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Trying Chinkini for the first time (plus video)


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So most of you don’t know that I have my own YouTube channel so... surprise!! I’ve been pretty quiet lately because life has just been crazy but I’m finally getting around to uploading videos as well as posting on here so for anyone who enjoys my stories, I have some coming very soon ❤️


Anyway, I got a request a few weeks to induce with chinkini which I have never used before so I figured I would try it and see how it works. Well, let me just say that that stuff is INTENSE. I did not expect it to be so powerful, although I should’ve known better because my nose is so sensitive to everything including strong smells, which is part of what set me off so bad. For anyone who hasn’t tried chinkini, it’s a powdery substance with a suuuper strong smell so as soon as I opened it, I got a hint of it and it already had my nose itching. I took a big whiff of it and it burned so bad. My eyes immediately began to water as a tickle formed in both nostrils. My breath hitched slightly and I quickly went into a fit of sneezes that were some of the strongest sneezes I’ve had in a long time. Even minutes after I sniffed it, my nose was still so itchy. I kept rubbing my nose which in turn kept making it run , making my sneezes super messy. I was able to somehow grab a tissue inbetween sneezed, but I didn’t do much to help other than clean up the giant mess that I was making. 


The other part of the request was to read from a book and try to hold my sneezes back which was a daunting task because no matter how many times I tried to get the tickle to go away, it wouldn’t. I tried so hard to talk through the sneezes, but it didn’t turn out very well. My breath kept hitching as the need to sneeze kept overpowering me. I was able to stifle a few of them, but that only made the tickle stronger. I tried the finger under the nose trick but it absolutely does not work. I eventually had to stop the video because I couldn’t hold them back anymore. After I turned the camera off, they slowed down but became more teasing. My breath would hitch for minutes at a time as the tickle dancing around in my sinuses, taunting me. Eventually they stopped after probably an hour but left me with a blocked nose and a massive headache. Needless to say that for the skeptics, yes it does work and no I probably won’t be trying it again for a while. The video is attached below for anyone who would like to listen :) 




*Also side note, Ashley is not my name but simply my screen name so don’t try to look up the name because it’s not real. I use it to protect my privacy*

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wooooow, AMAZING obs and video :)  I've always wanted to try chinkini but I haven't gotten around to getting any

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