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Pretty Little Cold (Pretty Little Liars, Spoby, M/F)


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Sooo, I just got into Pretty Little Liars (I'm super late, I know), and my favorite character is Spencer Hastings. I absolutely love the actress (Troian Bellissario)'s kind of hoarse voice, so I couldn't help but imagine a scene in which Spencer is sick and Toby steps in to take care of her.


I might continue, if anyone reads it. Lol


* Bear in mind, English is not my first language. I apologize for any mistakes.


Now, to the story...


“Pretty Little Cold”

Spencer Hastings’ last couple of weeks had been chaotic. Aside from discovering that her brother-in-law, Ian Thomas, was dead, she had some struggles of her own. She was to give a presentation on Macbeth at her English class, she had three papers due and she was still trying to figure out A’s identity, along with her friends Aria, Hannah and Emily. On the bright side, her relationship with Toby Cavanaugh was skyrocketing. He was the support she needed, and vice-versa. But all that stress had to catch up with her sometime...


She had been feeling tired for the last couple of days, but it was on a Tuesday morning that she realized how hard she’d been pushing herself. She was wide awake long before her alarm clock went off at 6:30 am. She woke up feeling like she’d swallowed a truck full of wet sand. Her throat was burning, her head was throbbing and her nose was also blocked. It hurt when she attempted to take a breath. She groaned. This couldn’t be happening. Not today. She had a huge test, for which she’d spent the whole night studying. And now life was grinning sarcastically at her, providing her with a monster cold. She got up and as soon as her feet touched the cold floor, she winced. It was snowy outside and she couldn’t really skip school. It would stain her perfect attendance records. She went downstairs for breakfast to make some hot tea, maybe the sore throat would soothen. As she was waiting for the kettle to boil, she let out two sneezes into the floor.

“Hep-tshoo! Ha-tsch! Crap” she moaned, while putting bread on the toaster. She was home alone for some time, her parents were helping Melissa, her sister, cope with her loss.

As she was sipping her tea, she jumped at the sound of knocks on her glass door. She accidentally spilled some of the tea on herself, and cursed. She went to open the door, and it was her boyfriend, Toby, coming to see her before she left for school.

“Good morning.” They exchanged a peck on the lips. “Are you alright? You seem....”

“I’m fine!” she wouldn’t let him finish his thought. Come in.” She cleared her throat, as discreetly as she could manage. “I didn’t have time to put on my make-up.”

He knew she was lying. It was pretty clear to him she was sick, but he wouldn’t dare contradict her. Nobody on their right mind would contradict Spencer Hastings.

“Wait here, I’ll be back in a bit”. He knew her normal voice was Always a bit hoarse, and to him, that’s one of the main reasons he found her sexy, but today it was a little more hoarse. He liked it.

He sat on the couch by the living-room to wait for her. She came back five minutes later and, although she’d stuffed her face with concealer, it was quite obvious to anyone who took a closer look that she had a cold. As she was coming downstairs, she sniffled a bit. He took her hand and, as the cold Pennsylvania air hit her face, she immediately felt the urge to sneeze. But she was still in denial, so she tried really hard to make it go away. The tickle went away, but not for long....

They got into his truck and he drove her to school. As she spoke, her voice became stuffed up.

“So”, he said, patting her hand, “how’s it like being alone at home?”

“I like it. I’ve godden so used by dow that it does dot bodder be adybore” she flinched at her own voice and at how stuffy it sounded. She tried her best to pronounce her m’s and n’s next. “Would you like to cobe over later? We could watch a bovie”

“Spencer.” He took his eyes off the road for a second to look at her. “Are you sure you are well enough to go to school? No offense, but you sound like you could use a day off under the blankets with hot soup”

As she was getting ready to protest, a quick sneeze snuck up on her. She turned her face away from him and sneezed into her elbow. “Tschh”

“Point taken” he teased. “Even your sneezes are cute.”

She smiled, shyly. She didn’t like to sneeze in front of anyone, let alone show signs of illness.

“Alright, you wid. But I cad’t sday hobe. I have this huge test and I caddot biss it.”

“Who’s the teacher?”

“Mr. Sandoval”

“Oh, he’s fine with make-up tests. Want me to come talk to him with you so he can let you off?

“Ndo, of course dot! I caddot biss school, like, ever.”

“Who says?”

“The Hastings never miss school.”

He rolled her eyes. “Spence. Really. You’ve been pushing yourself too hard. This is your body telling you to knock it off for a bit. This is not healthy. Please. Go inside and talk to mr. Sandoval. I am sure he will understand. I mean, you’re a straight A student! I’ll wait in the car.”

“Toby.... I told you it’s not my decision to bake. I have to take this test, even if this pla—aah this plague--- Tschoo! Kills me. – she sighed.

“You are really stubborn, miss Hastings. But I love you anyway. Call me if you need anything, ok?”

“Okay. Love you. Bye”

She left his car into the cold air, and tucked her red scarf a little tighter, to protect her neck. Before going to class, she stopped at the girls’ restroom to do a little touch up on her face. She could use a little blush. On the way to the restroom, she ran into Aria.

“Morning, Spence.” Aria said, cheerily. She used to be really cranky in the morning, but now that she had a good reason to go to school – Ezra Fitz – she always wore a wide smile.

“Bordig” she sighed, again.

“Now that’s a first. Spencer Hastings has a cold. Somebody call the press!” Aria teased. “Wow, I don’t recall ever seeing you with a cold”

“Very fuddy. I feel like crap.”

“Sorry to hear that. Don’t take this the wrong way, but why are you even here? You should be in bed!”

“You’re the second person to tell be that today. I have a test.”

“And the Hastings’ tradition forbids you from missing school even when you’re sick, am I right?”

“Yeah. I bead, they do’t even dow about this. They’re with Belissa helping her with – she stopped, suddenly. Her nose started to tickle, and she knew it would be impossible to hold the sneeze back. She turned away from Aria and

“H-tshoo! Hep-tsch! Ugh. I’m sorry.” But she wasn’t quite done. About 3 seconds later, another fit of rapid sneezes snuck up on her “Haa-tsch! E-tsch! Tschoo!” Immediately following the fit, she fumbled inside her purse for tissues. She thought of running away from Aria, so she wouldn’t witness that, but she had no time. She blew her nose forcefully.

“Bless you! You don’t look good, Spence. I know how hard you are on attendance, but please do me a favor and go home after the test. Do you want me to go to your house to take care of you?”

“Ndo, ndo. It’s okay. Toby is cobig.”

“Oh, that is really cute. I wish I could get sick and have Ezra take care of me.”

“Trust be, you do’t want to catch what I have.” She took some throat drops.

The bell rings.

“Well, I should get going. Hope you feel better soon!”

“Thagks!” she coughed a bit.

As she was walking to her own class, Aria muttered a “poor thing”.

As predictable, Spencer had a hard time taking her test. Even though she’d studied really hard, she just couldn’t concentrate. She felt dizzy. Also, she could not go a full 10 minutes without coughing, sniffling or sneezing, which provided her with a few dirty looks from her classmates. But she couldn’t really help it.

As she was handing the test to her teacher, Mr. Sandoval said:

“Here’s a dispensation form for the day for you, Miss Hastings. Just hand it over to the nurse’s office. You really need it.”

She was taken aback by this gesture. Did she really look that awful?

“Tha-thanks, Mr. Sandoval. I-I really don’t feel well, but I had to take this test.” She sniffled, suddenly becoming self-aware.

“Everyone has bad days. Hope you feel better soon.”

“Thagk you. Bye.”

She left the classroom and sent a text to Toby that said:

“Got kicked out of school. Can you pick me up?”

Almost immediately he replied “omw

She dropped by the nurse’s and left the form, then proceeded to the exit. She decided not to wait for him outside. It was too cold.

He arrived a couple of minutes later. She got into the passenger seat, shivering a bit.

“So, the Health Patrol kicked you out?”

“It was not quite like that. Mr. Sandoval voluntarily gave me a dispensation form. He could tell.”

“I told you, Spence. But worry not, it won’t be on your permanent records.”

She giggled, which triggered a coughing fit. “Ugh. I am so sorry you have to see me like this. Are you sure you want to stay around me? I’m definitely contagious”

“I’m bound to catch it anyway. It’s going around.” He got closer to her and kissed her as the traffic lights were red.




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Thank you!!! 

I have written a bit more, but I'm not sure it's what I wanted. I'm having a little bit of trouble portraying Toby. But I'll work on it then I'll post the next part here, okay?


*there will be sneezing from him later on....

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OMG IM DYING THIS IS AMAZING!!! I would love to see a sick/caretaking toby (or maybe an aria to come over and take care of both of them and then she gets sick?) thank you for posting and please continue!!!! 

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Trying to reproduce this into writing.... still working on the next part. But thank you for reading and for the comments! @20andsickfic, thanks for the suggestion! I will absolutely add your ideas to my story :)

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I'm feeling really inspired today! In the end of the second part, I took a little break from Spoby, but they will be back on the next part. 

They went back to her house. She was feeling miserable, and he felt sorry for her. He wished he could make it go away.

“Now, let’s get you to bed” he said, while gently picking her up from the ground, as though they’d just gotten married.

“Toby, what are you doig? Put be dowd!” she said, jokingly. She did not really want to be put down.

“Doctor’s orders, ma’am. Sorry.” He took her upstairs and pulled the covers, while gently helping her take off her boots.

“Who kdew Toby Cavadaugh was a kdight in shidig arbor?” she glared at him passionately.

“There are many sides to me you are yet to discover, my love.” He kneeled and kissed her forehead. “Oh, baby, you feel a little warm”

“Yeah, I feel kidda woozy”

“Can I get you anything? Medication, something to drink?

“By throat drops, please”

He went to her cabinet to fetch for the drops. He also brought a box of tissues.

“Here you go.” As he was handing her the tissues and meds, she accidentally sneezed on his hand.

“Ha-tschhhh! Oh by God, oh by God, Toby. I’b so so sorry! I did’t bead to sdeeze on you! I’b so sdubid. I shoudn’t have invited you here. I’b sorry.”

“Spencer, babe, it’s okay. You don’t need to apologize. It was an accident!”

“I kdow, but you’re bore likely to get sick frob be dow.”

“You wanna see me improve my chances?” he leaned over and kissed her.

“You are idsade, did you kdow that?”

“Insane about you.”

“Wait. Isd’t Jedda godda dislike you beig here?”

“I don’t give a shit about Jenna. As far as I’m concerned, she could be dead.”

“Be careful. Dod’t say these things aroud here.”

“You’re right. Scoot over. Can I join you?”

“I was hopig you’d ask that.” She smiled and gave way for him to climb into her bed. They cuddled.


Back in Rosewood High, Aria, Hanna and Emily were already waiting for the 2nd period, English with Mr. Fitz.

“Where’s Spencer?” Emily asked to no one in particular.

“She’s sick. She came to take a test in the first period, then Toby came to pick her up. She has a bad cold.”

“You’re joking, right?” Hanna was amused, Aria shook her head. “Spencer never gets sick!”

“Nope. Not kidding at all. Poor thing.”

As they were chatting, a tired-looking Ezra Fitz walked into the classroom, holding a coffee mug and had a reddish nose.

“Guess Spence’s not the only one” Emily pointed out, as the other two turned their heads to take a look at their teacher.

Ezra spoke with a raspy voice as he was making his way to the chalkboard, “Good bordig. As you cad probably tell, I’ve succubed to the cobbod cold. I ask you to please bear with me. I kdow how awful by voice souds, bud I’ll be givig you a written assigdbent so you don’t have to be tortured listedig to be. Forb groups of three and discuss “A Rose For Ebily”, thed write a paper with your maib ideas. I’ll be dead if you deed be. Hur-schOO!” he sneezed into his handkerchief.

The three girls joined their desks and before starting the assignment, Hanna said, “Where can I get one of those surgical masks? God, this place is like that movie “Contagion”! She opened her bag to get some hand sanitizer. “You guys want some?” Emily and Aria both nodded.

“Oh” Ezra suddenly said, “before adythig else. Roll call. Led’s bake it easier. Is adyone absend?”

Aria rose her hand. “Spencer Hastings. She’s got a cold.”

“She and half the school. Thagk you, Aria.”

“You’re welcome.”

As the bell rang, Aria promptly waited for everyone to leave, then she went to Ezra’s table, where he was gathering his things.

“I’m sorry you don’t feel well. Want me to come to your place after school? I can take care of you.... I’ll bring some soup. Canned, but still counts, right?”

“Aria... I dod’t want to get you sick. Dod’t worry about be, okay? I’b fide.” As he said the last word, he was taken by surprise by a violent sneeze, which he managed to catch in his handkerchief. “Hu-tschhh”

“Bless you. Look, Ezra, I really want to take care of you. Tell you what. I’ll drive by Spencer’s, check on her, then I’ll come to your place. I’ll tell my parents I’ll be taking care of Spencer.”

“I bust adbit, it does soudd tebtig. Okay... I’ll accept it.”

“Great. See you at seven?”


She left before people would come in and get suspicious.

Feedback is appreciated! 

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So good!!! I LOVE a sick teacher! And some caretaking! Please continue! I would love to see the two caretakers slowly get sick but deny it, because they don’t want there sick loved ones to worry! Then later they have to admit it because they are so sick! 

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I’ll only be able to upload this next year, I don’t have my computer with me, but I PROMISE the wait will be worthy! 

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  • 2 weeks later...

As promised, here I am with the next part. As I've mentioned before, I'm still pretty new to the PLL world, I've watched as far as early season 3. I don't know if what I'm planning on doing (especially beginning at the end of this part) is relevant plot-wise, but I wanted to give it a touch of "reality" to the story. Hope you enjoy!

Part 3

In the Hastings’ residence, Spencer and Toby are lying in bed. She put on a silk-sleeved night gown. He took off his brown leather jacket and was wearing a dark blue sweater. She took a spot on his chest, instead of taking a side on her own bed.

“It feels buch bore comfy lying od your chest” she said, while running her fingers through it.

“I don’t ever want to leave you, Spence. I want to be with you forever. You know – he looked into her eyes while saying it – after I was framed for everything that had happened, I never thought I could feel anything but anger. I’d become a dark person, who was obsessed with revenge. When we became closer, all of these feelings suddenly disappeared, and gave way to a feeling of love like I’d never felt before.”

 “Toby, that is the bost beautiful thing adyode has ever said to be. Thagk you.”

The moment was ruined by a sneezing fit that took over Spencer. Her breath started to hitch, and he knew what was coming. She lifted her head from his chest as he got her some tissues from a box on her nightstand.

“Ha-ha-tschEW! Ha-tsch! T-huh! Ep-tsch!”

“Bless you, bless you, bless you, and oh, bless you.”

“Thagks! She wiped her nostrils with the tissues he’d handed her”

“Hey, do you want me to make you something to eat? It’s almost time for lunch.”

“I’b dot hugry. But help yourself to adything, if you’d like”

“Spence. You have to eat something. Did you even have breakfast?”

“I dragk sobe tea. Add toast”

“That’s not enough. Look, I will make you something my mom used to make when I was sick. I don’t know the magic behind it, but trust me, whenever I took it, it made me feel much better instantly. It’s garlic soup. Plus. It’ll help keep the vampires away!” he winked at her.

“The vabpired add you! Ibagide by breath after I take it!”

“I don’t mind it.” He stood up

“Dod’t goooo.... sday here with be....” she moaned, trying to pull him in.

“I will be right back. I promise.” He kissed her lips.

As he was coming downstairs, the doorbell rang. It was Aria Montgomery. Toby answered the door.

“Aria, hey. What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at school?”

“They let us out early. Apparently, half the school is out sick, and the other half was sent home to prevent them from catching it. And there’s a snowstorm coming up, so it’s safer to go home – she took a look inside – How’s she doing?

“No better than this morning. But she’s taking her meds. Do you.... do you mind keeping her company? I'm going to make her something to eat. Do you want me to make something for you too?

“I’m fine. Of course I can stay with her. I’m going upstairs.”

He nodded, and proceeded to pick the ingredients.

“Knock-knock” Aria stood by the door, making sure it was okay to come in.

“Oh, hi, Aria! Cobe id! Did you leave early? It’s like 11:30.”

“Yeah, there’s a snowstorm alert. I came to see how you’re feeling”

“Is ‘nasty’ a good defiditiod?” – she felt her body shiver, Aria noticed.

“You have a fever, don’t you?”

“Probably. I feel cold.”

“Hold on, I’ll get you the thermometer and a cozy blanket.”

“You are the best, you kdow that?”

“I might as well do some training here. Ezra’s also sick. I’m driving to his place later to take care of him”

“See, I told you. No, correction: you are the besdesd!”

They laughed, which triggered a coughing fit in Spencer.

“Here’s your blanket. It’s furry. Now, open up.” She put the thermometer in her friend’s mouth. A while later, it beeped.

“102. Wow, that’s a high fever, S. Do you have antithermics here?”

“I guess so, bud I dod’t wadda stuff byself with medication. It’s dot good.”

“You should take a cold shower.”

“I’ll do it lader. And have my kdight id shiding arbor help me” she winked at Aria. “He’s been so good to be. He’s worried aboud be.”

“Who wouldn’t be? I mean, the girls didn’t believe me when I said you were sick. None of us have ever seen you like this.”

“I kdow. I’ve dever gotten this sick. I’ve been doing too buch.”

“Besides, you’re not one to ever show any signs of weakness.”

By then, Spencer’s sinuses had cleared a bit.

“You know me better than anyone else, little one. I feel really safe telling you about anything.”

“Same here, Spence.” She glanced at the window outside. It was starting to snow heavily, and Aria feared she wouldn’t be able to go over to Ezra’s, so she decided it was time to go.

“Well, I should get going... If I want to make it to Ezra’s before this town freezes over, I’d better hurry. Sorry I can’t stay longer.”

“No worries, I appreciate your visit. Forgive me for not seeing you out?”

“Of course. Bye! I hope you feel better soon!”

“Thanks!” she closed her eyes as Aria was making her way out.

As soon as she’d gotten comfortable, her phone beeped. She rolled over, sighed and picked it up. The message was:

“Caught a little bug, huh? Ditch the Knight and call the Doc. You know who I mean, don’t you? Call Wren to come take care of you.... or else. –A”


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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm back with another part... but, to be honest, I'm not quite sure I like what I have written so far.... I'm having writer's block :( Is it too repetitive? I want the caretakers to catch it, but I fear it will be more of the same. Anyway, hope you enjoy this part more than I do.



She didn’t know whether she was shivering from the illness or from the text she’d just gotten. She decided to ignore it, at least for now. She couldn’t really send her boyfriend away – not when he was being so good to her. She would have to come up with something later. She curled up on her furry cover and waited for Toby to return. While waiting, it was quite obvious that her man was having trouble in the kitchen. Pans were being dropped, one glass got broken.... but she didn’t mind. He was doing his best to take care of her.

About half an hour later, he went upstairs carrying a tray with the bowl of soup, a glass of water and an apple.

“Sorry about the, uh, mess downstairs, babe. I swear I’ll fix it. At least, we’ve got soup. And for dessert – he glanced at the bright-red apple – you know how the saying goes, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’.

“I wish...” she muttered under her breath.

“What was that?”

“Nothig. Thadgk you, Toby.”

“Spence, you’re shivering even under this blanket. Are you still cold?”

“A little... maybe you coudd help be warb up?”

He smiled at her and said, “My pleasure.” She gave way for him in her bed. He took the spoon from her hand and fed her the soup.

“Oh by God, this soup is abazing, Toby. Your mbom must’ve been a great cook.”

“Yeah, when she felt like it, she was... I wish you could’ve met her.”

“I’b sure I would’ve loved her.”

“And she you.”

As he was about to feed her another spoonful, she put her hand in front of his and signaled she felt a sneeze coming.

“Ha-ptsch! she sneezed into her elbow. But there were more, and they were more urgent than the first one. “He-tschew! Ap-tsch! Tschew” she felt her cheeks burn from embarrassment. She still felt uncomfortable sneezing around him. “Sorry”

“Don’t apologize for sneezing, Spence.”

“How could I not? A sneeze’s travel rate’s about 100 miles per hour, so of course I should be apologizing. You’re probably breathing in the sneezes right now.”

He rolled his eyes, teasingly. “Even when you’re sick you never cease me to impress me with your knowledge.”

She laughed, then coughed a bit. He picked up the apple from the tray and gave it to her. She bit it hard, making a delightful crunching sound, as he sat contemplating his fragile yet stubborn girlfriend.


In Apartment 3B, a tired-looking, red-nosed Ezra Fitz laid on his living-room couch. The trash bin was already overflowing with used tissues, and his coffee mug – which now had lemon tea – was hanging on his hand. He was glad the school was closed early, due to the pending snowstorm alert, as well as for the cold that was going around that – supposedly – had made more than half the school its victim. And he was one of them. He’d never gotten this sick and, until today, he’d never had anyone come to take care of him, as Aria, his student/girlfriend would. He knew – both of them knew, that their relationship was frowned upon by many, but they couldn’t help it. He really loved her and he knew she felt the same. He checked the time. It was almost 4pm, and Aria had just texted him letting him know she was coming.

“Hu-ERSCH!” He sneezed forcefully into his handkerchief. This plague had really caught him. So far, he hadn’t developed a fever, only annoying sneezes and a runny/blocked nose. He had taken some medicine, and it was starting to make him a bit drowsy. “ER-TSCHOO!”

As he’d let out that sneeze, he heard the doorbell ring. He’d left the door half-open for her to come in once she arrived. “Cobe id” he said, loudly.

“I heard that sneeze from across the hall” Aria said, as she was making her way into his messy apartment. “Sorry for saying it, but you look awful.”

“Wow, hodest buch?” he said as though her remark had offended him, but it didn’t. “I kdow I look awful. How’s Spencer?”

“About the same as you, but her sneezes are girlier.”

“I’b glad to hear that.” They laughed. “I’ll turn od the televisiod, let’s see if we cad fidd sobethig to watch.”

“I’ll warm the soup. By the way, it’s chicken noodle. Is that okay? I decided to make it at home, you deserve it. That’s why it took me longer to get here.”

“Aria, you did’t have to! It’ll bake be feel like a spoiled little boy.”

“You get to be one today. But only today.” She turned on the stove.

He turned on the TV, and the weather forecast was on. A blonde woman was talking about the snowstorm in Philly and then she moved on to Rosewood.

“The oncoming snowstorm is approaching Rosewood. All schools have been shut down, and people are advised not to leave their homes from this moment on, due to the adverse conditions on the roads.”

“Guess I’m spending the night, then...” she looked at him, mischeviously.

“I was secretly wishing for that to happen.” He confessed.


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