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Coughing From Smoke, Dust, Water, Gas, Etc...


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So, I’m new to the forum (this is my first post lol), and I always see coughing fetishists who have a thing for coughing characters being sick or ill. Are there any fetishists out there who prefer the person to be coughing from inhaling something they shouldn’t, like being trapped in a smoky room, or engulfed in exhaust as a truck passes, etc...?

Ever since I was little, I always used to see a character (female character for me) suddenly in a situation where they might cough, thinking, praying, hoping that whatever situation they’re in would send them into a hellacious coughing fit. Lol Just trying to figure out if I’m alone here, or if there’s anyone else who enjoys coughing from a non-sick perspective.

Perhaps I’ll get around to posting some of my own stories I’ve written on here about a female character who constantly coughs from things she runs into in her freelance-reporting/espionage work. 

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I'll be reading your story:)

I don't really care for the reason that sends someone into a coughing fit, but mostly fear of contagion gets in the way of really enjoying a coughing fit if the person is really sick and too close to me. I'm much freer to enjoy it if I'm not afraid to catch it. So yes, I like other causes too, definitely. One thing that freaks me out, though, is choking on food or drinks that becomes too serious --probably also emeto kicking in, but generally if the person can't breathe for too long it freaks me out. (love it in fics though!?)

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