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Fantastic Beasts Drabbles (Updated Dec. 11)


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I recently watched both Fantastic Beasts movies and just loved the characters. Then Wolfsbane posted the most lovely drabble and it got in the mood to write. Very minor spoilers for the second film in the first drabble, but the others should be fine for anyone who hasn't made it to the theater yet.


Newt sighed in relief as his feet touched the floor on the bottom of his case. After looking after his human friends he was finally alone and ready to look after his non-human friends…and perhaps let them look after him a bit as well. He started by setting his dear niffler down on his work bench and gathering the things he’d need to fix the creature’s injured paw. Newt rubbed the animal’s head slowly.

“That was a very brave thing you did,” he said. “And I’m so sorry that you got hurt but I’ll have you set right in no time. Are you planning to cooperate?” Newt asked. The niffler curled up on his side, extending his injured leg. Newt was surprised; no creature really likes getting medical attention so the niffler was either really hurting or had decided to give Newt a bit of a break given the terrible day he had endured. Either way, his cooperation earned him another loving stroke of his head and a shiny gold button that he hugged to his chest.

With a content niffler in front of him, Newt cut some gauze and rifled through a drawer until he found a little pot of salve that would clean and heal the injury. Before unscrewing the lid, Newt took a handkerchief from his pocket and laid it on the table as well. He worked quickly, gently working the sticky medicine over the niffler’s leg. “Shh, almost done,” he soothed when he felt the animal flinch. Newt could feel his eyes sting and his nose begin to run from the pungent, minty odor coming from the medicine. He sniffled and reached for the gauze, wrapping the tiny leg as he sniffled wetly. He just finished securing it when he was suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to sneeze. Unable to get to his handkerchief in time, he ducked his head towards the floor.

hehTishhh! kihhtSHH! ehKitshhoo!

He brought his handkerchief of to his nose with one hand and closed the jar of medicine and put it away with a flick of his wand. Another flurry of sneezes was fast approaching and Newt’s eyes watered from the deep irritation that had seemingly filled his whole head.

HehTSHHoo! hehKTSHHoo! Ktschhoo! KTSHHoo! hehTISHHOOO!

“Oh, Merlin,” he muttered, shaking his head and blowing his nose. “Not to worry,” he said, giving the niffler a scratch under the chin. “Just a bit sensitive to that medicine is all.” He stood and gathered the sleepy ball of black fur in his left arm. “Let’s get you settled in for a rest, hm?”


He was soaked to the bone when he finally tracked down the errant billywig that had somehow managed to escape his case while he was feeding his creatures that morning. Perhaps he had forgotten to secure the case properly when he’d come down. Newt couldn’t rule it out because, although he was normally meticulously careful, he had a rotten head cold that was making his thoughts fuzzy. In any case, the billywig had gotten out and Newt had spent the better part of the day chasing the little thing through the city despite the pouring rain and chilly temperatures.


He sneezed into the bend of his arm, forgetting that his wool coat was dripping wet. Newt grimaced at the feeling of clammy wool against his face and shivered. He slipped the billywig back into its habitat and reached inside his coat to find a handkerchief. Soaked as well. Newt sighed and rubbed his forehead—what had started as a dull ache was quickly becoming quite uncomfortable.


The sneezing was becoming a nuisance as well. He pulled out his wand and swirled it over his head, magically drying his clothes, hair, and shoes. Another flick and a fire sprang to life in the little fireplace in his workshop—he might be dry but he was far from warm. He felt a tug on the hem of his coat but before he could look down, Newt had to quickly grab his handkerchief.

hehhNSCHHoo! ehh heh HehhNTSHHoo!

He felt the tug again and still had the cloth over his nose when he glanced down and saw the demiguise standing there, trailing a blanket behind him like a toddler who just gotten out of bed.

“Hello, you,” Newt said. “Everything alright?” Demiguises were notoriously shy creatures and, even with Newt, she was usually out of sight unless it was feeding time. He leaned down and the animal climbed up his arm like a sloth, the blanket still clutched in one hand. “I’m a bit under the weather, I’m afraid,” Newt said as he walked towards the workshop. “Not going to be terribly good company and I’m afraid that I—heh…ehh... I’m sneezing a heh ehh Ehhntshh! hehNTSHH! Oh dear, excuse me.” He’d done his best to stifle the sneezes against his opposite arm to avoid sneezing on the demiguise. He cleared his throat. “As I was saying, I’m sneezing a fair bit as well.” He felt the slow pat of the creature’s clawed hand on his shoulder. Newt smiled and eased them both down into the tufted chair nearest to the fire with a congested sigh. He felt like he had a hive of needlesprouts nesting in his nose and had to pause the demiguise’s efforts to get settled on his lap. “I’m so—heh…sorry. Just a momehh…heh…” His nose twitched with irritation and Newt’s breath hitched erratically.

ehh heh HehhNTSHHoo! hehhNTSCHH! heh ehh hehIHHKTSSHHoo!

He nearly bumped the demiguise as his body lurched forward with the strength of the last sneeze. The animal blinked its wide black eyes at Newt and began spreading her blanket over his legs. He watched this uncharacteristic behavior with interest, and his eyebrows rose in surprise when she came up and settled herself on his chest, her silky head resting just below his throat, and one paw slowly petting his upper arm. Newt smiled and stoked the back of her head.

“Well, you are full of surprises, aren’t you?” She nuzzled against him and Newt felt his eyes growing heavy, lulled by the fire and the warm weight of the creature resting on him. “Thank you for looking after me,” he said quietly just before falling asleep.


“Mr. Scamander, do you have any idea where this crinklepuff—”

“Grindlyplouf,” he corrected.

“Fine. Grindlyplouf. Do you have any idea where it is or are we just running around New York City at random?” Tina asked. She rushed to keep up with him as he lead them further into Central Park.

“It’ll head for a still body of water like a lake or pond. They startle easily so the noise of a river or even a fountain will be too much for them. They’re terribly sensitive creatures. It’s probably quite frightened out here in the city.”

“Is it, by any chance, a round purple furry looking thing?” Tina asked.

“Yes. Why do—”

“It’s right there,” Tina said, pointing to the shore of a large pond. Thankfully it was deserted except for a few geese who were floating in the middle of the pond. Newt handed Tina his case.

“I’m going to come around behind it and flush it towards you. Just be ready to open the case and it should run right in.”

“But what if—” but Newt had already taken off to help capture his wayward creature.

It almost worked according to plan. Newt did get the grindlyplouf to run towards Tina but just before it hopped into the case one of the geese let out a loud honk and took off across the lake. The frightened grindlyplouf froze, then gave off a thick cloud of purple dust before diving into the case. Tina closed the latch but shook her head violently as whatever the creature had given off made her instantly feel like she had to sneeze.


“Tina, are you alright?” Newt asked, running over to her side. She shook her head and doubled over, sneezing into her hands.


“Oh dear,” Newt said, searching his pockets for a handkerchief. “I’m so sorry. Here.” He finally found it and gave it to Tina whose nose had taken on a pink, irritated hue. Her eyes watered and her breath hitched several times before


“Bless,” Newt said.

“What’s haahh…Ahh…haahKTCHHEEW!

“The goose frightened the grindlyplouf and its defense mechanism is to release a cloud of fine dust. Well, not really dust—it’s more of a mix of—”


“Right. Not important at the moment. It usually elicits a sneeze or two from whatever is chasing it—gives it enough time to escape, but you seem to be particularly sensitive to it.” Unable to speak, Tina settled for a groan. Newt winced as he caught a glimpse of her teary, bloodshot eyes just before she sneezed again.


“Uhh, yes…we should…uh…Well, let’s pop down into my case and I’ll put together something that should help.” As much as she wanted to argue that climbing inside his magical suitcase in the middle of Central Park wasn’t exactly the kind of discretion she’d been hoping for, Tina felt too miserable to argue the point. He placed a hand under her elbow and helped ease her down. “Watch your step,” he said quietly, afraid she’d sneeze and fall. He followed her and immediately went into his workshop. Tina vaguely registered the sound of clinking glasses and drawers being rummaged through.


“Bless,” Newt called over his shoulder. “Oh course! Silkweed and bubblenettle.” He threw a few herbs into a tea cup and then doused them in hot water from the tip of his wand. “Drink this,” he said, holding the cup out to Tina. She grimaced when she took a sip of the bitter liquid but immediately felt her symptoms ease slightly. A few more swallows and Tina felt like she might be able to go more than ten seconds without sneezing.

“Thank you,” she wheezed.

“I’m terribly sorry that happened to you. I should have been more careful. I…I would never want to be the cause of any sort of harm or discomfort to you…or to anyone else but especially to—well…that is to say…I am very sincerely sorry,” he stammered. Tina watched as he blushed—this strange and strangely endearing wizard who crashed into her life so unexpectedly. She patted his arm.

“It’s fine. I’m okay now.”

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These are Fantastic! Pun intended, lol. Love the first one and the demiguise in the second is so sweet!

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These are absolutely amazing! I love these movies and especially Newt sooo much and I'm incredibly happy to see someone write about him! You got his mannerisms spot on and I loved reading these! Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks guys! Newt with a cold is about the cutest thing in the world...so more of that.


Queenie noticed almost immediately of course. Being able to read minds made it difficult for people to hide things from her and when her sister and Newt entered the apartment she immediately sensed the discomfort Newt was trying to hide. He was tired, his throat was sore, and (Oh, bless him, Queenie thought), he was doing his very best not to sneeze. While Tina was hanging up their coats and scarves Newt glanced over and realized Queenie knew.

Please don’t say anything, he thought. It’s nothing—just been out in the cold too long.

Queenie raised an eyebrow but smiled and gave him a little nod.

“Did you two have fun?” Queenie asked.

“We did,” Tina said. “It’s been ages since I’ve gone sightseeing. It’s easy to forget what a great city New York is.” She went into the kitchen and put on some coffee. “Freezing though,” she added. Newt had hung back closer to the door and rubbed his nose in what he hoped was a discreet manner. He’d managed to get through the day without letting on that he was sick, silently stifling sneezes and taking advantage of the noise of the city to sniffle and clear his throat. It was going to be much harder now, not only because they were inside, but because Newt was pretty sure he was a touch worse off than he had been that morning. He pinched his nose and his head bobbed forward sharply three times, but he didn’t make a sound. A hand grazed over his arm and Newt opened his eyes to find Queenie standing there with a worried look on her face.

“You two want coffee?” Tina called over her shoulder.

“Sure,” Queenie said.

“Newt, would you rather have tea?” Tina asked.

“No. No, coffee’s fine, thank you,” he said with a wet sniffle. Queenie rolled her eyes.

“He prefers tea, Tina,” she said.


“Well don’t lie, honey and I wouldn’t have to tell her,” she said.

“I was just trying to be polite,” Newt mumbled. Tina watched the two of them with amusement. Her sister sometimes didn’t know when to stop but even Tina had to admit that it was funny to watch the back and forth between her and Newt. She knew he wanted tea, of course; she’d already made it and was standing there with cups for both of them waiting for them to finish whatever little standoff they were having.

“Any chance we can sit by the fire and warm up?” Tina asked. Queenie flicked her wand at the fireplace and flames sprang up immediately.

“Of course,” she said. “You’re both all flushed from the cold. Sit down and tell me all about what you did today.”

Newt tucked himself into a corner of the sofa and sipped his tea while the sisters talked. Not one for conversation on his best day, he was content to let their voices drift over him. The fire, the tea, and Tina’s voice was lulling him into a deeply relaxed state. Newt fought to keep his eyes open but could feel himself drifting.

Later, he would blame this drowsiness for his lack of control when his nose suddenly began to tickle and he utterly failed to do anything to hide the resulting sneezes. In fact, he just barely managed to cup his hands over his nose as the they began tumbling out.

HehTSHHoo! Ktschh! Tshhh! KTSHHoo! Ktschhoo! KTSHHoo! hehTISHHOOO!

“Bless you, sweetie!” Queenie said, flicking her wand and sending a handkerchief towards him.

“Newt, are you okay?” Tina asked.

He nodded and pressed the handkerchief to his nose with one hand, brushed his hair back from his face with the other.

“Forgive me. I heh ehh—” His breath rose sharply. “I hehTSHCHH! Ktschh! Tsshhh! Ktschhh! Oh, Merlin,” he sighed. He snuffled into the cloth and waited until he was sure that was the last of them before looking up. Tina looked concerned. So did Queenie, but she also had a healthy dose of amusement in her eyes.

“Newt?” Tina prompted. He blushed and couldn’t quite keep up eye contact.

“I um…I may be coming down a bit of cold. Nothing to worry about. Just a…a bit of sneeziness,” he mumbled.

“See, honey? That wasn’t so hard,” Queenie said as she got up. She wrapped a blanket around Newt’s shoulders and then walked off towards the kitchen. “I think some chicken soup is in order, don’t you?” she said.

Tina sat down on the sofa close to Newt and brushed the bangs off his face so she could put a hand on his forehead.

“Did you feel bad all day today?” she asked.

“No. It was barely noticeable at all.”

“Newt, why didn’t you say anything? Tina asked. “We could have skipped sightseeing is you were under the weather.”

“I didn’t want to miss spending the day with you.” The words were out of his mouth before he could stop himself, much to his humiliation. Tina smiled and cupped his face, brushing her thumb along his cheekbone.

“Newt Scamander, what am I going to do with you?” she asked. It occurred to him that this was probably a rhetorical questions, which was good because he didn’t have a clue how to answer her. Tina let herself enjoy his confused look for just a moment before letting her hand drop. “Tomorrow I’ll get what we need to brew some Pepper Up.” She saw his nose twitch a couple time and he ducked his head into the handkerchief again.

hehKTSHHoo! Ktschhoo! Tshhh! KTsshh! Tshhhoo! KTSHHoo!

“Goodness! Unless you need me to make it tonight,” Tina said. Newt shook his head.

“I’b fide, Tida.” He blushed when he had to turn his head and blow his nose. “Excuse me. Um, I’m fine. I just tend to be quite sneezy when I’ve got a cold. More of a nuisance than anything else.”

“Well, why don’t you lay down for a little while until it’s time to eat?” She tossed a couple pillows to the other end of the sofa and Newt stretched out, pulling the blanket up to his chin. Tina made sure his feet were covered. “Need anything?” she asked quietly.

“No. I’m…um…well, this is perfect.”

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