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Hot, shy, male coworker with the sniffles (also, my first obs!)


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Greetings, everyone! After years of lurking and minor commenting, I'm trying to become more involved in the community. This is my first obs!

Only one sneeze in this obs, but lots of sniffly cuteness.

I have a verrrry handsome coworker, let's call him Mark. He's smart, shy, tall, brown hair, gray eyes, and he has one of the most interesting, sexy noses I have ever seen. It's big, long, and somewhat narrow, but there's a bump at the bridge, so it almost goes: straight slope --> bump --> straight slope --> point. Like a waterslide (haha). Narrow nostrils. and a thin upper lip, which I absolutely love. I actually think the reason I prefer big noses and a flat upper lip area is because it is so easy for people with that kind of face to look sneezy. But I digress...

Last week, we had a morning leadership meeting, and Mark was late. He came in about 20 minutes after we'd started, and it was clear he'd come straight from outside, as he was still bundled up in his winter clothes. Because there were no seats left at the table, he pulled up a chair to sit at a corner next to me (yesss). He looked pale, and his nose was a bit pink. He also had pink circles high on his cheeks, from the cold weather I suppose. Something about his appearance was so "storybook winter" that I was already a bit...aroused. 

Mark was sniffling constantly, big wet sniffles that drove me crazy. After about five minutes, the older female colleague sitting on his other side pulled a pocket pack of tissues out of her bag and gave it to him. He thanked her, obediently opened it, pulled out two tissues, and gave his nose a long, wet blow. It was watery, not too congested. Exactly what you'd expect from either the beginning of a cold or from coming inside after walking in cold weather... The whole scene of him obediently accepting the tissues really got me going. There was something very vulnerable about it.

He stopped sniffling for a while after blowing his nose, but he held onto the tissue pack (delicious). THEN, about 10 minutes later, he sneezed! It was so odd, he stifled without covering his nose or using his hands at all! All of a sudden, I saw him in my peripheral vision lean away and turn toward the window, sort of facing the space behind me. He takes a deep breath, and then "NNKH!" without even bobbing his head. It was like a little kid sneezing straight out into the air, except he fully stifled it. Frankly, it seemed like a bold move, considering he was in a meeting and would have sent spray everywhere (including on me) if he had somehow failed to stifle. Really out of character for a shy, awkward guy.

After the sneeze, he got sniffly and runny again, but he didn't blow his nose again. He kept clearing his throat, and you could hear that he has post-nasal drip because his throat-clears were congested. Because I was sitting right next to him, I could hear that he kept breathing experimentally through his nose, almost like he was testing to see how much liquid was in there. When he spoke, he definitely sounded congested, saying things like, "we mbust codsider the exterdal and idternal impbact." Drool. 

I was ON FIRE. I already had a crush on him, and something about the shy guy with the perfect nose starting to come down with a cold was just so hot. And I still can't get the out-of-character, risky stifle off my mind. (heheheh what else might he be bold about....it's funny how we see people's sneezes and personalities as so deeply and unexpectedly intertwined...)

Sadly, he didn't sneeze any more during the meeting. He and five other guys sit in a different room from me, and I did hear several wet, irritated sneezes coming from their office that day, I have no way of knowing if it was one of the other guys, or if Mark had decided to let loose with his sneezes once he got to his own desk. I can only fantasize that it was the latter...

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kudos to getting more involved.  takes everyone awhile I feel like.  you write very nicely!  

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I like your detailed description. And the situation that he was "forced" to blow his nose from these other colleague. :-), including tha he even hold her tissue package in his hands later on.

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