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What happened when you told your s/o about the fetish?


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I've had a few different reactions. 

one person offered to induce for me, but the relationship was complicated and nothing wound up coming of it

one person used it in order to get me to do 18+ favors for him, which was pretty infuriating when i figured out what he was playing at & it was one of a slew of more serious reasons that i dumped him

one person said it was cool, and then routinely forgot about it

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He grabbed a napkin and tried to shove it up my nose. 😅

My boyfriend was amazing about it. I have a hard time getting turned on sometimes, so he was thrilled to have an easy shortcut. He has tried to induce for me on two occasions (he offered, I have never asked). And he loves hearing me talk about the fetish.

But here's the takeaway: I would never have told him if I wasn't confident he would be accepting. He surpassed my expectations.

I hope it works out, whatever you decide.

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I’ve never really had a “terrible” reaction to telling anyone about my fetish. When I told my ex-husband, the worst thing that happened was it gave him a mental block for a little while. And he was sometimes insensitive about it, but it was never really on purpose. I just think he didn’t really “get it.” Not that I expect others to totally understand it. 

I told my current man of interest about the fetish long before we were an item. And he has always kind of teased/indulged me in the right way, without drawing a lot of attention to it, and I love that. But for the most part, I think people I have told about it, kinda forget about it until they sneeze or something. 

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Be very careful.   I wanted my (ex) SO to know about my fetish and...she stopped sneezing completely.  Mental block, and in the end it destroyed our relationship.  

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When I told my former boyfriend, he was really understanding and wanted to indulge me however he could! He was also sensitive to all the insecurities I had about it, and did everything he could to make sure I felt comfortable with it in public and everything. Like, if a sneeze-related conversation would ever come up when we were with other people, he would make sure to change the subject and not give me any kind of look. It made me feel great, and of course it helped in a more "physical" way as well!

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