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Few obs


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A few recent one:


1) I was in an electronics store doing some boxing day shopping and noticed a girl who had puffy eyes and a red swollen nose like she had a cold or bad allergies. I saw her sniffing a couple of times. Her boyfriend (early 20s) however I saw pull a handkerchief from his pocket and give his nose a big blow


2) On Christmas I was at my fiance's house and her dad was suffering badly from hayfever. He sneezes multiple times and had a men's handkerchief in his pocket that he pulled out at least three times that day to give his nose a big wet blow.


3) I was in a restaurant for lunch yesterday and a girl (brown hair, early 20s) sneezed a big triple down the front of her shirt. The sneezes were big and seemed to overpower her a little and she was sniffing heavily afterwards

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