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Coffee Shop Captivation (m)


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So, this is my first go at posting an observation, but I couldn’t pass this opportunity up so here goes nothing......



I walked into the coffee shop, my only intent being to get some caffeine, when I noticed this man who looked pretty under the weather. I of course said nothing, but was secretly hoping for the best. I placed my order and went to sit on a nearby stool to wait. I pulled out my phone to read missed messages and stuff, and right then the man pitched forward with a fitful “Huh’TISH’oo!” I about had a mini panic-attack as I looked up as quick as I could. The man I would say was probably close to twenty, with sandy brown hair and green eyes. I couldn’t really tell his height, as he was sitting down, but he seemed like he’d be close to 5’11--6’0. He got out a tissue and promptly wiped his nose. After this I quickly went back to looking at my phone, for I was practically staring at the dude. When they called me up to get my drink I was in the middle of poking out my straw (damn paper) when I heard hitching breaths. I waited in anticipation, of course pretending to be doing something else. Sure enough, I was soon blessed with a triple. They sounded something like; “Hit’ISH’eww! H’ESH’eww! Tsh’ieww!” All tumbling out one after the other. Being right next to the guy, I decided it wouldn’t be totally awkward to bless him. He thanked me, and carried on to say that he was admittedly feeling pretty terrible. (I about melted into a big pile of goo right then and there). I was about ready to leave when there came yet ANOTHER outburst!! It sounded pretty close to the previous ones. The woman at the counter blessed him this time, and he responded with a congested “thags.” I practically skipped out the door, smiling to myself *probably looking like a complete psychopath, but at the moment I didn’t really care* 

~so that about wraps up my coffee shop experience, hope you enjoy! I’m pretty new at this, (okay brand new), so feel free to critique *nicely*😅 if I did something wrong or if I could improve on anything.

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15 hours ago, ReidSeeker said:

☺️ oh my...best time to get coffee.

By the time I left I barely even needed the caffeine 😂💗

5 hours ago, Sneesee said:

Ooh lovely obs my dear! Thank you for sharing!

No problem ❤️

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