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8 hours ago, SneezyHolmes said:

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Where did you find that that is utterly amazing and such an utter mood

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I wish for a LOT of money. 💰 I mean the "buying a fresh-out-of-the-factory car doesn't make a dent in my bank account"-kind of money. I'm so tired of barely making ends meet and keep having to shave off a little more of my already thin silver lining each month and even cancelling Christmas. :down:I don't want to have to worry about money EVER again, and I want to be able to afford lots of generous gifts to people around me, not just at Christmas but all the time. 

And... :whistle:  I also wish that I got to date SBK and make her smile that smile that makes her nose crinkle in that adorable way… :inlove: 


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I wish that the fat cats reaping the benefits from climate-destroying economic system would end up destitute. Sooner is nicer but if you're real busy, Santa, I can wait for another year. But not longer!

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12 hours ago, facet said:

I'd like for everyone involved in the Trump Administration to go to jail

Same for the vast majority of the GOP in Congress frankly

Yeah, that sounds like a nice holiday present

Agreed. honestlywouldn’tmindifTrumpdiesintheresoonaftersonoonehastohearhisnameorseehispoorly-tannedorangefaceeveragain

But I’m very cynical so... :lol: 


My wish would be to make human nature basically good, sort of like what John Locke believed. Or if that’s too big of a wish, then removing greed from human nature. I think that would help the world a lot.

If... changing all of humanity is still a bit much lol, I’d love more personal motivation in life? Drive to do positive things and things that I like.

Or, for a more shallow goal, I wish that my favorite kpop groups would come to my city and all do photo-op-type things and fansigns too.

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I wish there were more recordings of sneeze fics read aloud.  For all the many wavs that get made, those kind are surprisingly rare.

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