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So I have this other friend, let’s name him V. He is about 5’10, light brown eyes/skin, fairly big nose (roundish nostrils) and short tapered style haircut. V has known about my sneeze fetish for a while and has been pretty okay with it. Considering that he’s straight he rather not ask me or talk about it... but, today for some reason brought up a fit that he had underwent just a few days ago via message. Of course, I didn’t hesitate to roll with the flow and decided to ask questions. This is pretty much what he said, “I sneezed about 10 times because of the dust that was in the air. I sneezed really loud and strong back to back and dust just does it for me” I said, “oh okay that must have been an intense fit. I wonder if anything else besides dust will make you sneeze.” He replied, “I don’t know” I said, “would you be willing to try to induce?” To my complete surprise he replied “sure’” so at some point in time this week he will induce for me and I’ll finally get to see him sneeze. I asked “do you mist or spray” he said “I don’t know” (I’m huge on spray sneezes) so I guess I’ll have to find out. Anyway I’m really excited and hope that inducing is a success for him. If so, I will share what happened during our “hangout.” 

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