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Hello i've been debating making a thread for a while. This is a thread for the youtube channel SuperMega created by Matt & Ryan. Former members of Cyndigo with Daniel Kyre(RIP) and Kidswithproblems.

Lets start! ( Feel free to add if you find more) ( I added Ross from gamegrumps because h was on the podcast)

Animal Crossing ep 2- 2:57 -Ryan

Kingdom Hearts 3  ep 1- 13:53-Matt 


 Animal Crossing ep17 - 11:54- Matt 

SuperMegaCast ep 90 Million Big Ones- 48:54 -Matt 

SuperMegaCast ep 88 Lost Episode-41:58-Matt 

SupermegaCast ep 42:The Pitch-38:30- Ross 

SuperMegaCast ep97 Our Trip to Japan-11:36-Matt 

Animal Crossing ep 21- 2:14-2:32- (2) Matt (mention of spray/mist) 

Sekiro ep 13- 7:38 - Matt 

SuperMonkeyBall ep 4- 9:14-Ryan 

Spongebob:Battle For Bikini Bottom ep 7 - 7:54- Matt 


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