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Super Awkward Situation!


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So my ex-girlfriend, who is the only person I've ever told about the fetish, is someone I've been able to remain friends with, but that comes with its struggles.

Last night during my bowling league, I'm sitting at a table with her, and her current boyfriend. We were all having a conversation about times we looked like an idiot. The boyfriend brings up a story about a girl with headphones on. He then proceeds to tell me how this girl sneezed and how he tried to bless her, but she had headphones on... so he looked like an idiot. Blah blah blah, not really sure what else he said about the story beyond that. The moment he said that word "sneeze," he was pretty much being drowned out by my internal screaming.

I felt so awkward. I was just trying to avoid eye contact with the ex at that point. I really didn't need to be a part of a conversation with her that involved any kind of sneezing. I think the only thing that would've been worse is if the ex WAS the girl in the headphones. 😱😫😷

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Hopefully your ex didn’t contribute to the conversation? Sorry that was awkward. I am hoping that once he told his story, you were able to move on to non-fetish related conversation?

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