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second cold in 2 weeks :(


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Woke up yesterday with what appears to be either Cold 2.0 or my second cold in two weeks... Cold #1 started with a terrible sore throat that developed into a dry cough and laryngitis. I lost my voice for 3-4 days and was coughing for a day or so more. This past Friday I was finally feeling myself again and was able to enjoy a nice weekend with family and my boyfriend.. until I woke up yesterday (Sunday) morning congested with aching sinuses and yet another sore throat. I passed it off as nothing, and felt only a little sniffly until yesterday evening when the congestion thickened and I began coughing. My nose started dripping and tickling. The tickle would intensify in my left nostril every 10 minutes or so, causing my eyes to water as I desperately tried to sneeze. The sneezes weren't coming naturally at that point, so I had to resort to inducing with a rolled up tissues. These sneezes were wet double and triples sounding like EHSCHIEEEWW! eh eh SHEWWWW! ACHHOOOO! My boyfriend made me take some Advil before bed, and I found myself tossing and turning due to the congestion.

This morning I woke up and sneezed a double immediately. This has literally never happened to me before-I usually have to be up for a few minutes before I feel a sneeze coming on, even when I'm sick. But about 5 seconds after my alarm went off, I felt the tickle in my left nostril begin to burn intensely, and I let out two sneezes before I could open my eyes isheww! ischewww! They weren't huge sneezes, but they were a bit wet and left me sniffling. At this point, I knew I had caught another cold.

I'm not a very sneezy person (I probably sneezes 2-3 times a week), but today has been a sneezy nightmare. All day, I've had a look on my face as if I'm about to have a fit of sneezes due to the intense tickle in both nostrils. I've been sitting at my desk at work sniffling thickly and blowing my nose into a full box of tissues. The sneezes are coming in itchy doubles, leaving me with just enough time to grab a tissue to bury my red, sore nose into chooo CHOOO! When I'm not sneezing, I constantly feel the need to blow my nose, as it's dripping no matter how much I sniffle. I wish I liked my own sneezes, because I'm my own sneezy fantasy right now 😂 

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