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Jean Dujardin & Alexandra Lamy


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I know that French actor Jean Dujardin gained international attention and fame since his success in the move "The Artist" as well as his notorious friendship with George Clooney.

But before that, he played in a French 2000's comedy show called "Un Gars, une Fille" (A guy, a girl) with his (now)-estranged wife Alexandra Lamy.

And, this show had a special "sick & sneeze" episode….Here it is ! 

Even if you Don't speak or understand French, I'm sure you might enjoy their miserable and feverish voices…. (And if you want to improve your French...feel free ! )


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I love listening to French. When I clicked on this, it said “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”

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Indeed there are no sneeze...but nice noseblowing & sickness...Perhaps did I mis-placed this post? (Sorry I'm a newbie)

Does someone has an idea to "bypass" the issue of availability ?

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