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Part 1:

Of New and Old Family Remedies.


First, it was Jason, then Jason gave it to Rachel, who gave it to Gar, and now, Dick realized it was his turn. Thankfully the rest of them were feeling much better and quick to get back into training, which distracted them enough that Dick could sneeze silently without anyone seeing him. The kids were getting a lot better with the blindfolds on. Honestly, they were ready for something else, but Dick just needed an excuse to not be seen. The last thing he needed was for them to feel bad, or worse... try to take care of him. He winced a bit at the thought and instantly regretted it when Rachel, who had removed her scarf to get some water, noticed.

"Something wrong?" The concern in her voice made the others stop and take off their blindfolds.

"yeah," he crossed his arms, "Gar, watch your footing, you almost twisted your ankle." That was true, but he hated lying to them. He was just glad this cold was nothing more than an itch in his nose, so far. He felt another itch, but since everyone was watching, he couldn't just stifle it and move on; they'd see, "go take a break. I don't want any of you relapsing. Drink some water, take 15?" He was a tad surprised that they all looked relieved and left. Had he been pushing them too hard? maybe they weren't as ok as they said.

Rachel came back in almost immediately, something bothering her, "Dick?" 

Dick quickly put his hand down from rubbing his nose when he heard her come back, "you ok?" 

"yeah," Raven folded her arms over her stomach, "Uhm, I never thanked you for taking care of me... us."

"you don't have to thank me-"

"I know," Raven rolled her eyes, "I just... are you sure you're ok? you feel off?" 

Dick's eyebrows furrowed for a moment, not sure what she meant by 'feel' but the itch was getting harder to ignore, "I'm fine. Grew up in the circus, not exactly the most sanitary environment. My immune system's pretty strong." 

Raven watched him for a second before nodding, "ok. do you want me to bring you water?"

He felt his heart grow a bit, "I'll go meet you guys in a minute, but thanks." He watched her leave and made sure she was really gone before taking a few steps further into the room and stifling into his elbow. After five he relaxed and went into the bathroom to blow his nose and wash his hands. He isn't going to be able to keep them in the dark for much longer. His nose was going to become pink, and considering Batman taught Jason surveillance, he was going to notice. 


Jason waited for Rachel to join them before putting his feet up on the table and smirking, "so, we all agree Dick's sick, right?" 

"definitely," Gar nodded, "but it's really impressive. Like I could hear his breathing change, but he never.. sneezed?" 

"He did," Jason rolled his eyes, "He just suppresses them. Batman says he's going to pop a blood vessel one day." 

"how do you know that? we were all blindfolded."

"Batman talks about Dick a lot. He says to let him be, but it's not like he let us be?" Jason sounded a bit annoyed.

Gar shrugged, "I kinda liked how he took care of me..." 

"So did I," Rachel smiled at him.

"so," Jason looked between them, "you don't want to do the same for him?" 

"Didn't batman tell you he doesn't like it?" Rachel looked unsure.

"batman's not exactly the coddling type," Jason got up, "no one wants to be coddled by batman." 

"You want us to go over to Dick and get him to admit he's sick?" Gar looked back at Rachel with the same unsure expression.

"Dick's never going to admit it." Rachel shook her head.

"What am I not going to admit to?" 

All three of them jumped and turned to see Dick leaning against the wall.

Jason narrowed his eyes, "that you look like crap-ow!"

Rachel hit him hard.

Dick huffed a small laugh, "Thanks, Jason." 

"what he meant-" Rachel glared at Jason, "was that we know you're not feeling well."

Dick was sort of impressed. He figured he at least had until tomorrow, "That obvious? Guess I'm slipping."

"So you admit you're sick?" Gar frowned.

"I can't expect you guys to be honest with me when you don't feel well if I don't do the same." he sniffed, "I'm trying to work on that..."

They all stayed silent until Gar pointed out the obvious, "ok, now what? I didn't think we'd get this far."

"Now," Dick crossed his arms, "you all go back to training." 

"Or..." Rachel slowly stood up, "Jason brings you back to bed while Gar and I make you soup?" 


"Nuh-uh," Gar stood up, "you didn't let any of us train while we were sick. You don't get enough sleep as it is, and you can't get better running on empty."


"no buts!" Jason got up and walked over, "no wants your germs everywhere. Now march before I call Bruce." 

"no one is calling Bruce," Dick rolled his eyes but put his hands up, "Fine. I'll take a nap." 

"Good," Rachel smiled and shoed them off. When they were both gone, Rachel looked at Gar with slightly big eyes, "please tell me you know how to make soup."

Gar laughed and nodded, pulling her into the kitchen.


Jason was watching him a bit too closely for his liking, "you know I'm not going to suddenly keel over?"

"oh, I know," Jason smirked slightly, "I'm just waiting."

"For what?" 

"something Batman let slip a while ago."

Dick's face dropped, "and that is?"

"it'll happen eventually."

"Whatever," Dick was slightly frustrated and was glad his room was right there. He stopped Jason at the door, "I think I can manage from here, thanks." he tried to close the door when Jason put his foot in, "what?"

"Bruce said you can't take cold meds?"

"yeah," Dick let the door open, "allergic."

"wait what?"

Dick raised a brow, "you didn't look through my file?"

"Bruce had it locked."

"my file's open here." 

"yeah, but not that." 

Dick looked confused, "what are you talking about?"

"the file says you're not allergic to anything." Jason looked confused.

"Shit." Dick went right back out of the door.

"you're supposed to be going to bed!"


"you're supposed to be going to bed!"

They heard Jason seconds before Dick rounded the corner and into the kitchen, "what are you putting in it?" 

Gar looked confused, "uh... besides the vegetables on the table?"

"yes," Dick put a handout and stopped Jason from dragging him away.

"Is there something we shouldn't put in?" 

instead of answering Dick went around and checked the refrigerator, cabinets, and freezer, "nevermind... sorry." 

"do you have a fever?" Rachel slowly walked over and put a hand on Dick's forehead, "you don't feel warm."

"because I don't have a fever," he took her hand in his, "sorry, I don't have my pens."

"Wait," Gar's jaw dropped, "you have a severe food allergy and you didn't tell anyone?" 

"I thought it was in my file, that you all looked through the first second you had the chance, but apparently someone deleted it."

"Why the fuck don't you have epi-pens?" Jason frowned.

"Because I make my own food and -" he faulted slightly as his nose itched.

"you left them at the manor..." Jason suddenly ran down the hall, "hold on!" 

Dick ducked into his elbow and away from them, silently sneezing thrice.

"bless you," Gar and Rachel said it at the same time and slightly startled Dick.

"uh, thanks?" he wasn't used to it.

Jason came back in with a black bag, "Bruce threw this at me before I left and called it the Dick emergency bag. Now I get it," he put it on the counter, "you're such a dumb ass."

"He packed an Aid kit for me?" 

"duh," Jason looked at him like he had three heads, "dude, the second I got there he screened me for every possible allergy. Didn't he tell you about the medicine he made for you?" He opened the bag and took out an inhaler, "do you have Asthma?"

"no," Dick looked into the bag and frowned, "Jesus..." 

"he cares, you know." Jason tossed the inhaler at him, "about you." 

"Thanks," he read the inhaler, "don't know why he kept this damn thing..." he took the bag and went down the hall. 

after he left it hit Gar that he still didn't know, "Hey!" Gar moved to scream down the hall, "what are you allergic to?!"

Jason took out his phone, "I'm calling Bruce." 


Dick closed the door and locked it before going through the bag. He took out a few epi-pens, and put them in his drawer, before taking out a couple of boxes of allergy meds. On them was a note from Bruce:

- take it early

He sighed and put those away too. After a couple of creams for burns, rashes, and cuts, he noticed another note at the bottom. There had been tape on the inhaler, so it must have come off:

-you never know. keep it close.

He laid down on his bed and just stared at it.



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@Midnight thank you so much! xoxo

part 2:

Made with Love


Jason held the phone to his ear and before Bruce could even say hello he asked, "what's Dick allergic to?" 

"excuse me?"

"you heard me," Jason put the phone on speaker and Gar spoke.

"um, Mr. Wayne...sir," he sounded nervous, "it's just that Dick's sick and we were trying to make him soup but he kind of freaked out and started searching for something, saying he had a food allergy... but he didn't tell us and we were wondering if you could.. sir.."

Jason made a face at the extra sir.

"How is he?"

"He's fine," Jason sounded frustrated, "it's just a cold,  but he's still up and being an idiot. Now, what exactly warrants the epi-pens?"

Bruce sighed, "bell peppers and pine nuts."

They all looked shocked.

"Dick is human," Bruce reminded them.

"yeah... but I figured it would be something less... normal," Jason frowned, "like.. the extract of a flower only found in the middle of a pond that only freezes over and blooms every 8 years."

"That's very specific," Bruce sounded almost amused, "where is he now?"

"In bed," Rachel chimed in and continued the soup.

"is he?" You could practically hear Bruce's eyebrow raise.

"son of a bitch," Jason hung up and went down the hall with Gar and Rachel in tow, "Grayson!" They looked into the empty room, "Where are you?!"

"Computer room!" Dick yelled from across the hall then lightly coughed into his arm.

All three of them ran down the hall, Rachel and Gar looking concerned while Jason just looked pissed.

"what the fuck are you doing?" 

"Being transparent," Dick turned around in his chair and waited for them to come closer, "My allergies weren't deleted, they just needed a different password. Apparently batman wanted extra security on our weaknesses."

"Course he did," Jason squinted at the screen, "Cats?" 

"yeah.." Dick blushed slightly and rubbed his face, "That sucks."

"wait," Gar backed away, "does that mean I make you sick?"

"no! no no," Dick raised his hands up, trying to calm Gar down, "for whatever reason you don't bother me, and it's not life-threatening anyway."

"would you tell me if it was?"

"I think you would have noticed by now if I started to go blue and stop breathing."

"fair," Gar relaxed slightly, "so we're ok?"

"If I gave you a hug, would that prove it?" 

"...maybe?" before he could react, Dick was suddenly pulling him in for a hug, "oh."

"see?" Dick kissed his head, "we're good."

"So is that what the inhaler was for?" Rachel tilted her head.

"Can't be," Jason looked through the file then turned to Dick, "you said you thought it was weird Bruce kept it. If it was an allergy thing, it wouldn't be weird."

"so many questions," Dick slowly let go of Gar and sat back down with a huff, "It's nothing."

"Saliva or hair?" Gar mumbled and leaned against the counter.

Dick took a second to understand that he was talking about his cat allergy again, "protein in the saliva, mostly, but I shouldn't touch them."

Rachel sat in Dick's lap and leaned back so he had no choice but to hold her, "cats... that's so mundane." 

"I am boring and mundane, sorry," Dick held her and scrunched up his nose. 

"kinda funny," Gar smiled, "Robin taken down by a cat." 

all three of them laughed.

"yeah... bird.. cat.. I get it," Dick rolled his eyes, "so funny.." 

"now that it's all out in the open," Rachel pouted, "will you go lay down in bed?" 

"I promise to be a good patient," he held out his hand with his pinky out, letting her take it in hers.

"good," she smiled and hopped off his lap, "we're putting you to bed this time."

"did one of you leave the stove on?" Dick furrowed his brow.

"shit-" Gar ran down the hall.

"you're going to burn the kitchen down if I take a sick day." 

"we wouldn't have left the kitchen if you'd stayed in bed," Rachel took his hand and helped him up.

"Fair," He let her lead him down the hallway and into his bedroom. Bed sounded so good right now- oh shit. his breath started hitching and he quickly ducked into his elbow to stifle four before one of them sort of slipped out with a half stifle, "hiih'mpt-chiew". He waited for a second, listening for a laugh or a comment about it, but there wasn't one.

"bless you."

besides that.

"am I allowed to say that was really cute or would that upset you?" 

There it was, "it's fine... get it a lot.."

"is that why you're always holding them in? because your sneeze is cute?" 

yes, "no," he walked to the bed and sat down on it, "can't exactly sneeze during a stakeout. it gives away your position." he realized that was bad advice, "if you're sick, don't ever go on a stakeout.  Take care of yourself and stay home, all of you. I'm trying to get rid of my bad habits. This one is just harder to stop."

"going out while sick or suppressing your sneezes?"


"The first one is just stupid," she sat down next to him, "but I get the second part. Jason's going to give you crap for it."

"I think Bruce told him," he rubbed his forehead, "he said he was waiting for something... don't know how he knows."

"Bruce thought it was cute too?" 

Dick just laid down, "don't want to talk about that... sorry."

"ok, not Bruce talk." She stood back up, "I'll keep it a secret, but if it hurts. please stop?"

"it doesn't hurt," He smiled, "but thank you." 

Dick got under the covers and chuckled when Rachel came to tuck him in, "you don't have to do all of this."

"you did it for us," Rachel smiled and continued to tuck him in, "I want to." 

"thank you," Dick was genuinely touched.

"don't mention it," She kissed his forehead, "I'll wake you up when food is done." 

"I'm sure it'll be great." 

"Gar's really good at cooking," She started for the door, "Call if you need anything."


Gar was staring out the window while Jason was picking music, both waiting for the soup's ingredients to get to know each other.

When Rachel entered Gar was the first to turn, "all good?"

"yeah," she looked at Jason, "I Don't know why you thought it would be so hard. He's taking it all really well."

Jason shrugged, "I met Dick later than you two did. Everything I know is second hand." That gave him an idea and went to the cupboards, "do we have hot chocolate?" 

"yeah?" Gar opened a different cabinet and handed it to Jason, "why?" 

"Just trying to make him feel better, and I don't know how to make soup."

"he's a health nut. What if he doesn't like chocolate?" 

"he does," he started to get the milk together, "I know that much."


once everything was ready, The three of them walked to Dick's room with hot cocoa and soup. Jason walked in without knocking and was slightly startled to see Dick asleep. On closer inspection, he looked a bit uneasy, "Dick?"

Dick woke up with a start, "what... what's wrong?" he looked between them as he fixed his hair, noticing what was going on, "oh.. right.. sorry. Must have fallen asleep."

"That's good," Rachel walked closer holding the soup, "lunch." 

"Smells great," Dick smiled at them, "Thank you. This is really sweet." 

Gar rubbed the back of his head, blushing when Rachel gave him credit again, "'s nothing..." 

Jason put a mug on the table, "what kind of weirdo likes hot chocolate with cinnamon and toasted marshmallows... that's gross Grayson."

Dick looked at the cup and his eyes changed like a deep memory was resurfacing, and it made him... sad, "how did you know about that?" 

It was Jason's turn to be sheepish, "I got sick not long after Bruce took me in... The only experience he had was you.. so he brought this in to try to make me feel better." Jason finally noticed the look, "what?"

"it's nothing..."

"it's not nothing... you're upset." Rachel sat down next to him, "what's wrong."

"I'm not upset," he took the mug and held it, "Thank you, Jason." He looked at him and smiled slightly, "Bruce made this for me when I first got to the manor. This was my mother's favorite... he thought it would cheer me up. I haven't thought about it for a long time." 

"oh..." Jason's face fell, "I'm sorry."

"don't be," he let the soup balance on his lap and took Jason's hand, "thank you... I mean it." 

"yeah..." Jason straightened up, "it's cool... still gross." He felt a bit better when Dick chuckled. Dick's phone started buzzing and Jason picked it up, "uhoh.." 

"what?" Dick reached out to grab the phone, letting go of Jason's hand, "Bruce?" 

"yeah..." Jason let him take it.

"When you didn't tell us about the food allergy...we called to make sure we wouldn't kill you." Gar looked apologetic.

"it's ok," Dick hung up the phone, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier."

"Being vulnerable is hard for you," Rachel got up, "call Bruce. we'll leave you alone." She grabbed the boys and pulled them out of the room, shutting the door.


"How are you feeling?" Bruce answered the phone, eager to get to the point, "Jason said you were sick."

"I'm fine," He didn't have it in him to be annoyed, "really, it's just a cold."


"sneezing, slight congestion, tired," he sniffed, "nothing else."

"It's early," Bruce didn't sound convinced, "you always felt fine the first day."

"Things are different now." 

"I noticed," there was a pause, "are you resting?"

"Im currently in bed with a bowl of soup and-" his voice caught a bit and he tried to hide it with a small cough; which was a bad idea.

"are your lungs acting up?"

"no..no," Dick had forgotten how he was about coughs, "just um... Jason brought me hot chocolate with-"

"a cinnamon stick and toasted marshmallows, yes."

"Thought you forgot about that."


Dick needed a moment to get himself in check, "How are you?" 

"worried about you."

"you don't have to be, it's really just a cold."

"if you actually rest and don't train, maybe I will relax."

"didn't know you knew the meaning of the word."

"I'm serious, Dick. You can't take anything, and I don't want to see you get worse."

You aren't going to see anything, is what Dick wanted to say, but he didn't, "I should really get started on this soup before it gets cold."

"Can't disappoint those kids. they worked so hard."

"They really have." he didn't deserve them.

"you deserve this, Dick."

"get out of my head, Bruce."

"Get some rest, and call me tomorrow, or I'll show up and check up on you." 

"tomorrow. Bye, Bruce."

"Bye, Kiddo." Bruce hung up.

Dick's chest spread with warmth when he heard the term of endearment and smiled as he ate the soup, feeling loved.

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My jaw actually dropped when I saw the title and I was not disappointed! This was fantastic! Hoping for more!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I adore this!  The kids trying to take care of him, Bruce and the lovely dash of Daddy!Bats.  That inhaler doesn't bode well...

Looking forward to more!

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Part 3:

Old Friends

Bruce had been monitoring Dick's health from the Batcave from the second Jason' called. One of the trackers he planted in Dick also monitored his blood pressure, core temperature, and breathing patterns. Call him paranoid, but he'd rather be safe than sorry. Suddenly his blood pressure spike and his breathing was rapid.

He immediately called Jason and before the kid could say anything he spoke, "Dick's having a nightmare, wake him up." 

"What?" Jason sounded annoyed and left his room to go to Dick's, "how could you possibly know that?" 

"I just do." 

Jason rolled his eyes, but almost dropped the phone when he walked in and saw Dick asleep in bed, face scrunched up in pain, and his whole body looked like it was shaking, "shit... DICK!" 

Dick immediately sat up, mouth open like he wanted to scream, but all that came out was coughs. His eyes darted around the room, realizing where he was, and finally landing on Jason.

"you ok?" he came over and put a hand on his forehead, "Woah.. you're fucking hot." 

Dick smiled slightly, "thanks for noticing." 

"you have a fever, jackass," Jason remembered Bruce on the line and brought it back to his ear, "he-"

"I heard," Bruce sounded angry, "his core temperature is reaching 100." 

"only 100?" Jason frowned, "He's sweaty...gross." he wiped his hand on his pants.

"how do you know?" Dick looked at the phone, "Bruce?" 

"yeah," Jason frowned, "talk to him, while I get you an icepack." He left, "unless you're allergic to ice too!"

Dick suppressed a smile before taking the phone, "hey..."

"tell me about the nightmare."

"When you tell me how you knew my temperature." 

"was it your parents, again?" 

"does the tracker do more than track?" 


"figured," He sniffed and wiped his forehead, "I saw them fall again... but this time... I fell too." 

"You didn't fall."

"I know," he cleared his throat, "you caught me." 

There was silence on the other end of the line, but it was comfortable. 

Jason came back and threw the pack at Dick, who caught it just in time; reflexes a little show, "lay back down and put it on your head."

"thank you," Dick laid back down and placed the ice on his forehead, "Bruce, would you mind telling Jason's to calm down while I go back to sleep?"

"I think I can handle that." 


Jason, Rachel, and Gar were sparing, so far seamlessly dodging each other's attacks. Jason went to punch Rachel, who twisted away and tried to trip him, but Jason flipped over her foot. Gar tried to kick him as he turned, but he just caught his foot and threw it back at him, making him fall into Rachel.

Jason laughed out loud, "aww the clutz and the freak. You two make a cute couple."  

Rachel glared at him and stood back up, helping Gar, then proceeded to go at Jason, hard. She kicked and punched, but nothing she did was getting to him. He kept blocking and jumping around until he took her arm and flipped her. 

"Woah... Jason chill," Gar went to go help her up, but stopped when he noticed the black circle her, "Rachel?" 

The black went away, "I'm fine." she stood back up, "I'm fine, let's keep going." 

Gar and Rachel assumed the position and started again. No matter what they did, Jason just seemed to be able to predict and avoid. The way Jason was grinning and laughing was not helping the frustration and when he finally attacked back, landing Gar and Rachel back on their asses, Rachel lost control. 

"Rachel No!" Gar tried to stop her, but the black mass had a hold on Jason and was lifting him up by the waist, "Rachel! stop! put him down!" Gar was the first to hear footsteps coming in and panic rose in his stomach. 

Dick was about to turn the corner, eyes not yet able to see what was going on, "you guys ok-?" As soon as he turned into the room, he was blown back down the hallway.

"DICK!" Gar ran outside just in time to see him land hard, and his head to hit the ground and bounce. 

Rachel snapped out of it and dropped Jason. She had heard Gar shout Dick's name, and she knew she'd hurt him. 

Jason and Rachel ran outside the room to see Gar rushing to his side and trying to wake him up. 

Rachel stood where she was, "oh no.." 

Jason ran over and went on Dick's other side, "Dick!" 

Dick slowly opened his eyes with a wince and tried to sit up, but just fell back down.

"I'm so sorry..." 

"-is... ok, Rach." Dick was seeing stars, and he realized there were three Jasons. 

"He needs a hospital." 

"Think we can pick him up together," Gar put his arm under Dick's shoulders, "you get his legs." 

"I can...walk," Dick let his eyes close.

"Hey, asshole," Jason gently slapped him, "stay awake. I'm not explaining your death to Bruce."

"not gonna die.." 

There was the sound of the elevator dinging and someone was suddenly running down the hallway, "out of my way." 

Gar looked up with horror as Bruce Wayne was standing over him, "uhh... yes sir.." 

Bruce picked Dick up in one fell swoop and quickly walked into the medical room, laying a barely conscious Dick on the bed. 

The last thing Dick remembers was Bruce putting a hand on his forehead and sticking something into his arm before it all went blank.


Bruce had stayed by Dick's side for hours until he had a business call that couldn't wait anymore. Bruce had decided to do a surprise check on one of his charities in the city so he could be close to Dick in case he got worse or went out on patrol. 

Now Rachel was all alone in a chair by Dick when he suddenly stirred and muttered something. She couldn't make it out, "Dick?" 

Dick's head moved towards the sound of her voice and gripped the sheets, "w...ly." 

"What?" Rachel came closer and bent down to hear him.


"Who's Wally?" She gently put her hand on his forehead and got sucked into his mind. 

 The first thing Rachel hears is a laugh. It sounded light and childish. At first, it frightened her. As she seemed to be alone in a forest, but then she saw a burst of yellow light and a red-headed boy was standing there. 

"Kid flash?" She squinted at him, but he didn't seem to hear or see her.

"Robin-!" he whisper yelled, "Where did you go?" 

There was the laugh again, and suddenly Robin was behind him with a huge grin on his face, "what? Kid Flash not fast enough to keep up?" 

"dude!" KF jumped, "you're a ninja. No one can keep up with you." 

"Dick?" Rachel's jaw dropped. He looked so happy and... carefree. 

"It's a little overwhelming," KF stepped closer, "like dude, teach me how you do that?"

"stay whelmed," Robin circled him, "you'll get the hang of it." he disappeared back into the trees.

"ok.." KF took a breath, "you're definitely no longer in front of me.." 

The laugh came back and Rachel couldn't help but smile. So that's what Dick's laugh sounds like. She really liked it. 

"Dude! you're everywhere!" KF turned around to see Robin in a tree, "AH!" 

The scene changed to a room with a green couch and Robin and someone else walking in with two large birthday cakes. This time, Dick was in a green hoodie, jeans, and sunglasses, while the girl next to him was... green? Rachel didn't recognize her, or anyone in the room for that matter, but there was a familiar tuft of red hair sitting on the couch with a party hat on, "Where am i?" 

"Happy Birthday, KF!" Dick smiled and both of them placed the cakes on the table, "so Megan made two cakes, one for you while we all share the other." 

KF's eyes went wide, "seriously?" 

"dude," Dick laughed again, "I never joke about food with you." 

There was that same yellow flash and KF was suddenly hugging both Megan and Dick.

Megan giggled, "happy birthday, Wally!"

Rachel's eyes widened, "Wally!" 

Wally grinned, his green eyes sparkling, "best birthday ever!" 


The way the environment kept changing like the wind was blowing it away and bringing in a new one, was making Rachel a little disoriented. It took her a moment before she noticed Dick laying down on a couch, back in that green hoodie, now with a leather jacket, and shades still on, even though he was inside and it was about to be sunset and... he looked... older? maybe 18?

The door opened and the redhead, Wally, walked in with a pizza. He paused in the doorway when he noticed a foot coming out of his couch, "Dick?" 

"took you long enough? did you forget about our movie night?" 

"Shit!" Wally closed the door and locked it before putting the pizza on the counter, "I'm so sorry, I got caught up and I thought today was yesterday." 

Dick got up from the couch, "Nah, it's ok. I needed some time to think anyway. I can come back some other time if you're busy?"

"no no no," 

the yellow flash almost blinded her this time.

Wally grabbed Dick by the waist and held him there, "we're doing this. We haven't done this is a long time, annd...and I miss you." 

Dick smiled and put a hand on his chest, "dude, I'm not going anywhere." 

Rachel could have sworn Wally was moving in to kiss Dick when suddenly Dick turned away and put the back of his hand up.


Wally smiled and tried to hold back his giggles, "bless you." 

Dick cleared his throat and sniffed, "sorry, I do- hiih'itsch-shew!.. tkiew!" 

"you ok?" 

"ih-hiew! ugh, what exactly.. held you..? huhh..Ehhksch." 

Wally's eyes widened and he was suddenly away from Dick and frantically taking off his clothes, "volunteering at the animal shelter- shit I'm so sorry. I forgot about cats!" he was now in his underwear, "I probably got hair on your jacket." 

"'s ok." Dick took off his sweat and jacket, leaving him in a plain white t-shirt that was rather tight, "fig-Ehh'schiew!" figured.." The sneeze bent him over a bit, "you deed a shower.." 

"right-" KF threw a box of tissues at Dick before disappearing into the next room. 

By the time Dick had finished blowing his nose and having a rather impressive tiny fit into his arm, Wally was outside with a towel wrapped around his waist, hair still wet.

"don't forget to breathe in between." 

"cand't help it.." Dick sniffed and scrubbed his nose, "baybe I deed a shower." 

"no," Wally opened a cabinet, one hand still holding the towel, "you need your best friend to stop being clueless, and some Benedryl." 

"Why do you have Benedryl?" 

"because I'm the clueless best friend who keeps giving you allergy attacks." 

"Hey," Dick stuck his leg out until his foot hooked around Wally's waist, "At leasd you rebember the impordandt stuff." 

"was that English?" Wally smiled slightly as Dick blew his nose again, "no pine nuts and no bell peppers. I keep it attached to my fridge-" he pointed at a sticky note, "and Batman made me recite it a million times." 

"course he did." 

"now that... I understood," Wally frowned and walked closer, "Dude, you've been here for five minutes and your nose already looks like Rudolph." 

Dick went to wipe his nose and winced.

"Stop it," Wally took the tissues from him, "your so harsh, chill out." 

Dick opened his legs so Wally could get closer, "yes, doctor." 

"shut up," Wally gently wiped his nose for him then moved his shades up, "I have eye drops. think you can stop sneezing long enough for me to help?" 

"I'll try-" Wally was already back with them, "I've already gotta sneeze." 

"hold it back," Wally went to work putting drops into Dick's eyes, which was hard considering his breath was already hitching and his eyes really wanted to close, "one more."

Wally had just put the last drop in when Dick's nose got the better of him, "Heistsch!" He barely got his hands up in time and sprayed Wally's chest lightly, but he didn't mind, "itsch-itsch-itsch-itsch-itsch-tsch-schiew!"

"wow," Wally put Dick's hands down and wiped his nose, "big fit," he put the shades back on, "I mean, I was expected four or five, but seven? that's a bit much." 

"well, you wouldn't let me sneeze." 

"I know, I'm horrible."  Wally threw the tissues away.

"now you double owe me."

"Tripple," Wally smiled, "I was late, I almost killed you-" 

"not dying." 

"-and.. I'm torturing you." 

"well," Dick pulled him closer, "you could make it up to me right now?" 


"hot cocoa and that movie?" 

"Cinnamon sticks and toasted marshmallow hot cocoa, coming up. You wanna wear one of my sweaters? You look cold." 

"I'd love to." 


Rachel had almost forgotten she was in Dick's subconscious watching random memories when the scene changed again. Dick was now in some kind of workout clothes, tight pants, and tight shirt, gracefully moving with these long strands of ribbon hanging from the ceiling, "oh wow." she didn't notice Wally walk up as she was just as transfixed on dick falling through the ribbon and being caught just above their heads in a split. 

Dick noticed Wally and moved so he was upsidedown, "thought you were too sick to workout today." 

"I'm not working out, I came to watch you," Wally stepped closer, "you know I can't resist you in those tight pants." 

"All of my pants are tight." 

"I know," wally kissed Dick, "pretty sure your ass is proof god exists." 

"Woow," Dick laughed, "now where have I heard that before?" 

"Shh," Wally put his hands on either side of Dick's face, "just enjoy the moment." 

"you want me to come down?" 

"Nah," Wally kissed him again, "you know how much I love to watch you fly." 

Suddenly things got dark and cold and she could hear someone with a deep voice yelling Robin's name. There was the sound of harsh, chest-rattling coughs, and suddenly she was in a hospital, the curtains were drawn, and there was this sound like a machine pumping. As her eye adjusted, she could see a boy laying in bed with a lot of tubes and wired connected him. When she noticed the tube down his throat she choked and put her hands over her mouth to stop herself from screaming. It was Dick. 

Wally came into the hospital room and took his hand, "Dick... I'm so sorry," he was crying, bringing the unconscious boy's hand to his cheek, "please wake up... I can't do this without you. If you wake up, I'll do what you told me... I'll go to college...I'll... I'll stop being kid Flash and follow my dreams, just please wake up... I don't... I want you to be there with me, man... There's no me without you... Dick...please.. please!" 

Rachel didn't notice the tubes start to fall away until the bed changed into a full size and she realized she must be inside his home. 

Dick suddenly started coughing harshly. The yellow light was back and Wally was helping him sit up while giving him something to put in his mouth.

"The inhaler!" Rachel moved closer noticed his eyes were sunken, and his lips looked a little blue. 

When the spasm stopped, Dick sunk into Wally, "W...ally.." 

"right here, Dick.. I'm right here." he kissed his head, "just breathe, buddy." he tried to put a mask on Dick, but he moved his hand away.


Wally smiled, "I um... I got in... but I'm staying local, ok?" 

Dick smiled and took his hand with a gentle squeeze.

"I'm not leaving you... not like this. I want to do both. classes don't start till September, but... I want to be close in case you need me, ok? I already talking to the school and they know-"

"Wally..." he looked up at him, "proud.. of you."

"Thanks. Now get some rest. Bruce said I could stay until classes start, so scoot over." 

Wally finally got the mask on him and watched as Dick fell back asleep in Wally's arms.

There was something not right. Dick was breathing just fine, so why could she still hear someone wheezing. A lightbulb went off and she was suddenly pulled back into reality so fast she fell to the ground.


Dick was wheezing and suddenly someone was walking in. 

Bruce heard his breathing and quickly grabbed the inhaler, moving Rachel aside and helping Dick sit up as she shook the inhaler, "Dick, wake up." he gently patted his cheeks until his eyes opened, "breath," he pumped and held Dick as he took his medicine. 

"Is he ok?" 

Bruce glanced at Rachel then nodded, "he'll be fine." he gently laid Dick back down and put the oxygen mask back on, "Did he say anything while I was away?" 

"yeah," Rachel looked at Bruce, hoping he'd understand something she couldn't, "does the name Wally mean anything to you?" 



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On 12/4/2019 at 8:26 PM, Strong_and_Wild said:

My jaw actually dropped when I saw the title and I was not disappointed! This was fantastic! Hoping for more!!

ah! thank you! there is and will be more! promise!

On 12/13/2019 at 1:45 PM, ayslin said:

I adore this!  The kids trying to take care of him, Bruce and the lovely dash of Daddy!Bats.  That inhaler doesn't bode well...

Looking forward to more!

Thank you! The way Titans were going, I really needed some Dick love and honestly, who doesn't love Daddy!Bats? no, no it does not ;)

On 12/20/2019 at 2:51 PM, 2SHY222 said:

Damn this is amazing! Please write more 😍

Thank you! I have and will do!


Part 3 is above :)

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On 10/25/2021 at 5:53 AM, sneezyfeather338 said:

This is awesome. I hope you continue writing this story. 🥰😍😘

It's been a million years but I Added :)

On 10/26/2021 at 3:13 AM, NotWho said:

Revisiting an old favorite of mine after shamelessly bingeing the third season. I love these so much!

You are so sweet! Thank you!

On 2/13/2023 at 9:20 PM, Bongo said:

I got into this show recently, and this is amazing!

The show is really great :) Thank yoU! 



Part 4: Wally West 


Bruce raised his eyebrow softly, "What did you see?" 

"He said Wally-" 

"You saw something, Raven," Bruce took her hand, "you aren't in any trouble. What did you see?"

"I really wasn't trying to-" Raven gasped slightly when she felt Bruce wipe a tear from his cheek, "oh.."

"Wally is Dick's best friend," Bruce prompted, hoping to start her talking.

"He was more than that," Raven looked from Dick to Bruce, "You know all of this. They loved each other."

"Very much," Bruce nodded.

"Then where is he?" Raven sat down on the bed and looked at Dick's sleeping face, "did he die?" 

"Wally West is very much alive, and just a phone call away," Bruce opened Dick's phone and slid it over to her, "Dick wanted Wally to choose school over being Kid Flash. He wanted him to be happy, even if that meant being apart."

"If he's Kid Flash," Raven shook her head, "then he can be here before I blink. Why would they have to be apart?" 

Bruce almost smiled, admiring her innocence and care, "because being with DIck would mean getting back into this life. DIck let him go so he could move on." 

Raven stared at the contact card on Dick's phone for a moment before locking it back up, "He wouldn't want us to call him." 

"No," Bruce picked up his own phone, "but it is what he needs." 


There was this sudden gust of wind seemingly out of nowhere, stairwell suddenly open. There was a slight electric feel to the air and where there once was a bowl of fruit, now sits empty, except for a set of keys.

"What the-" Gar stopped himself and looked over at Jason, "Is the Flash here?!" 

"No," Jason rolled his eyes, "why would he be here with us?" he walked over to the bowl and took out the keys, showing the robin symbol on it, "These belong to KF." 


Jason tossed the keys to Garfield, "we're going to need a food run." 


Raven was startled as suddenly there was a red-headed man standing next to the bed and frantically moved the machines and checking the stats at a dizzying speed, "Wally?!" 

Wally stopped and looked at the kid, then at Bruce, "Who is that?" he shook his head, "Better question, what the hell happened to DICK?!" 

"Concussion," Bruce put a hand up, calming Wally down instantly, "I sedated him."

"For a concussion?!" Wally grabbed Dick's face and frowned, suddenly holding Bruce against the wall, "did you check for brain bleeds before you put him in a coma!?"

"Yes, and he is fine," Bruce put his hands over Wally's, "It's the flu I was more concerned over."

"He was sick?" Wally let go of him and went back to Dick, placing a hand on his forehead, "Ah, Dick, you're burning up."

Dick, as if just sensing Wally's presence, moved his face further into Wally's hand, moaning slightly.

"Missed you too, Rob," Wally pouted when Dick started to cough again, "why didn't he call me?" 

"You know why, Wally," Bruce stood up, "I trust you've got him from here?" 

"Bruce, you'd have to sedate me to pull me away," Wally didn't look at Bruce, "thanks for calling me. Should have done it earlier, though." 

Raven was a little shocked to hear his tone turn so sour. Clearly, Dick wasn't the only one pissed at Batman.

"Would you have taken my calls?" 

"If it was about Dick," Wally finally looked at him, "always. You know that." 

"But you wouldn't know." 

"You never call me," Wally rolled his eyes, "unless it's about Dick."

Bruce nodded slightly before exiting the room, leaving the three to talk.

Raven hated the awkward silence and decided to swallow her anxiety and say something, "he misses you." 

Wally smiled a bit, "so you're Raven, then?" 

"Yeah? How do you know about me?" 

"Dick said he was taking care of a lost girl. Said her name was Raven," he chuckled, "said he'd have her safe and home by tomorrow. That was last year."

"I'm safe." 

"Of that, I had no doubt," Wally sat down where Bruce was earlier, "Dick is the best man I have ever known. You couldn't have a better protector."

"So," Raven bit her lower lip, "Do you still love him?" 

"Who said I ever stopped?" Wally took Dick's hand and kissed it, "Dick can push me away all he wants. I'm not going anywhere." 

"Good," Raven smiled and started to walk out of the room, "oh um," she turned just shy of the door, "Dick should wake up soon. Do you want some hot cocoa?" 

"Cinnamon and toasted marshmallows please."

That was the right answer, "I can do that."


Dick thought he was hallucinating. He could have sworn he smelled Pizza, chocolate, and something that smelled suspiciously like his mother's soup.

Wally placed a bowl of soup on the table and took a sip of broth to make sure it wasn't too hot, before bending down to kiss Dick's lips, "time to wake up, boy wonder." 

Dick slowly opened his eyes, wincing at the sudden light and blurred vision. Once he got used to it, the man coming into focus looked a lot like, "Wally?" 

"Hey Dick," Wally grinned and ran his fingers through Dick's hair, "I made you some soup. Think you can sit up for me?" 

"I'm hallucinating," Dick wiped his brow, not surprised to find it soaked with sweat, "you're not real." 

"Sorry Rob, but I'm very real and very worried about you," Wally picked him up and sat him up on the headboard, "You should have called me when you felt sick." 

"Wal?" Dick blinked at him, gently reaching a hand out to poke his chest, "I can't call you for every headache." 

"This isn't just a headache," Wally sighed, "you had a dangerously high fever and still decided to train the kids. I get it, you care. It's like, the best thing about you. But could you please not kill yourself over it?" 

"Nature of the gig," Dick didn't seem like he was really into their normal back and forth, eyes still surprised he was here.

"Come on, man," Wally put both of his hands on DIck's face, "did you really believe, even for one second, that I wouldn't come if you needed me?" 

Dick shook his head, "I knew you'd come. That's why I didn't call." 

Wally's eyes softened and he took a breath before letting go and stepping back, "When are you going to get it? Where you go, I go." 

"You were out, Wally." 

"Yeah, out of the suit," he pulled on his shirt, letting it ride up to show he wasn't wearing anything underneath, "I'm not abandoning you." 

"Not abandoning," Dick tried to sit up straighter, but fell back down, "getting a life." 

"Is it so crazy that I want to build a life with you?" 

"I can't walk away." 

"Who said you ever needed to?" Wally grabbed the soup and took a spoonful, feeding it to Dick, "Just shut up and let me take care of you? We can hash this out when you aren't at risk of blacking out." 

"Deal," he moaned as he took his first bite, "where did you-?" 

"I've had a lot of free time now."

"That's some hobby." 

"You're not a hobby," Wally looked down at the soup, "Superman has Lois, Bruce has Selena, Flash has Iris."

"You want me to be Iris?" DIck teased.

"Ew, she's my cousin," Wally fed him more soup, "I'm just saying. I can do both." 


"Oh! Such a cheat!" Wally was pushing Jason away as he tried to distract him, "I'm so beating you! I'm the fastest man alive!"

"Second fastest!" Jason moved his hand and jumped in front of him, "go go go YES!" 

"NO!" Wally flailed dramatically onto the couch, and let the controller fall into Gar's lap, "defeated by Jason."

"Defeated by the better Robin!"

"Ooo hey! Dick is the original! the OG! The Robin to end all Robins!" 

"Why are you singing my praises?" Dick rounded the corner in sweats (Wally's) and socks, looking like he just had the best nap.

Wally was suddenly hugging Dick from behind and putting him in between Jason and himself, "because the pint-sized brat is trying to tarnish your name."

"He does that," Dick scrunched up his nose and sniffed, "beat you in Mario Kart?" 

"He clearly cheated." 

"I didn't cheat!" 

"I believe you," Dick put his hands up, "best two out of three?" 

"He won 5 in a row." Gar shrugged, "Beat all of us."

"I hate to admit that it was impressive, but it kinda was." Raven scrunched up her face.

"I am the greatest," Jason leaned back against the couch and put his feet up, "Man enough to step up, Grayson?" 

Dick held up a hand as he put the sweater over his face, sneezing silently 5 times, "Maybe when I'm not contagious." 

There was an alert for the main door, "Dinner's here!" Wally was gone and back before anyone registered he'd left, now holding a scary amount of takeout containers.

"I just got them to eat healthier."

"There's broccoli in this one," Wally gestured to a smaller box.

"Is that for the week?" Raven was concerned it would spoil.

"Nope," Wally suddenly had the table set and food set up, now sitting in a chair and eating out of a container, "Most of it's mine." 

"Speedsters dneed to eat a lot t'hih.." Dick lifted the jacket up again and turned completely away, sneezing 5 more times before the 6th one got away from him, "-schuh." 

"Bless you!" They all chorused.

"Want me to make you a plate?" Wally was already doing so, albeit at regular person speed.

"You're not going to let me say no, are you?" 

"I'm hungry looking at you." 

"Wal, you're always hungry." 

"I eat for both of us," he put a heaping scoop of broccoli on the plate, "eat in bed or on the table?" 

"I'm not coming near-"

"Grayson, you caught it from us, so shut up and join in. We're supposed to be bonding or something." 

Grayson smiled slightly, "ok." 

Raven grinned and moved spots, now sitting on Jason's left, allowing a seat to appear right next to Wally.

"So," Jason looked between the two, 'are you guys together now? or again?" 

"Jason!" Raven smacked his arm slightly.

"OH, um," Dick coughed lightly into his fist.

"Got a problem with two guys, Jason?" Wally faked and looked suspicious.

"Relax Speedy, just trying to see if we need to make up a new room or if you're rooming with Nightwing." 

"Are you asking him to stay the night for me?" Dick looked confused.

"I'll go find another pillow!" Raven dashed towards the storage closet.

"I'll help!" Gar ran after her.

"I guess they want you to stay," Dick shrugged at Wally.

"I would be delighted to sleep with you, DIck Grayson," Wally kissed him and smiled.

"Ew gross. He's all sick and snotty." Jason fake gagged.

"Then don't watch," Wally glared at Jason before kissing Dick again, deepening the kiss.

Jason eventually walked away, faking disgust, but when he was out of their sight, he smiled to himself. He secretly knew there was something going on between Robin and KF. It was nice to be right.

Dick pulled away, "you're going to get sick."

Wally kissed him softly again, not bothered at all, "You're worth getting sick for." 










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Gosh this was so cute

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