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New boyfriend has a cold


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I've been with my new boyfriend, who I'll call C, for almost 6 months. He's 26 years old, about 6'1", with a dad bod (that I find extremely cuddly) but with extremely muscular arms and legs. He has blonde hair which is kinda floppy on top, with a shaved back and sides, and the most gorgeous blue eyes. We've known eachother since school, and after about 10 years apart and reconnecting, we ended up together. He's the kindest person I've ever met in my entire life, and his cuddles just make me feel warm from head to toe (Soppy moments now end).

He's extremely sneezy in a morning, and I've gotten used to the usual little outburst. He usually sneezes about 6 times during the day when we're together - always into his hands so germaphobes beware!

Yesterday, I was at one end of the bed smoking out of the window, and he was at the other laid down watching TV.
I watched his eyes glaze over, he had such a tortured look on his face as his breath hitched for a few seconds. I got full view of him, eyes closed, wrestling with a sneeze until it finally came and he let out a loud, gutteral sneeze into his hand. I blessed him, and he let out another half stifled sneeze. 

He then went on to say "I had one of those awful sneezes, when you can feel it coming for ages and it just really tickles, and you just want to get it out!"

He doesn't know of my fetish (or the fact I was watching it all). 

During the evening when I was snuggled down next to him, he struggled away from him over the bed and he sneezed again in triples which is unusual for him. I blessed him and asked if he was okay. He sniffled a lot and said he might be getting the cold that had been going round the office. About an hour later, he snuggled into my chest and we fell asleep. I woke up about 3am sweating as C was roasting. I kissed his forehead and he looked up at me with bleary eyes. 
I said "You okay, babe? You feel really warm"
He cuddled into me sniffling a lot and shivering and said "I think I might be coming down with something. My nose is really tick...tiiihhh....." He tried speaking through the hitching which was really playing into my fetish. I had my arms wrapped around him and he ended up sneezing twice really hard into my chest. C apologised a lot, and I told him it was okay. I felt his body relax against me and he scrubbed his nose and then relaxed against my neck.
"Feel really hot...am I running I fever?" 
I put my hand on his forehead, and he was definitely hot. I pressed a kiss against his forehead and said "yeah, babe. You've definitely got a temperature" 
I got him a cold cloth for his head, and he moaned when I put it on his head (fetish overload!!!!)
He ended up snuggled up telling me he "really didn't feel good". The poor thing!

He woke up this morning extremely sweaty, and sneezed around 8 times in 4 hours. All very hitchy buildups with a throaty desperate outcome. 
I just really want to make him feel better, and even though I'm enjoying it I feel really bad!
I had to leave him this afternoon, as we both have work. What I would give to be with him right now!

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