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My wife's strong smoking sneeze


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My wife and I were on the couch relaxing, enjoying the warm sun coming in the window on a beautiful winters day. My wife is in her mid 20s, has a great curvy, hourglass figure, fair skin, tattoos, shoulder length curly purple hair with the cutest round nose that has a slight upturn where her septum meets the tip of her nose and a ring on her left nostril. I finish filling up the bowl of the bong that we were smoking with fresh ground herb and hand it to my wife. She lights it up, and takes an enormous lungful. As she lifts her head up, I can immediately see she has to sneeze. Her nostrils flaring multiple times very quickly, her eyes half closed and she gasped "oh I have to sneeze". As she spoke a big cloud of smoke escaped her mouth. Her breath hitched sharply and aggresivley "heh, HEH" little plumes of smoke escaping every time she hitched. Her nostrils flared widely one last time as her nose couldn't go another second without sneezing. "Eshh-chooo!" she strongly sneezed as the rest of the smoke escaped through her mouth and nostrils. "Wow...my nose was so itchy there, that was crazy!" she exclaimed. The whole thing left me speechless and with a stomach full of butterflies 😍         


 *Just a disclaimer, nothing discussed here is an illicit activity, everything mentioned is entirely federally legal as we are in Canada. In addition we are both card carrying medical patients. Thank you 😀

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On 12/15/2018 at 6:14 PM, medstudent said:

That must have been cool to watch the smoke get sneezed out-- almost like a dragon haha

Haha yes indeed!

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