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Magical Mix Up (Secret Santa for Tweedledee)


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Wrote this original fanfiction with a couple of clumsy wizards for my secret Santa @Tweedledee I hope that she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  

Ivan smiled fondly as he watched his friend fondly, as Puck worked over a boiling cauldron, mixing whatever new potion he was testing out this week.

His name suited him as his pixie-like features were scrunched up, his nose wrinkling as he squinted at the page,” Perhaps it’d be a little easier to read if you were wearing your glasses.” Ivan commented, laughing as he watched his friend jump a little.

“Jesus Ivan, I hate when you do that.” Puck explained, the crooked smile creeping onto his face, betraying his words.

Ivan grinned, picking up his friends glasses putting them on him, before lounging on the table like a cat,” So what is the great Wizard Puck brewing today.” He teased.

The other boy rolled his eyes,” I’ll never understand why you can’t just sit in a chair like a normal person.”

Ivan thought about it for a moment,” Now where’s the fun in that?” He asked,” Besides you didn’t answer my question he told him.

Puck rolled his eyes getting back to his brew since many potions could be temperamental if you left them alone for too long,” Just working on protection potion for class.” He answered, clearly not giving his full attention to the conversation.

Ivan knew it was pointless to try and draw his friend back into the conversation,” I’ll leave you to your brewing.” He told him,” Just promise me you’ll be careful.”

“Aren’t I always.” Puck mumbled, and Ivan just shrugged slinking out of the kitchen to go watch some Tv.


Ivan couldn’t have been lounging on the couch long he hadn’t even gotten through one episode of his favorite Tv show, Sabrina when he heard what sounded like a small explosion coming from the kitchen.

Leaping to his feet, he could feel his heart racing as he quickly made his way to the kitchen, being assaulted by an overwhelming floral smell.

“I haven’t been gone two seconds and you're already trying to set fire to the kitchen.” He exclaimed when he saw his friend appeared to be fine.

Puck was coughing as the air around him was filled with a thick smoke, making him wrinkle his nose,” I don’t what happened I was following the recip’hihih’e.”

Ivan almost didn’t catch the snag at the end of his friend statement. He was a little worried but he’d brush it off for now,” Let me see the recipe.”

Puck showed him, it was a pretty standard potion something that Puck should have been able to accomplish with ease as it was normally his specialty.

“Well, what did you last put in?” Ivan asked figuring that must be where the problem arose.

Puck pointed at the jar seeming preoccupied sniffling and fiddling with his nose, so Ivan picked it up reading the label,” There’s your problem.” He chuckled,” You added dried lavender instead of sage.”

He put the jar down pondering this for a moment,” Speaking of lavender aren’t you allergic to lavender.”

A flush slowly crept up Puck's face, he gave his nose a quick rub,” No.” He mumbled, but his nose betrayed him twitching and flaring slightly.

Ivan grinned knowing how stubborn Puck could be, deciding to play along for now,” Oh I was so sure you were.” He frowned playfully, already noticing his friends nose starting to turn a light shade of pink.

Puck sniffling, giving his nose a good twitch,” Well I’m no’huh’ not.” He grumbled irritated scrubbing at his nose.

Ivan grinned knowing that his friend couldn’t last forever but he decided to nudge things in the right direction,” Oh but your nose already looks so pink.” He grinned, giving the very tip a sharp poke.

Puck stumbled backward, covering his nose his breath hitching even more now,” Hih’ih’hah…” He was still desperately fighting back the irritation.

“Come on Puck it’s just me there’s no shame in having an allergy.” Ivan tried to reason with his friend.

But Puck was just as stubborn as ever and determined to deny that anything was wrong. He rubbed his nose, removing his hands,” I’m F’hih’ine you just start’hahih’tled me.” His breath was hitching all over the place now.

Ivan rolled his eyes realizing that he’d have to take a more direct approached, digging through the cabinets,” Now I know we keep some around here somewhere.”

Puck could feel his insides tighten, knowing that his friend wouldn’t give up that easily,” Wh’hah’at are you looking for? “He asked sniffling.

“Ah hah found it.” He said, before shoving a fresh fully bloom lavender stalk under his friend's nose.

It one thing to have the dried lavender scent still swirling around in the air, but to have a fresh stalk right under his nose it was just too much.

Pucks breath hitched sharply, unable to bring his hands up fast enough,” Hih’ih’hahshieew! ah’hah’ihieew! ‘kiew! ‘ksh! Hah’ahSHiEW!” Before he steepled his hand over his bright red twitching nose,” Hah’ih’tschiew! ‘Ishieew! ‘ish! ‘ish!  Hah’ah’ihshiIEEW!”

Ivan grinned passing his friend some tissue to sneeze into and blow his nose into when he could,” Much better than holding them in.” He said.

It was a little while before the fit died down, leaving the boy panting with the occasional odd sneeze here and there.

Puck glared at Ivan with watery red eyes,” I hih’ishiew! hate you.” He mumbled congested.

Ivan grinned innocently, “ Yeah, yeah sneezy let's get you cleaned up.” He said, leading him to the bathroom having him sit down on the toilet seat.

Puck sniffled submitting to this letting his friend take care of him, as he scrubbed at his red-rimmed eyes, only to have his hand smacked away.”Ow.” He whined pouting.

“Stop that you’ll make it worst.” Ivan scolded him.

“But they itch.” Puck protested, moving his hand to rub his eyes again only to have them pulled away.

 “No rubbing, I have something that’ll help a little.” He said, taking a wet washcloth wiping down in friends faces, cupping it around his cherry red nose when he saw his nose give a telltale twitch,” Hih’ihishieew!”

“Bless you.” Ivan mumbled, wiping his nose carefully before pressing a couple of antihistamines in his friend's hand and a glass of water in the other,” Now take these no complaints.”

Puck downed the pills with a sip of water clearly to exhausted to protest at this point yawning a little afterward.

“Come on sleepy head I think it’s time to take a nap.” He told his friend, helping him up.

Puck pouted defiantly,” But I’m not tired.” He protested, regaining some of his stubbornness.

Making Ivan chuckle,” Fine then you can come watch Netflix with me on the couch.” He told him, pleased to see that he seemed content with this option.

Sitting down on the couch with Puck he started his show from the beginning, but his poor friend didn’t last very long as he soon drifted off into a blissful and well-deserved slumber.

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This was really good, omg. Ivan teasing Puck about his allergy and then triggering it with the lavender, the denial, Ivan covering Puck’s sneeze with the washcloth. I usually prefer illness but wow.

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16 hours ago, CeruleanBlue said:

This was really good, omg. Ivan teasing Puck about his allergy and then triggering it with the lavender, the denial, Ivan covering Puck’s sneeze with the washcloth. I usually prefer illness but wow.

Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed reading it!!!

13 hours ago, TsundereKushami said:

Love that denial it's lovely! 

Yeah it was fun to kind of make Puck a little whiney and defiant. Thank you for reading


I just hope that my Secret Santa likes it too lol. :)

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