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A Sneezy Conversation


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I had a visitor today who was coming down with a cold. She is in her mid 20’s, short, and very thin, with tattoos covering parts of her arms, long long dark hair and a Roman nose with wide nostrils.

When she walks in, I asked “How are you?” and she responded with, “I’m dying. My fiance is an asshole.” I said “Oh?” “Yeah, he gets really clingy when he’s sick and then I get it”. 

We sat and talked for a bit and then it started.I’ve seen her sneeze before, she tends to try and stifle them, making them as quiet as she can. Usually, her sneezes sound more like hiccups because they're so quiet. Today, I saw her stifle a double into her shirt sleeve and made a comment:

“What was that?  ”
“I sneezed twice, but I tried to hold them back!”
“I heard you shouldn’t hold back like that, you can burst your eardrums.”
“Yeah, I hate when my ears pop.”
“No, I mean ‘bang’ as in, no more hearing for a bit.”
“Oh...well, I’ll just need to get better at lip reading then. I can’t stand when people just..spew everywhere, it’s gross.”
I laughed, “That’s what tissues are for!”

Later on, this conversation comes around full circle. We were watching TV, I hear a small “ah-tssss” and look over. She’s got her face buried in her sleeve with her eyes closed for a second, she couldn’t stifle that one. 

It was a fantastic bit of irony some of you may appreciate, or find adorable. I certainly did. It might sound like something out of a story, but I promise it did happen.

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