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Finally getting those sneezes out!


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The weather where I live has been see-sawing back and forth between cold and warm,  and I developed sinusitis.  Basically, my sinuses were so swollen earlier this week that I would feel a tortuous tickle but not be able to actually sneeze.  Well, this morning I went to the doctor, who put me on Prednisone and Z-pack.  The Prednisone must have loosened things up, because since I got home this morning, I've finally managed to sneeze--three times.  The first sneeze was right after a warm shower--lots of build-up, then I sneezed into my towel.  Second was a quick, quiet sneeze while lying in bed.  The third was a bigger sneeze that sneaked up on me so fast I didn't have a chance to cover it, just as I was getting ready to type this obs.  So the sneezes are coming pretty easily now, which is a big relief after days of sinus congestion and no sneezing!

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