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Fever from stress and/or anxiety?


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I was just wondering if anyone else experience this? I'm under an immense lot of pressure right now (when am I not?), and then that infamous final straw came along today, and I just cracked. 

I'm not sick, but since I recovered from the panic attack, I've been feverish. And yes, I checked my temperature, it is an actual fever. I'm normally very warm-blooded, but I'm huddled up in a hoodie and sweat pants and a big fuzzy blanket, and I'm still freezing my ass off. Zero symptoms that indicates this is a cold or the flu or anything. Just anxiety, post-panic attack exhaustion, and fever. I've experienced this before, but not quite this bad.

Fever is like the one thing that makes me clingy. All I want is to cuddle up next to someone and be hugged. It's the one moment when I really wish I had an SO.

Anyway. Is it just me, or does it happen to others? 


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i don't think i've heard of this being an effect of anxiety, and i can't remember whether it's an effect of adrenal fatigue... i hope you feel better soon tho!! <333

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I'm no doctor but I think it's almost impossible for a fever to be caused by anxiety and stress.

It might lower your immune system's ability, and allow a bug to cause it- but I think that's all.

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I have experienced fever in response to extreme anxiety before, several times, so in some way it does seem related. But by now I've had a slew of other symptoms coming over the course of the day so now I know what it is. It's possible that when I react with fever in response to stress, that's just the first symptom of a flareup. Oh well, at least now I have an explanation. :down: 


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This used to happen to me a lot, but it was sort of like I'd be feeling really anxious or emotional and I'd check my temperature and see that it was elevated. Then if I took medication for the fever, my mood would improve. I was never quite sure though if the fever caused my emotions to get out of whack or if the emotions caused the fever.

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