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So I have had an account on this forum for a few years, however I have never gotten around to posting much (mainly I am a little nervous to, but there is also another reason).  I told my girlfriend about the fetish probably about a year ago, and she has not induced  for me ever, tho I have asked.  But I am okay with that!  However, she is a very sneezey person in general so I have tons and tons of observations I would love to share.

My problem is, I am unsure if it feels right to post the observations about her, and not just her, pretty much anyone who I am remotely close with.  I see obs all the time of peoples SO's and friends and they're so great, so what do you all think?  Is it okay to discuss your SO's sneezes in the forum without them knowing?

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Everyone has their own opinion of whether posting obs of someone else without their permission is okay or not. If you’re feeling unsure or uncomfortable about it, it probably means that you don’t think she would be okay with it. 

Generally, most of the obs talked about on here were not okayed by the person sneezing because people want to keep their fetish a secret while still having a desire to share their stories with like-minded people. You just have to decide for yourself. 

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I agree with the people above-- if you feel uncomfortable in any way, ask yourself why you think that is, and whether you think you would have a clear conscious after posting 

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*person above. to be clear: i think you should ask if she's okay with it, i do not agree that it's fine to post sexy observations about your girlfriend if she does not consent to it, regardless of whether you'd feel a clear conscious or not.

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I am not sure if I want to tell her about my account on here...  I am really shy about it around her.   I guess I'll keep my obs to myself then :)  

Thank you all

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In my opinion, it’s okay as long as you keep them anonymous. You can describe them, but don’t say their name, or at least their real name. Like I’ll use letters as names for people in my observations to keep them anonymous. Some people use other names and say the name was changed.

In this scenario, the looks of the sneezer are up for interpretation of the reader, too, even if you use good description. It is very very unlucky that they would know exactly what she looks like unless you showed a photo of her (which I would say not to do without her permission) or had the most perfect imagery ever. You could always cut down a bit on imagery if you feel like it gives too much away. But chances are that every person on here is going to imagine her in at least a slightly different way based on the same descriptions. 

Do whatever you feel the most comfortable with, though. These are just my thoughts on the topic!

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