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Reading about a big burly guy/someone that doesn’t know their own strength being gentle and concerned just hits the spot. 

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This is amazing!! Thank you so much!!! I would never have expected you to write 2 parts for me! That's just SO generous, like WOW!! I know I kept my request pretty open in terms of setting, and I'm so happy you took one of those ideas and just ran with it. Poor Eda he's so cute haha. All your descriptions, especially about how chilled he is. are wonderful.

On 12/16/2018 at 2:11 AM, facet said:

Chills ran up and down his spine, leaving him cold and shivery, while a fever burned beneath his brow.

This sentence in particular really caught my attention.

I love Demitri too! It's so sweet how open and friendly he is toward his old friend ❤️. I really hope you're enjoying writing this is as much as I'm enjoying reading it!! Again, thank you so much, and I await with baited breath for the second half of your marvelous gift!!


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I'm catching up with my Secret Santa reading and I really, really enjoyed reading yours! Your characters are very well written, described and 'individualized'.

On 12/16/2018 at 8:11 AM, facet said:

"Welcome to being sick without magic. Population: Literally everyone else in town at some point or other."

That line made me laugh. I'm all compassion for Eda here. I love when magical / extraordinary / very strong characters struggle with human nature, or with the fact that they are sick when they normally aren't (or should be able to cure themselves easily), so that was right up in my alley!

I'll be dilighted to read the second part when you'll write it! Thanks for sharing! (Secret Santa is really great because not only do you recieve a gift, but you have also a lot of wonderful stories to discover on this occasion...)

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This is QUALITY!!! Just superb. In the beginning, it was just dripping with hurt but it was sooooo heart-wrenchingly adorable and then the chilly descriptions were hot, gooey-filled delicious treats of goodness!! And the weak sneezes were so cute, and that loud one was just so right! The action in the middle was really cool and I was so happy to read about Demitri being his fun-loving self. 

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Oh my GOD I am absolutely AWESTRUCK!!! I have to say, I had no idea what to expect in part 2. And all of it is so WONDERFUL!! I'm simply in love with Eda. Case closed.

1 hour ago, facet said:

Eda found himself still bitterly cold. None of the earlier remedies had granted him any lasting warmth. He held himself, shivering, knees pulled in tight and arms wrapped around his chest, but the insulation of the fabrics and his radiating body heat didn't seem to be touching the ice that had sunk into his bones from his illness and the outside gales. He desperately wanted to be free of consciousness and the aching sensation of cold, but no sleep came to him, despite him petulantly scrunching his eyes shut tight. He all but willed himself into dreams, but the effort was proving fruitless in spite of his efforts and genuine fatigue.

Oh this part! The sweetheart AHHH!!! He's so miserable and cold and tired and I LOVE IT!!!! And, oh man. Fevers are so great :D 

(Holy crap I'd quote like the entire thing if that was actually practical lol.)

What a bad-ass he is too!! Like, he's so ill, and he's still able to pull off a spell like that?! Like YES please and thank you!!

Omg those skinny punks really had some nerve to mess with Demitri's place haha!! I would never want to be on that man's bad side!

And wow I was so not expecting him to shatter the glass at the end, but truly what a way to go out with a bang!! "I'll pay for that" omg so cute.

Your writing is so descriptive and immersive. I really feel like I'm there with the characters. It's really something special. I rarely find stories lately that give me such wonderful feelings as this beautiful, thoughtful, generous gift! Thank you so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed writing it! It's been such an honor to receive a Secret Santa from you!!

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The second part is brilliant! Demitri is right: it's convenient to be friend with a wizard... :rolleyes: 

9 hours ago, facet said:

"I-Idiots! Don't say my name!"

I think that's the line I preferred. "Idiots" indeed.

... And that last sneeze, of course. :blush:

Conclusion: Yes, Secret Santa is the best event on the forum! Thank you!

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Fantastic! I love his spell! How ominous! Handy for bears, indeed. LOL.

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