haven't been with John long enough to be sick in this relationship and I don't like being noticed when I'm sick.... But maybe it's just allergies. Yeah. Allergies. 

I played cards with a group of women friends last night and one of the new girls had a raw, wet, runny nose. She said she had just allergies as she sniffle, coughed and sneezed through our game. She never even asked for a tissue. Maybe I should have washed my hands more or not shared the snacks we were all consumed. She said the alcohol had helped her throat but made it hard to catch all the sneezes in her hands.  I had won the card game, at least.

Ughhhhh.... And I woke up again to my alarm with a burning throat, a little sweaty, but my entire body was aching. I rubbed my nose to test it out and promptly sneezed wetly twice across the bed. John stirred next to me. I quickly ran to the bathroom so I could blow my congestion away. He can't know... We'll leave for work soon anyway if I can just get through this morning. I took another sip of cough syrup to help my throat so maybe I could say a few words to him without a hoarse croaking sound. The gurgling from my nose made me cringe. We didn't have any other medicine on hand so I couldn't do anything for the rest of my symptoms, including my impending fever and throbbing head. But hey, I didn't look sick yet. Just tired.  And it's allergies anyway. Yeah...  Allergies... I sneezed once in my cupped hands and wiped the mess on my pajama pants. Ohhhh, what a day it was going to be.

I came back to bed to make sure I wasn't missed when he woke up since he was always up before me and closed my eyes for a minute sniffling quietly 

John rolled over and cuddled against me.

"Hey, good lookin," he said with a smile as he pulled me in close to his body so we were facing each other. His hand slid down my waist and held on to my hip. I cleared my throat the best I could but decided to just mumble a generic reply. We always had morning sex but today I needed to figure out how to avoid it so I could keep my distance from him. Our faces became closer as I puffed away through my mouth and overly concerned about my runny nose.

He leaned in for a kiss - and what else could I do? I reciprocated and let my lips and mouth lean deeply into his, wincing at my burning throat. I had to pull away for a quick sniffle or two, albeit pure liquid, he didn't seem to notice. His hands moved moved around my body expertly. I ran my hand down the side of his face. It felt so good, he felt so good, I became lost in his embrace and forgot all about my 'allergies' as my lips moved from his to surrounding areas.  

Suddenly, my throat seized and my nose turned into a faucet. I pulled away and coughed towards the side of his head while trying to sniffle away whatever my nose was thinking. He kept his embrace closely and paid attention to other parts of my body. I couldn't help it and sneezed upward over us both and tried to pull away to free up one of my hands to wipe my nose as the spray descended over us.

"Ugh, hon, mby allerdgies ab badb today, snnnuuurrrk," I lightly coughed as I gave my excuse. 

He kissed me on my lips for a little bit longer and pulled me close again, forcing me to continue breathing over his face. "Try taking a shower, I guess. I gotta get to work though, I'm going to miss our morning routine, though!" I sniffled again as he gave my messy, runny, burning, infected, contagious face another deep kiss before hoping out of bed to get himself ready to go. 

It was going to be a long day...  I already had several clients lined up plus diner and drinks tonight

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Yeah it says you have to be able to PM to join a writers group and you have to be validated to PM...... so... balls.  I put two stories out there today while I was on my phone real quick assuming I could edit them out later.  I just wanted to get the ideas down.  

Can I delete my stories, then.....?  And post again when I have more privileges?  Hahha.... I bet I can't even delete them.  HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmm lmao

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