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Yuri on Ice Drabble (M)


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 I wrote this short little drabble as a birthday present to myself, despite not really having the time to do so  . Oops ;)

Yuuri waits patiently for the FaceTime video to connect; he’s on hotel wifi after all. He clears his throat a bit, on the tail end of a headcold and still a bit hoarse from it, although feeling fine and, for all intents and purposes, healed. Even so, he doesn’t want to greet Victor with a croak. 

       But the unconventional greetings seem to be up to Victor. No sooner does the FaceTime finally connect, showing a mop of messy silver hair and a Team Russia hoodie, than does Victor dip forward so violently toward the screen that Yuuri flinches. 

        “Heh-ISSHHUHH! Hihh’ISHHHHUHH!

       The second sneeze causes Victor to drop the phone momentarily, sending Yuuri into a spiraling black mess. Victor rights the phone quickly, allowing Yuuri to see his poor, pink, chapped nose twitch with viciously clogged sniffles. 

         Yuuri’s heart sinks. “I gave you my cold, didn’t I?” 

        “Mmm, I think so, lapochka,” Victor hums congestedly, holding the phone in one hand as he brings a crumpled handful of tissues to his nose with the other and gives an audibly liquid blow. 

        “Oh Vitya, I’m so sorry. You sound miserable.” Yuuri had done his best to keep his germs to himself: washing his hands, wearing a mask. And poor Victor had seemed fine when Yuuri had left the day before for his sponsorship interview….

       Victor shakes his head and says cheerily, far too cheerily for someone who came down with the same wretched cold as Yuuri had.  “You gave me something to remember you by! A gift for me while you’re away.”

       Yuuri rolls his eyes. Leave it to his ridiculous, ridiculous husband to find a way to turn a head cold into something romantic. “Some gift,” he says. 

        “I think of you with every sniffle.”


       Later on, after they’ve hung up and Yuuri’s given his sponsorship interview, Victor does a live Instagram video of him and Makkachin and a mound of tissues cuddled up in bed, and Yuuri’s heart does a flip when he realizes that this man, this lovable dork, is his forever and ever.   

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