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I was on phone all day today during what seemed like an eternity. One call I got was from a woman in her mid 40's, and was asking about a form that was sent in, and needed to be modified. As I looked for it in our system, she sneezed a powerful, possibly uncovered sneeze. I blessed her, didn't get a reply, and she sneezed again, but this time half stifled into a tissue. I blessed her again, she said thanks and was happy she had a tissue that time.

The second ob I didn't hear the sneeze, but I was talking with a woman, and she said "could you please hold?". The line went silent for a few seconds, then she came back and said "I'm sorry, I didn't want to sneeze on the phone into your ear." I said that's alright, and bless you, she said thank you and carried on with the conversation. Inwardly I thought "I wish I did hear that sneeze". Perhaps I'll have more obs during the week

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