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The Devil on the Shoulder, the Angel on the Nose (Secret Santa for MzMental)


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Oh boy, first year participating in the forum's Secret Santa. I have to say that I'm excited. This story is a gift for @MzMental (tried to tag you in the title, but wasn't able to). I hope you enjoy it. And now, without further ado:

The Devil on the Shoulder, the Angel on the Nose:

"Are you sure that's a Christmas party we're going to?" asked Gemma.

"Why wouldn't I be sure?" Donna replied with a question of her own.

"It says- 'costume party'. They do know it's Christmas and not Halloween, right"?

"Oh that" laughed Donna "of course they know, they just wanted this party to be special, different than your usual, boring Christmas parties. I actually think that it's a pretty cool idea. Besides- I'm curious to see what costumes people would choose".

"Well, it's definitely not like any office party I've ever heard of, that's for sure" said Gemma. "Still, it is an office party, so there's no guarantee it won't be boring even with costumes".

"Are you making fun of my job?" asked Donna. "We can't all work with such interesting people like you do, and besides- it pays the bills".

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. I just" Gemma started to say.

"Relax, I was just teasing you" Donna cut her off. "They really are a little boring, but they're alright. If they can throw a costume party for Christmas, I guess they do have some sense of humor. Worst case scenario- we get there, I say hello to people, we get a couple of drinks and get back home. How does that sound"?

"You really had me there for a moment. I can't believe I fell for that, and thought you were actually going to defend the honor of people at your workplace" said Gemma.

"Well, you fall for my pranks and I fell for you, so I guess that makes us even, right?" smiled Donna.

"I guess, but I keep feeling like a fool every time I fall for your pranks" said Gemma.

"I don't think you're a fool" said Donna.

"Thanks" said Gemma. "I am though, a fool for your".

"And now you're the one teasing" said Donna. "I guess I have a bad influence on you".

"Wouldn't have it any other way" said Gemma and the two of them kissed.


Donna and Gemma have been dating for almost two years now. They had a very deep connection with each other, even though they were very different in character. Gemma, who worked as an art teacher, was a very kind, compassionate, and caring person. She used to volunteer at an animal shelter, but as her work grew more demanding she had to stop. Donna did her best to support her when that happened, even though she had no idea why Gemma was making such a big deal about a bunch of animals. That's who Gemma was though- always wanting to do more to help everyone around her. A true saint. Donna, on the other hand, had a different nature. She wasn't evil or mean in any way, but she did have her own sense of humor, and she liked to tease and prank people, even Gemma, who fell for it every time. Donna worked at an accounting firm, and this was the first time she was taking Gemma to a work party.


"All that's left for us to do now is to choose our costumes" said Donna.

"Hey, I have and idea!" called Gemma. "Do you remember my friend Gary"?

"Is that the photographer?" asked Donna.

"No, that's Dave" said Gemma. "Gary is the fringe theater director. He recently told me about a play he directed, about a man in some kind of trouble, that has to think what he's going to do about it, and has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, so the whole play has this man standing on the stage, with the angel and and the devil at each side of him".

"Sounds boring. Oh I know- we can dress as the two people who actually managed to stay awake during the whole play" Donna teased.

"Or I could ask Gary to let us borrow the angel and devil costumes for the party" said Gemma. "Though maybe I shouldn't tell him that you thought what he's doing is boring".

"You know what? If he lets us borrow the costumes I'll buy a ticket for his play" said Donna.

"Really?" asked Gemma.

"No" said Donna with a mischievous grin. "Good thinking about the costumes though".


The night of the party, Donna was very pleased when she looked out the window of the cab she and Gemma were taking- it was a perfect Christmas atmosphere, for the night was clear and very cold and everything was covered in a thick layer of snow. However, it wasn't the holiday spirit that made Donna so happy. As they were heading for the party, Donna thought that a night like this would be ideal for someone to catch a cold, and she really hoped that someone would be Gemma. Donna never told Gemma about it, but she had a sneezing fetish for years. There was almost nothing that made Donna excited as much as being sneezed on by a girl with a cold. She didn't particularly like being sick herself, but since she enjoyed the feeling of a sick girl sneezing on her upper body, especially her face and chest, getting sick as a result was a risk she was willing to take. The problem, at least as far as Donna was concerned, was that Gemma hardly ever sneezed, and she never seemed to get sick. Donna would've expected someone as gentle as Gemma to catch colds all the time, but during all the time they were dating Gemma never even had a slight case of the sniffles. Harsh winters, cold and flu outbreaks, they've been through it all, and it drove Donna insane that while she herself had been sick several times while they were dating, the same could not be said for Gemma, who appeared to have an incredibly strong immunity system.


"I can't believe you came in an angel and devil costumes and you are the one who dressed up as the angel" Grerg told Donna later at the party.

"And I can't believe you managed to fit into that Batman costume, but here we are" Donna replied with a sarcastic remark of her own.

"Ouch. Right in the utility belt" said Greg. "Is she like this at home as well?" he asked Gemma.

"She's nicer once you get to know her better" Gemma replied.

"That's a lie, actually" said Donna "but a very sweet lie" she turned to Gemma and smiled at her.

"Hea He Tshoo!" sneezed a woman in a Wonder Woman costume.

"Jesus Sophia, I never knew super- powered sneezes were on the list of Wonder Woman's powers" said Donna.

"Very fuddy Dodda" said Sophia before blowing her nose wetly into a tissue. "I guess Wodder Wobads dever catch colds, eved though I dod't kdow how she does that whed she's dressed like that. This bust be her real super- power".

"While she wasn't busy making fun of everyone around, Donna was just introducing me to her girlfriend" said Greg.

"Yeah. Sophia- this is Gemma" said Donna.

"Dice to beet you Gebba He Tshoo, Tshoo!" Sophia turned her head and sneezed into her shoulder. "I would've shaked your hadd, but....."

"Don't worry about it" said Gemma. "it's nice to meet you too, and I hope you feel better soon".

"Thadk you" said Sophia while sniffling wetly.

"Alright. Why don't you and Batman Greg go find Superman and the rest of your super- friends and you can all fight that cold together" said Donna, who was frustrated by the fact that Sophia neither shook Gemma's hand nor sneezed on her.

"Add berry Christbas to you too" Sophia said sarcastically. She and Greg then left.


"Hu Tshoo!" Donna woke up the next morning with a sneeze. Her head hurt, probably due to all the alcohol she drank the previous night, but the feeling of her nose starting to run made her think that there was another reason for her headache.

"Bless you" said Gemma, who woke up next to her.

"Ahe He Ha Eshoo!" Donna let out another sneeze, louder and messier than her first one. Not bothering to cover, her sneeze hit Gemma's face and chest.

"Bless you again" said Gemma. "Looks like you might be catching that cold Sophia had".

"Yeah *sniff* guess so" said Donna, sniffling thickly as her nose started running faster. Just her luck- she wanted Gemma to catch a cold so badly, and she was the one stuck with a cold, which seemed to be getting messier by the second.

"Hha Ehe Hue Tshoosh!" Donna sprayed Gemma with another sneeze. She couldn't remember ever having a cold that had her sneezing like that, right from the start. Her nose was a mess, and she had just unloaded that mess twice on Gemma, who, somehow, remained calm.

"Why don't I go and make you a nice cup of tea?" Gemma suggested.

"That would be a good idea" said Donna, sniffling thickly again.

As Gemma went to the kitchen to make tea, Donna blew her nose into a tissue, surprised by the mess her honking blow had produced. This was certainly a big cold that she had caught, and if there was ever a time for her to give Gemma her cold- that was it.


"Ha He" Donna raised her hand to her face in anticipation "Hu Ishoo, A Eshoo, He Tsha!" she let out a triple, which wasn't a common thing for her, even when she had a cold.

It was late afternoon, and Donna was sitting on the couch, covered in blankets and surrounded by piles of used tissues. Her nose was red and congested, but at the same time would just not stop running. She had been sniffling wetly and blowing her nose all day long, but her messy cold would just not give her a break.

"TshooshEshoo!" Donna let out a particularly wet and messy sneeze. This sneeze caught her off guard, so she just let it out openly. Most of her sneezes that day had long build- ups, longer than she usually had when having to sneeze. Most people would use those build- ups to prepare themselves to cover the upcoming sneeze, but Donna wanted Gemma to catch her cold, so she only covered her sneezes every now and then, and sneezed in Gemma's direction whenever she could do so without it being too suspicious.

"Gebba *sniff* I'b hudgry" Donna whined.

"Good, because I'm making soup. it should be ready soon" Gemma called from the kitchen.

Donna destroyed several more tissues with her messy blows, and soon Gemma came and handed her a bowl of soup.

"Hu Hu Ah He" Donna could feel another sneeze coming.

"Quick- put down the soup! I don't won't it to spill on you and burn you" said Gemma.

Donn placed the bowl on the table in front of her, and was then left in an ideal position to spray Gemma's chest with a juicy double- "Hue TshooHoo, He Tsho"!

"Gosh Donna, I don't remember ever seeing you sneeze so much before" said Gemma.

"When would you finally be the one sneezing?" thought Donna.


"Face it Gebba- you're sick too" said Donna the next day.

After sneezing all over Gemma for almost a day and a half, Donna was finally starting to see some results. Gemma woke up that morning with a sore throat and a cough, and as the day went on her nose became very runny, but also very stuffed up. She had been blowing her nose frequently, messy gurgling blows which soon left her with a red nose, but hadn't sneezed even once.

"I kdow Dodda. I guess I caught your cold" said Gemma before blowing her nose and sniffling. "Ugh, by dose is such a bess".

"You sould't hold all that bess idside. You deed to He Ehe He E Tshoo, A TsheShoo! sdeeze sobe of it out" said Donna.

"But I dod't wadt to sdeeze" said Gemma.

"What? Why dot?" asked Donna.

"I'b......... ebbarrassed to sdeeze id frodt of you. It's gross" said Gemma and blushed.

"I've beed sdeezig like crazy id frodt of you for the past day add a half. Are you sayig I'b gross?" asked Donna.

"Do *sniff* I'b just......"

"Hea He Uhe Hae Eshoo, Hu At Shoo!" sneezed Donna. "See? I did it agaid add dothig happeded. It's just a sdeeze".

"But eved if I wadted to sdeeze- I cad't get ady air trough by dose, so how would I sdeeze?" asked Gemma.

"So you're sayig you deed help sdeezig? I thidk I have ad idea" said Donna.

"Really? What's your idea?" asked Gemma.

"We cad bake it fud, like a gabe. I'll go get what I deed, but cad you do be ode favor?" asked Donna.

"Sure. What favor?" asked Gemma.

"Put your devil costube od" Donna replied.


A little while later, Gemma was sitting on the bed in her devil costume, her nose almost matching the color of the costume. Then, she heard a knock on the bedroom door.

"Cobe id" said Gemma.

Donna then walked into the room, dressed in her angel costume.

"I really dod't see how all of this is supposed to help by cold, Dodda" said Gemma.

"Dod't worry Gebba- I have just what you deed to feel better" said Donna. She then plucked a feather from the wing of the angel costume, sat on the bed next to Gemma, and started tickling her nose with the feather.

"What are you doig Dodda?" asked Gemma, backing away a little.

"Trust be- you're goig to feel a lot better sood" said Donna.

"But if you tickle by dose like that I'll sdeeze all over you" said Gemma.

"I dod't bidd" said Donna.

"Wait, do, stop, you're godda bake be sdeeze" said Gemma as the feather started causing a tickle in the back of her nose.

"I kdow. That's the poidt" said Donna.

"But..... by dose is...... so bessy....... add I dod't wadt to Ha.... get it Hi...... od you" said Gemma, her breath starting to hitch.

"I told you- I dod't bidd" said Donna.

"Ha.... Aha.... Dodda..... it...... Ha.... tickles so Ha.... buch" said Gemma.

"Albost there" said Donna.

"S... stop" called Gemma, backing away from the feather.

"There's do goig back dow, you're goig to sdeeze" said Donna.

"I..... cad't Haaa.... Hold it.... He.... back...... buch Hi.... lodger" said Gemma, desperately fighting the impending sneeze.

"You dod't deed to hold it back, just let it out" said Donna.

"But I'b.... Ahi.... godda.... Ha..... get you with...... by Hi..... sdeeze" Gemma's eyes were almost completely closed now.

"Everythig is goig to be fide" said Donna. "Just"

"Ha Ahi Hu Ayi Pchoo!" Gemma unleashed a big, messy sneeze all over Donna. The sneeze was so powerful she couldn't cover it. As she felt more sneezes coming, Gemma raised her hand to her face and- "Hu He Hi Ha Pchoohi, Ah Ye He Ih Pchoo, PiYaChoo, Hhhhhhh Ha Pchiiiiiiii"!

It was as if Donna's wettest dream had finally come true. And wet it was. Donna's face and chest were completely covered with Gemma's sneeze spray. Gemma still looked on the verge of sneezing, so Donna reached out her hand holding the feather and pushed it into Gemma's nose again.

"Do..... Ha..... dot agaid..... He Ha Ahu Pchoo, Hi YaPchoo, Ha PchiHoo!" Gemma sneezed again.

"Bless you Gebba Ehe Eishoo, Hu Ha Atshoo!" said Donna and sneezed as well. "Dow *sniff* are you really godda tell be that did't feel good to let sobe of that bess out"?

"Dow that you bedtiod it *sniff* it did, actually" said Gemma. "Still, that was dot very adgel- like of you. Baybe it's really you who deed to wear this devil costube".

The End

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Absolutely brilliant! I love it! The idea with the angel and devil costumes was clever, I liked that a lot. And their relationship is so cute! Thank you so much!!

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12 hours ago, MzMental said:

Absolutely brilliant! I love it! The idea with the angel and devil costumes was clever, I liked that a lot. And their relationship is so cute! Thank you so much!!

Yay!! I'm so glad to hear you liked it! :)

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I love that hold back part at the end! It was so good! I would have loved more nose/nostril descriptions personally but this is still written well! I'd love more from you! 

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