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Unintentionally shared cold


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My friend and I went to see a movie Wednesday because we havent hung out in ages. When we met up I noticed she sounded congested. Nothing new because she has year round allergies. However she was sneezing a little more than usual I thought. She had asked me to taste her coke because she said it tasted weird. I thought it was normal. Should have been my first clue. 

Yesterday I woke up to an irritated throat and towards the middle of the day my nose began to run. I had texted my friend asking how she was and she had said she felt sick, probably was the noght before and apologized. Today however my sneeze woke me up "Ha issheww! Hehh.. Ishhhew" a few minutes later and was hit with another "ha ishhh! Hehh...eshh! hehhishheww!" My nose has a constant tickle. As I typed this i sneezed another double " heh ishh! Ha eshh!"

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Oh dear! Thank you for sharing! Hope you feel better soon, but definitely keep us updated. It sound's like you are in for a sneezey cold like your friend!

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