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The Alchemist is Allergic to What? (ORIGINAL CHARACTER/OC) (ORIGINAL FICTION)


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I'm very sorry for not being on for nearly a year. School caught up with me, personal issues arose . . . but enough about mwah! Let's get onto the story! 



"Hee’ishuuh! Hi’shuu!" A pair of sneezes burst out of the alchemist, him sniffling discreetly soon after. "Damn it all . . . " he irritably mumbled beneath his breath as he flipped through the many pages of the book he held in his grasp, which was for taking notes, and documenting the array of specimens that lurked in his workshop, which was built underneath the home him and his young wife of nine years shared. 

"Forneus!" came the voice of his spouse, Klaire, from up above. "Are you all right down there?" he heard her ask; he could detect the amount of concern laced in her tone.

"Perfectly f-- Heh . . . He’ISSHH’oo!" he sneezed again, yet harsher this time, mentally cursing himself at how he was cut off, and at how the immense tickle in the back of his nasal cavity was spreading like a wildfire. He scrubbed at his nose, sniffling again whilst also grimacing . . .

Was he getting sick? No, he couldn't be; he was in perfect health! Yet what was causing these outbursts? 

The sound of footsteps was heard, and soon, they neared the stairs, and suddenly stopped for a moment; the door to his workshop opened with an unsettling creak, and the alchemist whipped his head in the direction of whoever conjured the noise -- it was his wife, Klaire. Her ocean-blue eyes settled on his figure as she made her way down the staircase, her blonde curls bouncing with every step she took.

"I didn't hear you," Klaire spoke. "You are perfectly what . . ?" she questioned, a faint smile forming on her face as she walked over to her husband.

"Like I was saying . . . " Forneus began, but his voice slowly died down just as he started to speak; sniffling once more, he tried to rid himself of the horribly itchy tickle that lingered, but he failed, to no avail. "Huhh-huh'eistchuu! Hishhh'uh! K'tschuu!" he sneezed -- a multiple of three times, but unfortunately for him, he wasn't done. He bent forward with a powerful, "Uh'kstchuu!" which caused the woman beside him to gaze at him questionably. 

"You do not seem 'fine' to me, my love," Klaire said. "If you're sick, you can just tell me. That way," she stopped and smiled, "I can be your caretaker!" 

"I'b bot sick . . . " Forneus grumbled, slightly cringing at how he sounded from being congested. 

Breathing out a sigh, Klaire rose her arm and carefully placed the back of her hand to his forehead. "Huh . . . you're not warm," she told him. Then, she retracted her hand quickly as her husband suddenly pinched his nose shut with his index finger and thumb, stifling a sneeze from exploding out of him, as he did not wish to spray his poor wife with his germs. 

When he knew it was safe, he loosened his grip on his nostrils, and lowered his hand. "Sorry . . . " he quietly said, almost as if he were shameful.

"No, Forneus, it's all right," Klaire responded reassuringly as she smiled, and patted his shoulder lightly. "But you're not sick," she spoke, "so . . . what could be making you sneeze? Do you have any allergies I don't know about?" 

At the word, the young man frowned as he shook his head in protest. 

"Are you sure?" she asked. "Because I heard that they can appear randomly as time progresses," Klaire informed the man, whom swiped away tears that were forming in the corner of his eyes.

"I'b sure," Forneus uttered in reply as he began to search for anything to blow his nose with, by digging his hands into the pockets of his breeches -- he pulled them out -- nothing. 

"You need a tissue? I'll be right back," Klaire said, and she retreated up the wooden staircase, her steps audible from above.

Forneus sighed. What was wrong with him? Did he develop an allergy? If so, to what? . . . 



I hope I did all right; not being active for nearly a year made me rusty. 😂 Still, I'm very sorry for my disappearence! But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this! Part 2 will be arriving soon! 


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9 hours ago, Shay said:

Nice start. I'll be interested to see where this is going.

Thank you! Part 2 will be up when I can get to it. 😁

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On 11/29/2018 at 9:33 AM, EvaBloom said:

Intriguing, very intriguing :thumbup:

Thank you!

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