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After 1.5 years of dating, still have not seen gf sneeze


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As the title says, I've been with my gf for a while now and nothing! She knows about my fetish so I'm wondering if there's some sort of mental block going on or maybe she's not someone who sneezes a lot. It's just funny that I've seen all of her friends sneeze and not her. She said she wouldn't mind inducing but I kind of want to wait to see it just happen naturally. And now I also think I'm bound to be disappointed since I've built it up in my head for so long. Guess I'll keep waiting...

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My girlfriend also isn't much of a sneezer, but sometimes when she is getting the initial part of a cold she'll sneeze several times per hour. When we first started dating I was also waiting to hear her sneeze-- when I finally did, it certainly wasn't a let down :) 

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I didn't see my gf sneeze much at all until she moved into her new house, which apparently is very dusty (she has a bad dust allergy).  She has to eventually, no one can go forever without sneezing!

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I agree with what’s said above about waiting. With me, it’s been with my favorite teachers or good friends. I’ve not told anyone about my fetish, yet I feel like the frustration of anticipating their sneezes was better that it probably would’ve been if anyone knew about it and induced for me. When it’s all natural, it feels more special.

Still haven’t heard my second favorite teacher since sneeze, but I’m still hoping! But in the little over a year I’ve known her, a discussion did briefly form in class the start of this year, and I now know she always sneezes in threes. Even though I haven’t heard any yet. I’d love to, though! My favorite teacher has sneezed though several times, and I was happy to have waited. It was definitely worth it!

I also believe that she’s going to have to sneeze at some point, because everyone has to sneeze at some point in their life. I’m sure you’ll eventually see it. And hopefully you enjoy it! 

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