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The Three Day Stream


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Hello there! This is another piece done in the universe of my original characters featuring my ocs Wallace and Ambrose. 

Wallace "Chase" McClennon- Cis Male, 23 years old, Red hair, blue eyes, freckles, 5'4'', streamer on Twitch, Elodie's roommate, gay. 

Ambrose Adebayo- Cis Male, 24 years old, black hair, brown eyes, 6'0'', streamer on Twitch, lives in the same apartment building as Wallace, pansexual.

Hope you enjoy! 


  Wallace grimaced as he sat in his office with his soundproof padding, preparing for an 8-hour session with some friends. He hadn’t been feeling well the past day or so, and it worried him to work while isolated, but he was almost always sick, especially while he worked, so what did it matter? 

    Having made himself a cup of tea and having received a plastic bag filled with cough drops, M&Ms, and energy drinks from his personal assistant Kendall, Wallace was ready to play… sort of. 

    “Alright ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the game, Chasemaster here playing Player Unknown Battle Grounds once again,” Wallace announced cheerfully to his webcam, his voice crackling a bit already under the stress of projecting as he spun in his chair. 

    Glancing at his stream chat, Wallace frowned as he saw a maze of messages, most of them saying ‘Go back to bed’ or ‘You ok?’. 

    “Alright as a precursor, yes I am sick… again, yes we are still playing, we’re just waiting for my buds to join the lobby,” Wallace said, popping a few M&Ms in his mouth. 

    As three of Wallace’s friends joined the lobby, they began playing, Wallace sitting improperly or even sometimes upside down in his chair as he padded at his controller. 

    “Hell yeah, lined up for th-this… s-sh-shot… Huh… Huh’kshhew!” Wallace stammered, trying to focus, “Huh’KSHEW! Hihhh’schew! Hih’shhew!” 

    “Bless you, now take the shot,” Brian- a close friend of Wallace’s and the head manager at the Starbucks down the street of the apartment complex- said. 

    “Sorry, Brian I’ll… I-i… IHHH’SHHEW! HIHH’SHHEW! H-hihh’shhew!” Wallace droned, trying to regain focus as his eyes began to water and he felt a dull ache in his head. 

    “Bless you again,” Brian huffed. 

    Wallace glanced at his webcam and muttered, “Guys I’m taking my shirt off… it’s really hot in my apartment,” he panted, tugging off his shirt and tossing it onto a side table, fanning himself as he played. 

    The onlookers noticed Wallace’s flushed cheeks, red splashing the skin on his shoulders, elbows, belly button, and knuckles as he breathed heavily. His wiry frame and vaguely pudgy belly stretching out in his chair as his skin gave off a sheen of sweat. 

    “HA! Eat shit, Gary!” Wallace shouted after nailing a headshot, his laughter afterward divulging into an irritated coughing fit, hand loosely to his mouth as he ducked into his knees, hacking aggressively until he slipped out of his chair and fell onto the floor. 

    “Yo, you good?” Brian asked. 

    “Mhm… just need a second… shit,” Wallace gasped, climbing back into his chair and popping a cough drop into his mouth, continuing to work at the game. 

    “Every time we play together without fail, Wallace’s body decides to quit its job, your immune system sucks ass, Chase, it really does,” Brian teased. 

    “Mhm, my immune system sucks and your gameplay footage sucks so we’ll call it even, back to the game,” Wallace announced, clearing his throat roughly, “I’m so sick of you guys bringing it up.” 

    “You’re sick in general,” Gary huffed. 

    “Whatever Gary,” Wallace argued, running a hand through his carrot-topped head of hair as his freckled cheeks shone with fever. 

    As the session went on, Wallace’s voice waned and his face grew in the intensity of its flush. His stream viewers grew until about 100,000 people were watching intently, about half of them just demanding that he went to bed. 

    “Another win boys! Fuck yea- Hihhh’SHHEW! Hih’Tshhiew! Hih’SHHEW! H-hHIIHHH’SHEW!” Wallace cheered, spraying all over his legs as he sneezed, pawing around on his desk for tissues. 

    “Bless you! Chase, maybe you should lie down,” Brian suggested, “You sound like you’re gonna keel over, man.” 

    “I am… HIH’SHHEW! HI’SHHEW! HIH’KSHHEW!... fine, now can we please finish this session?” Wallace argued. 

    “Alright, if you say so, dude,” Brian sighed, rolling his eyes. 

    Wallace briefly put his controller down, shivering as he searched for his shirt, in spite of being covered in sweat, “I’m cold… where’s my blanket?” he asked no one in particular, hugging himself as he gave a shaky inhale. 

    “Didn’t you say you were hot like two hours ago?” Gary interrogated. 

    “Well I’m cold now and I want my blanket,” Wallace fussed, his voice strained as he pawed around for his blanket in his office, growing weary on his feet while his friends laughed at him. 


    Wallace collapsed on the floor in search of his blanket, still fully conscious he dragged himself over to his chair and sat down, relaxing against the leather and giving his webcam a thumbs up before tapping his feet together- the way he communicated when too sick to speak to the audience, saying, ‘I am not dying, please do not try to send an ambulance to my apartment building’. 

    Relaxing in the uncomfortably slick leather chair, Wallace let his eyes drift shut, his breathing unsteady and interrupted occasionally by coughs, while his friends played on without him. 

    “Chase?” Brian asked at one moment or another. 

    Wallace gave no response, still unconscious against his chair, light from his lamps and ceiling light shining on his burning, feverish face. 

    “Wally! Dude, wake up, you haven’t made a move in three rounds, bro!” Gary teased as the group laughed. 

    “He probably left because we were pissin’ him off or something, figured he’d get the best of us by dipping out, jokes on him, we have plenty of fun without his ass,” Brian laughed. 

    Wallace’s head drooped, sweat trailing from his hairline and dripping onto his shirt, his chair, and the floor beneath him as he quietly snored. 

    Wallace’s friends logged off but the stream continued, garnering more viewership as the news was spread about- according to random gossipy viewers- an unexpected 24-hour live stream. 

    People tuned in only to be shocked at the image of Wallace, still unconscious and fevered in his chair, fast asleep as afternoon turned to night, then midnight the following day. Wallace hadn’t moved a muscle save for breathing, coughing, and the occasional jarring sneeze. 

    Viewership didn’t fade as Wallace remained practically frozen in his chair. Elodie was out of town and Kendall had gotten the next couple days off, so Wallace was in the apartment by himself, completely knocked out. 

    Halfway through the second day of streaming nothing more than Wallace’s sleeping, exhausted form, suddenly the redhead shuddered a bit more than he already had been, crimson-doused nose twitching. 


    Wallace hunched forward instinctively, falling out of his chair and slamming onto the floor beneath his desk. 

    The viewing audience typed intensively out of panic, key smashes and worried messages flooded the chat until Wallace gave a weak, exhausted, “I’m okayyy” out of view of his webcam, too exhausted to get up, he remained on the floor as he fell asleep again. 

    The stream chat worriedly thought about someone they could contact, all coming to the conclusion that anyone who could have helped him was not available at the moment until a cluster of streamers began speculating. 

    Chase had collaborated with another streamer and the two had been in a relationship for about two months… the only thing the chat could not figure out was the streamer’s name, they’d all drawn a blank. 

    “Mm… Ambrose… HIH’SHHEW! HI-I’KSHHEW!”

    The chat relished in their new information, all cheering through text as they watched Wallace’s empty chair, all finding ways to contact Ambrose- email, direct message, youtube comments with his name highlighted, anything- as day turned into night. 

    After a few frantic messages on Twitter, Ambrose- who had just returned from Indiana to get a play button for his YouTube channel and was relaxing in his apartment- rushed out of his door and hurried upstairs to the next floor, finding that Wallace’s apartment door was unlocked. 

    “Wally?” Ambrose called out, searching through the rooms, “Wally?!” 

    Entering Wallace’s office, Ambrose glanced at the webcam and then at Wallace’s body splayed out on the floor, “What the hell is going on?” he asked. 

    The stream chat flooded with answers. 

    ‘He passed out on stream.’

    ‘He’s sick and he crashed.’

    ‘He collapsed and we didn’t know what happened, Ambrose saves the day!’

    Ambrose looked at Wallace, and at the webcam again, “How long has this been going on for?” he asked. 

    ‘Oh about 3 days’ the stream chat answered. 

    Ambrose’s face blanked and he shut off the stream, immediately giving Wallace a gentle shake, pressing the back of a hand to his ailing boyfriend’s forehead. 

    “Wallace… Wallace, c’mon, Babe, wake up,” Ambrose whispered. 

    The redhead’s thick, glazed eyes peeled open and Wallace lurched to his side, coughing harsh, rattling coughs that made the color drain from his face save for splashes of blush. 

    “Mm… Ambrose?” Wallace croaked, reaching out and touching Ambrose’s cheek, “What day is it?”

    “Thursday… it’s Thursday, Jesus, dude, you’re burning up,” Ambrose crooned, hoisting Wallace into his arms and carrying him out of the office, looking with distress at the pool of sweat left on the floor. 

    “‘M tired,” Wallace croaked, his voice tattered and exhausted as he gave a few weak coughs against Ambrose’s shoulder, his body shaking. 

    “I can’t believe none of those fuckheads noticed,” Ambrose whispered angrily, talking about the friends Wallace was streaming with… two of which he also knew personally. 

    “‘S okay… they… HIH’SHHEW! HIH’SHHEW!... never notice,” Wallace mumbled, his voice a half-whisper. 

    Ambrose looked enraged, but let his face soften as he sat Wallace down on the sofa, walking to the kitchen and coming back with a large bottle of Gatorade, “Drink,” he requested, opening the bottle for Wallace and holding it up to his mouth. 

    The redhead obliged, taking large, eager sips until half the bottle was empty, “Thank you, Ambrose… you’re too kind,” he whispered, his voice spent and his eyes weary and red with exhaustion.

    “I’m just doing what any ‘ol boyfriend would do… I care about you, Wally… you must be miserable, you need to rest, do you want anything?” Ambrose asked. 

    “Blanket?” Wallace asked, reaching out and shivering, “I’m cold.” 

    Ambrose draped a lush M&Ms branded blanket over Wallace’s shuddering form, “I want to see literally one thing you own that doesn’t have M&Ms on it somewhere,” he laughed. 

    “They’re my sponsor,” Wallace let out a rough cough, “And I love them… I am a man of the little chocolatey circles.” 

    “You’re cute,” Ambrose crooned, kissing Wallace’s forehead. 

    “You saved me…” Wallace whispered. 

“What?” Ambrose asked, raising an eyebrow. 

“El was going to be gone for three more days… I hadn’t had a sip of water after I passed out… if it weren’t for you I’d have died from dehydration by tomorrow,” Wallace sobbed into Ambrose’s shoulder. 

“Baby… oh god, Baby, Baby, Chase, shhh,” Ambrose whispered, patting Wallace’s back. 

“I’m so scared… I barely remember what happened- I- I… thank you so much Ambrose!” Wallace cried. 

Ambrose rubbed Wallace’s back, “Shhh, shhh, it’s okay, do you need anything?” he asked. 

“Some tea would be lovely… a-and a box of tissues, the soft kind, they’re in my closet,” Wallace yawned, rubbing his nose. 

“Of course, I’ll make you some, go pack some pajamas and whatever you want to take with you, you’re staying in my apartment until your roommate comes back,” Ambrose ordered. 

Wallace gulped, feeling a stabbing pain in his throat as he gathered a few pairs of pajama pants, shirts, and soft fuzzy socks, before sliding his laptop in his bag of things and trudging to the doorway, nearly collapsing as his vision swam and his knees weakened. 

Ambrose dove, grabbing hold of Wallace and kissing his cheek, feeling the intense warmth as he gathered the shivering streamer in his arms, carrying him to his apartment- not before locking the door with Wallace’s key and assuring all appliances were off. 

After arriving at Ambrose’s apartment one floor below Wallace’s, Ambrose set Wallace back onto the floor, putting his things in a safe place and peeling back the blankets on his mattress, “Here, get comfy and relax,” he requested, “I’ll go make you tea.” 

Wallace hesitated, “I’m… I’ve got it… Ambrose,” he croaked, breathing through his mouth. 

“Nonsense, you should be in bed, check the clicker near the corner of the blanket, my comforter is heated, you’ll like that,” Ambrose chuckled, kissing Wallace’s cheek and wandering into the kitchen, turning on his electric kettle to make tea. 

“Heh’TSCHIIEW! H-ktshieww! H’KTSHHIEWW!” 

“Bless you, Chase,” Ambrose called from the kitchen. 

“Th-tha… ah… Ha-ehh’TSHIEWW!” 

Ambrose’s brows furrowed as he heard Wallace take a rough inhale and whimper softly, his poor precious. 

After a few minutes, Ambrose came back into the room, holding a steaming hot cup of tea and a box of tissues, setting the tea on the nightstand and pinching a tissue around Wallace’s nose. 

“Wh-wha?” Wallace asked, his voice dripping with congestion as he rubbed his eyes. 

“Blow,” Ambrose instructed, letting Wallace comply and tossing the tissue in the trash once he was finished, “There we are, now you can drink your tea.” 

“I feel so bad, Ambrose, I didn’t mean to be a bother, I’ll bet you have plenty of work to do… H-EH’TSHHIEW!” Wallace muttered after taking a sip of tea, the violent sneeze stinging his raw throat. 

“Nonsense, you’re my boyfriend, you needed help and I’m more than glad I got to you in time to make sure you were okay, you will never be a bother, ever,” Ambrose said, kissing Wallace’s cheek, “You’re still so warm… I’ll go get you some Gatorade, you definitely need to rehydrate some more after three days by yourself without much to drink… in fact I ought to take you to the hospital-” 

“NO!” Wallace cried out, panicked as his cup of tea shook in his vibrating hands, “I’ll be fine, I promise… I just… I can’t go to the hospital, please.” 

Ambrose looked worried, but felt a bit of damp sweat on Wallace’s skin, and tears beading up in his boyfriend’s eyes, Wallace wasn’t in dire need of medical intervention just yet, but he definitely needed to drink. 

“Alright, but you’ll be drinking around the clock for at least today, okay?” Ambrose requested, “You need fluids.” 

Wallace nodded eagerly, polishing off his tea as Ambrose handed him a bottle of Gatorade, “Thank you so much, Ambrose…” 

Ambrose leaned down and gave Wallace another kiss, “Don’t mention it, Chase, anything for you,” he whispered as he gently leaned Wallace back in his lying position and left the room to go get a cool washcloth and some medicine. 

By the time he came back, Wallace had polished off half the Gatorade and was completely asleep, snoring heavily as sweat beaded on his forehead. 

    Ambrose wiped off Wallace’s face with cool water and gave a relieved smile as Wallace weakly gripped his hand in his sleep, filling him with unbridled joy as he relaxed next to his sick boyfriend, gently squeezing Wallace’s hand every few moments to remind Wallace he was still there, and that he’d always be. 


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Thank you guys so much! I'm enjoying working with Wallace and Ambrose quite a bit and have some more ideas for content in mind. 

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I might continue this, it's been ages but I do still have some old things from these characters that I never released.

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21 hours ago, MucinexDM said:

I might continue this, it's been ages but I do still have some old things from these characters that I never released.

Please do share :) 

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On 12/6/2023 at 6:25 AM, MucinexDM said:

I might continue this, it's been ages but I do still have some old things from these characters that I never released.

So happy this got bumped up to the top of the story board and it put my attention on this sweet and lovely story. I would be thrilled to read more of these two. They're precious!! 

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