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I see a lot of people on here who say that they haven't told their s/o about the fetish, or discuss having someone induce for them for the first time but... is anyone else on here a bit of a fetish slut? I've never counted how many people have induced for me before writing this post, but I realized it would probably be considered high.

Alright, my stories/experiences:

For me, who has sneezed for me is a bit analogous to other sexual activity: my current and past girlfriends and various girls back at summer camp. I definitely don't going around broadcasting my fetish, but I tend to tell everyone I get into close relationships with. I've been pretty lucky that I've never gotten a bad reaction telling someone my fetish, nor had anyone say no when I ask if they'll sneeze for me. (likely because I tend to be attracted to other strange people) Almost always they'll induce themselves, either after I fail to induce them or for their own comfort, although me inducing my current girlfriend has been quite successful.

A few people have induced for me entirely as a service thing: just to make me happy. I wouldn't ask much out of them, just for them to do it once or twice. There was this one girl back in my middle school days who was asexual and didn't share the fetish but for some reason thought it was fun to get me excited. Sometimes we'd be on a video call--we lived far apart--and doing our own thing and I'd hear her sneeze or glance to the chat window and see her twirling her hair in her nose. I never really understood why she did it but hey, I wasn't complaining. :laugh:

One of my exes was into illness/mucus, so indulging in the fetish was particularly fun with her. We would bring sneezing into the bedroom, although sadly she never got sick while we were dating so most of our vague plans were never realized. I don't get off on my own sneezes, but I would join in for her enjoyment. 

My current girlfriend is a bit of a special case in that she doesn't share the fetish but thoroughly enjoys watching me get aroused and encourages bringing sneezing into the bedroom. She's also kind of magical??? She's been changing the way that she sneezes with me to align with my preferences. It surprised me so much the last time that I was almost too shocked to enjoy it... I asked her if she'd been practicing and she said she hadn't been inducing herself on her own but, if she sneezes naturally, she would try to do it that certain way. And ho boy is it working :wub2: She told me "It's not that hard!" but I've never heard that before. Perhaps she holds some secret sneezy powers...


What are everyone else's experiences with inducing other/having them induce for you? What are your thoughts about asking someone to sneeze for you, and would you ever combine it with *cough* other activities? I'm curious to hear people's thoughts/stories.

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I am a fetish slut, but I am no longer able to ask anyone to induce for me. I used to beg my ex-husband years ago for him to try, and it just never really worked out. And now, I just prefer my man’s natural sneezes, and I would feel awkward asking him to induce for me. I would feel much better if he just offered and asked me how to do it. 😋 But he doesn’t even have to do that, because he knows how to push all of my hot buttons, fetish wise and in other ways to turn me on. 

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