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Not sure if this is the right place to post this so mods feel free to move this if it’s not.

but I just wanted to start a thread for ideas in my head for story plot lines of that could inspire myself or anyone else on the forum to possibly write a story on in the future or maybe someone will just simply like the concept. 


Anywho, I’ll start with the idea currently in my head and add to this thread when I feel up to it. But basically something where Ferris from ferris Buellers day off catches what Cameron has during the main storyline (I think it’s a cold or flu or something but I can’t remember) and starts to actually be I’ll with that when he wakes up the next day. It just interested me how he would explain his contrasting symptoms to his parents or whether he would try to hide his symptons or be in denial of them. Or if this could make his parents not believe him and send him to school where he could possibly infect others. I’m not sure exactly how it would pan out but it was just an idea I’ve been pondering for a while. Let me know what you guys think of that? 

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Is Cameron actually sick in Ferris Bueller's Day Off? I always thought his deal was that he was a Hypochondriac. This sounds like a fun idea, though. I think a possibly fun way of doing this would be that the tables are turned a little; now it's Cameron and Sloane trying to get him to feel better. I think his parents would still believe him, but he'd have to deal with Rooney who now has more power than him. 

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Just had a thought about a scenario where Dudley Dursley gets ill and intentionally sneezes all Over Harry because “he can’t be miserable if Harry isn’t” and he keeps making Harry bring him things so he can try and get him sick.

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On 12/12/2018 at 7:44 AM, sneezelover3 said:

Would u do a YouTuber one if u know who the YouTuber is that I suggest?

Theoretically yes, but I don’t really have the time to write anything at the moment but maybe in a few months? It can’t hurt to ask me and we can see if I ever get round to it.

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Just had a thought about a scenario where someone intentionally puts pepper or sneezing powder over their gamer friends keyboard or controller so when they button mash it flies up into their face and sends them into a fit.

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