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Nose blowing obs (self & Female)


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Here we are into cold season! At work this morning, one of my co-workers was SUPER sick! Since she started working there, I have always wanted to see her blow her nose, not sure why. Well, today, she must’ve blown her nose at least 10 times (that I saw) in a span of 4 hours. She would grab the brown paper towels (yuck!), put it to her nose (without folding it), bent over and blew her nose, one nostril at a time and very soft, almost to the point where you couldn’t hear it. Some of her blows were really snotty! She would comment how gross she was. I replied and told her that she’s not gross and that everyone has to blow their nose and that I hope she feels better soon! After that, I grabbed a brown paper towel, folded it over, put it to my nose and blew hard out of one nostril, then the other. There were some honks and a little bit of clear snot (yes, I always look).

i am off of work now, and I just grabbed a white tissue from the big white box of Puffs Ultra Soft tissues in my car, folded it over and blew soft out of one nostril at a time. It was REALLY soggy and wet. The snot was clear and sticky!


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Oh nice ob there. I've tried blowing my nose on paper towels before but unfortunately found them too rough on my nose.

Where abouts do you keep the box of tissues in your car?

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