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Powerful Sneezes in Lab


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I work in a lab at my university.  One day I was in there with another grad student, who had been sniffling quite a bit since I had been there.  She's a shy girl, we don't talk to much, though I try to start conversations whenever I am in there.  She has short hair, and a very cute, large nose.  She had a box of tissues next to her, and tissue was crumpled in her hand, she would sniffle and wipe her nose every few minutes.  

I notice she started to sniff a little harder,  she was holding her crumpled tissue to her nose.   Next thing I know, I see her start to build up for a sneeze.  She sneezes very powerfully into her tissue twice.  "HIITCHHU,  HIITCCHU" (bare with me, I am not the best at spelling sneezes lol).   She quickly grabs another two tissues from the box and holds them to her nose.

"Bless you!" I say, my heart was pounding, it was such a cute little fit.

She winds up for another big sneeze.  "HIIIITCH" she tries to stifle this one.  She grab one more tissue, and goes out of the room, presumably to blow her nose.  I was left slightly flustered in the lab :)

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I think I would have found focusing on intricate lab work near impossible after witnessing this delightful outburst - thanks for posting :) 

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