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Boyfriend's Cold


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My boyfriend came down with a cold a couple days ago, and I hadn't thought I would have anything to post about. For the first two days, I hadn't heard a single sneeze from him, just a lot of wet sniffling and some very congested coughs. But today he woke up and was particularly sneezey! For him at least. 

He's sneezed about 6 or 7 times since waking up (and we woke up late, so it's only been a few hours), and they've all been fairly forceful. The first few were this loud "HATCHEEEW!", but at some point they changed to this "HETCHEW-yaaah" sound, sort of like if you took the sound of the first few sneezes and added a "Hi-yah!" sound to it. It was so noticeable that he even chuckled and said "You gotta add the ninja sounds to them, to make them sound cooler". 

One of the sneezes was wetter than the rest of them, and made him have to blow his nose. It was beautiful. I hate seeing him sick, but man does he make it look good.

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Loved reading this! Especially the part where he mentioned adding the ninja sounds. 😋 Super adorable!

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