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Wifi Router advice?


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Yeah I know, a fetish site is an odd place to ask for advice but at the expense of not having to talk on the phone with customer service, it's worth a shot. :lol:

So I was connectivity issues with my router and at the advice of my troubleshooter I reset it which, after reading some articles, is a big no-no! My issue now is that my connection isn't showing up with the other network options under my wifi icon. The button on the router is lit green and flashing rapidly so I assume that means the wifi is working, I just need to reconfigure my settings. So, my question is, how can I reconfigure without a internet connection? Do I need an Ethernet cable? Or am I just a dunce and missing an easier option? If all else fails I'll just call the router people but talking on the phone makes me very anxious and I'd really, REALLY like to avoid it at all costs. I'm currently typing this from my phone so please excuse any errors/formatting issues.

Thanks in advance! :)

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Nvm, I got it! Mods feel free to lock/delete this as you see fit! :D 

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