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Or how Jamie met Alex.  I finally decided they met through a blind date, so here’s their adventures there.


Date 1


He had stopped by the nonprofit’s office to make a donation and was talking to the fundraising coordinator outside her office when Jamie walked by.   He was instantly drawn to her light red hair and small figure.   He’d gotten to know Dana pretty well since he’d become involved with the foundation and asked about the girl.   “New hire?”  




“The redhead over there.”


“Oh, Jamie.   She’s our new policy advocate.  Wanna meet her?”


He nodded.  “Sure.”  She went and brought Jamie over and introduced them, leaving to take a phone call.   Alex and Jamie chatted until Dana returned, and Jamie excused herself to get back to work.  


“She seems sweet.” Alex commented.   


“She is.  She’s new to LA.  From Minnesota.  Doesn’t know a lot of people.  Pretty much just works.”


“You know if she’s seeing anybody?”


“She’s not.  Like I said, she basically just works.  Interested in her?  She’s not your usual type.”


He blushed.  “She seems sweet.  Interesting.”


“I’ll ask her.”


Dana was able to interest Jamie in a date with the cute, blonde stranger and gave Alex her phone number.  She warned Alex before calling Jamie: if you go out, she has awful allergies…don’t wear cologne, don’t bring her flowers…she has food allergies; I can’t remember what, pick a place with a varied menu.


Alex called her and they set up a date for Friday night.


She found him waiting at the crowded restaurant.  “Hi,” she said shyly.   First dates, especially, essentially blind dates, made her nervous.  Sure Dana had told her about Alex, but she didn’t know what Dana had told Alex had told her about her and if, like so many others, she’d spend this date in allergic misery.


She saw he was empty handed and relaxed.  He hadn’t tried to bring her flowers which was a plus for him.   She assumed Dana had told him about her allergies.   He checked in with the hostess, and she noted she didn’t smell cologne.  He had gotten the memo.   She’d still probably still have to do some explaining, but at least he was prepared.


They were led to their table where he pulled out her chair for her and sat next to her.   “Have you been here before?” He asked.


“No.” She shook her head.


“Everything I’ve tried has been pretty good.   The shrimp scampi is good, so is the salmon, if you like those sorts of things.”


“Oh, um,” she looked down at her water.  “I’m allergic to fish and shellfish.”


“Oh, yes.  Dana said you had food allergies, she just couldn’t remember what.   Well, all the chicken is good….I like the beef tips too.  Anything else I should know before we order?” He said, smiling.


“Allergic to tree nuts; don’t drink.”


“So, we’ll be careful with the dessert menu.”  He smiled.


She studied the menu until the waitress came over and took their order, noticing Alex scrub at his nose as the waitress stood between them.  


Once the waitress left, he wrenched away from her with a strong but not loud “heh-chuh.” He wiped his nose on a tissue he pulled from his pocket, then straightened up and turned back to her.  “Excuse me.  Sorry about that.”


She laughed.  “Bless you.  Don’t worry about it.  I can all but guarantee you I’m gonna sneeze more than once tonight.”


“It’s the waitress’s perfume.” He felt he should explain.  “Lavender perfumes and sprays always set my allergies off at least a little.”


She grinned.  “You’ve got allergies too?”


“Not too bad…the lavender thing, cats, dust, feathers, and then seasonal stuff…not sure what exactly.  I sneeze like crazy in the spring, then somewhat less in the fall.  You?”


“Got all night?” She joked.  “Pretty much all pollen – grasses, trees, weeds, flowers; dust, some molds, pretty much anything with fur but I do alright with the hypoallergenic dogs; I have one, some perfumes, colognes, air fresheners, so I pretty much sneeze like crazy year round.  Then there’s the food I mentioned and a handful of antibiotics.”


He nodded.  “You have a dog?”


“Yeah.  Always wanted one so to find one I’m not allergic to was huge.  Hold on…”.  She turned away, bringing her arm up to cover her face.  Huhh….ihhtshoo.  Ihhtshoo.  Excuse me.”  She turned back to face him.  “Told you.”


“Bless you.” He laughed.  “Yes, yes you did.” He said, relaxing.  “Tell me about your dog.”


“Labradoodle named Pace.  He’s pretty quiet unless someone comes to the door.  Then he has to protect the place.  You have any pets?”


He shook his head as the waitress came with their salads and set them in front of them.  “Hold on.” He gasped, eye lashes fluttering.  “”Ehhhchuhh.” He turned away again.  “Excuse me.  With movies and going on the road, I’m not home enough for a dog.  A cat would be easier, but, well…allergic.” He shrugged.   “So tell me about you?  You’re pretty far from Minnesota….”


They spent the next hour talking about everything from why she moved to LA (she wanted to be warm) to Arizona where he grew up, their families (a brother for her, 2 for him), hobbies (shocker, she was not an outdoor girl), favorite places, and goals, Alex sneezing when the waitress brought their entrees, Jamie peppering the conversation with sneezes.   


After an hour and a half, they had finished eating and the waitress came over with the dessert menu and was insistent on describing each dessert to them.  Jamie looked over at Alex struggling not to sneeze and spoke up.  “I think we’ll just take some time to look over the menu.  If we need help deciding, we’ll let you know.”


The waitress flounced away and Alex doubled over with a series of harsh sneezes.   HhhhChuhh, ehhhchuhhh, Ehhrhhchuhhh. Ugh.” He groaned softly, taking a tissue from his pocket and blowing his nose as softly as possible.   “Sorry.” He apologized.  “And thanks for getting rid of her.”


“Bless you.  And, hey, I’ve been in that situation.  That perfume was strong; it was starting to get to me, and lavender is one of the few scents I can handle.”  She gestured to the menu between them.  “Let’s figure this out.  You want to share something?  I’m not that big on sweets.”


“Share is good…I’m not a huge sweet eater either.” He told her.


They quickly eliminated a chunk of the menu as containing nuts, leaving them with cheesecake, ice cream and chocolate cake.   They vetoed the chocolate cake as too sweet and settled on cheesecake, Alex sneezing again after the waitress took their order.   “Ugh.  Sorry.  That perfume.” He apologized.


“Stop apologizing.” She laughed.  “I’m pretty sure I’ve got you beat for sneezes tonight.  You’ll have to do some hanging out with th…excuse me.”  She turned away.  Hiiihtschoo, tschoo, ihhtschoo!” She turned back to him.  “See.  You’ll have to go hang out with the waitress to catch up.”


“Bless you.” He laughed.  “And I think I’ll just let you win.” He teased as the cheesecake came.  He, predictably, sneezed as the waitress walked away.  He pulled a tissue from his pocket and blew his nose, stuffing it in the other pocket.   “I will apologize for that,” he said, “but I felt it was better than listening to me sniffle through dessert.”


She laughed.  Tschhoo.” The sneeze snuck up on her and she barely had time to cover, let alone turn away.  Ehhtschoo. Excuse me.  I’m not going to make you listen to me sniffle through dessert either.”  She rummaged through her purse for tissues.  “I’ll be right back.”


“You don’t have to run away.  I mean, if I can blow my nose in front of you, I’m obviously fine with you blowing your nose in front of me.”


She gave him a skeptical look.  “Are you sure?”


“Hey, you have allergies.  I have allergies; I get it.  Unless you’re really uncomfortable, it doesn’t bother me if you need to blow your nose.”


“Ok. Because the sneezing is not Uhhtshoo going to stop otherwise.”  She turned away from him and gave her nose several blows, as soft as possible.  Turning back to him, she gave him a shy smile.  


“You ok?” He asked.


“Yeah.  I think the waitress finally got to to me.” 


He laughed.  “We’ve got a club now.  Let’s hit this cheesecake and get out of here.”


They finished dessert, got the check – Alex sneezing again – debated who would pay, and headed out.   Alex walked her to her car.  “We should do this again.” He suggested.


“Yeah.  I had fun.”  She had had fun.   It was like dinner with an old friend but no sparks like a date.   But, maybe next time.   


They looked at their schedules and set a date.   “I’ll call you with a place?” He asked.


“Sure.” She said.  He didn’t move to kiss her, but opened her car door for her.  “I had a fun time,” he told her.



Date 2


He agonized over where to take her for this date.   He had had fun on the last date, but it felt more like they’d been friends forever, not anything destined to be a relationship.   But maybe this time if he picked the right place.   He chose a cozy restaurant on the beach, calling her a few days before to make sure the restaurant would work for her.    


He woke up Thursday morning with itchy eyes and a stuffy nose.  ‘Of course,’ he thought, ‘I would wake up with allergies today.’   His second thought was Jamie and if she’d feel up to going out tonight.   He’d give her a call later and see.  He got up, popped a Zyrtec, headed into work.


He called her at lunch.  She was sneezy, but so was he.  She assured him she was ok and looking forward to tonight.   


He finished work and went home to change before meeting her at the restaurant.  She was late, which made him nervous, but she showed up 10 minutes after 6, apologetic.   “I was getting ready and I couldn’t stop sneezing,” she explained.  “Hopefully, I’ve got it all out now.” She laughed.   


He grinned.  Her attitude was always so upbeat every time they talked.  The hostess led them to a table, and they sat down.   “How was work?” He asked.


“Long day,” she discreetly rubbed at her eyes.  “I spent most of the morning sneezing my head off.  Finally got it under control after you called.”


“Hard to work when you can’t stop sneezing,” he sympathized.   


“Just get into something when you have to stop to sneeze or blow your nose.  Sniffling and sneezing through meetings.  Eyes itch, burn and water when you try to read.  At least I have a door I can close so I don’t drive the office crazy.”


“Mine wasn’t that bad, but trying to write jokes with the writers…they gave me hell.  But yeah, I got it under control by taping.”


“Meds take awhile.” She commiserated.




He watched as her nose crinkled, and she turned away.  Hihhtschoo! Ihhhtschoo!” She turned back.  “Excuse me.”


“Bless you.” He said at the same time.


“Thanks.” She sniffled.  “Just to warn you, there’s gonna be a lot of that tonight.  Now I’m really glad you chose somewhere more private.” 


“I aim to please.” He teased.   


They ordered and conversation continued until halfway through their entrees.  Jamie wrenched sharply away from him and doubled over.  Hiiihtschoo!” She sneezed.  “Hittschooo! Hihh-ihhtschoo!”  She fumbled in her purse for a tissue, continuing to sneeze another dozen times.   She pulled another tissue from her purse and wiped her nose, turning around.  “Excuse me.” She said stuffily.


“Wow, um, god bless you.  Are you ok?”


She nodded.  “I’m gonna run to the restroom; I probably shouldn’t have worn makeup tonight.”


He noticed the congestion in her voice and nodded.   “I’ll be here.”


She grabbed her purse and dashed off.  5 minutes later, she was back, having taken care of both her nose and her eye makeup.   “Sorry about that,” she said shyly.


“You sure you’re ok?  We can go if you want?”


“Alex, I’m ok.  As long as you can stand my sneezing.”


“It doesn’t bother me.” He reassured her.  “So you were telling me about the movie you saw the other night…”


They resumed conversation where they left off, Jamie continuing to sneeze sporadically throughout the conversation.  He insisted on paying and walking her to her car.  She sneezed three times on the way to her car, and he put his hand on her back to support her.   “This was fun,” he told her.  “Try it again?”


She paused.  Still no sparks, but she enjoyed her time with Alex.   If the next date was the same, she’d tell him then.   Third time was the charm, right? She sniffled.  “Sure.  I’d like that.”


He put his arms around her and gave her a hug, pulling away after a few seconds.  Huhh-Chuhh” he turned away and directed a sneeze at the ground.


“Bless you.”  She said.  “There’s 1 for you,” she teased.  “412 for me, so you’ve got some catching up to do.”


He grinned, running a hand through his hair.  “I think I’ll let you win again,” he grinned.   “See you Wednesday?”  


“Sure.” She got in her car and headed home.  


Alex shook his head.  He liked this girl, but she felt more like a best friend than a girlfriend.  He’d try one more date, then tell her if nothing changed. 



Date 3


Jamie called Alex Tuesday night.  Her car needed to go in for repair work; would he mind picking her up on Wednesday?  He assured her it was not a problem, jotting down her address.   He meant to tell her he was coming down with a cold, and did she want to reschedule?, but they started talking, it slipped his mind.


Wednesday, he felt pretty ok, sneezing and coughing, but just made the decision not to get too close to her; he had a feeling he wasn’t going to be kissing her anyway.  And he was at her apartment early.


He heard her dog barking as he rang the doorbell.  She answered a few seconds later.  Once he let Pace sniff him, the dog calmed down.  


“I’m almost ready.  Give me five minutes, ok.”   


He nodded, rubbing his nose.   She ducked back into the bathroom to work on her hair and makeup, emerging from the bathroom as he started sneezing.  Huhh-chuh, ehh-chuhh, hehh-chushh.” He sniffled and started coughing.  


“Bless you.” She said when he was done, handing him a tissue from the box on the coffee table.  “Need some water?”


He shook his head and blew his nose.  “I’m ok.  I probably should have warned you, but, um, I’m getting a cold.”


She nodded.  “It sounds like it.   Are you sure you’re up to going out tonight?”


“I was looking forward to it.  I enjoy being with you.  If you don’t mind….”


She stood straight and looked him in the eye.  “I think we should talk.” She gestured to the couch.  “Have a seat.”  He sat.  “First, I like spending time with you.  I have a lot of fun with you.  I feel comfortable with you, like I’ve known you for years.”  He nodded.  She was saying what was in his head.  “But…” she paused.  “Hold on,” she sighed.  “Hiiihtschoo, Hiitschoo! Ugh.  I would ruin momentum by sneezing.”


He laughed.  “Bless you.  I think you were gonna say that romantically, we’re not meant to be.”


She nodded.  “You feel the same way?”


“But I think we can be good friends.  I don’t want to stop spending time with you.”


“I’m onboard with that.” She agreed.  “Now, tonight, do you really feel up to going out?”


He scrubbed at his nose.  “Not really.  It’s not that I mind sneezing my way through dinner; it’s just…. But I do want to spend time with you, if you don’t mind.”


“I don’t mind.” She told him.  “Two options: reschedule or stay in?”


He looked at her blankly.  “Stay…yehh-chuhh…in?”


“I cook, we watch a movie…you curl up on my couch and rest?”


“I like the sound of that.” He admitted.  “I’ll cancel the reservation.”  He made the call, then joined her in the kitchen, watching her throw stuff in a pot.  “No one’s cooked dinner for me in a long time,” he admitted.  “Heh-chuhh.”  He caught the sneeze in his forearm.  


“Well, they probably think big actor guy, needs fancy food all the time.” She teased.   “This is not fancy.” She pulled bowls out of the cupboard and dished it out.  “My momma used to make it when I was a kid, and it tastes good when you’re sick.”  She handed him a bowl and pointed him to the coffee table.  “There’s no real table hiding in here.   You want bread or crackers?”


He looked at the soup with the dumplings floating in it. “I think I’m good.” He called, coughing.   He set the bowl on the coffee table and waited to see where she usually sat.   She came in with her bowl and 2 diet cokes and sat down.  




“I didn’t want to steal your spot.”


She laughed, bringing her arm up to her nose.  “Hiiihhtschoo, Hiitschoo,  Huhh-uhh-ihhtschoo!  No worries about that.”


He took a bite of soup. “Hey, this is really good.  Better than we would have had tonight.”


“You picked a crappy restaurant?”


“No, you’re a good cook.”


She looked down, blushing slightly.  “Thanks.  How long have you been sick?”


He cleared his throat.  “Since yesterday.  I had my daughter this weekend, and she had a cold, so, I picked it up from her.”


She noticed he looked pale in the bright light of her apartment.  “And you were hoping I wouldn’t notice?”


“Well, I meant to tell you, I forgot.” He stammered, flustered.  “I’m sorry.”


She laughed. “It’s fine.  I’ve been exposed to worse.   Remember, I was a nurse.”


He relaxed momentarily, then stiffened to sneeze.  Ehhhchuhh, hhchuhh, huhhchuhh.” He grabbed a tissue and blew his nose.  “Ugh.  I’m sorry. I can’t do that quietly right now.”


“You’re fine.” She reassured him.  “Wait until my allergies get bad.”


“So, movie? What do you like?”


“I’ve got a little bit of everything.  What do you like?”


“Comedy is always good.”


“Mel Brooks?”


They decided on Spaceballs and settled in.  She noticed that his sneezing picked up throughout the movie.  Finally after 10 sneezes in 5 minutes from him, she paused the movie.  “You ok?”


“Yeah.” He sniffled.  “When I get sick, I sneeze more at night.”  He laughed.  “Like I’m trying to get them all out before I go to bed.”  He looked at his watch.  “Also, due for more cold medicine.”  He patted his pockets.  “Which I forgot…Hehh-chuhh.”


“I might have some.”  Jamie told him.  “Don’t hold your breath on that, though.  I don’t get sick that often, but let me check.”   She slipped off to the bathroom, returning a few minutes later with a blister pack of orange capsules and a fresh box of tissues.  “Found a packet,” she said, handing it over, “and I figure between the two of us, the Kleenex is getting pretty low.”


“Thanks, and yeah.” He held up a well used tissue.  “I’ve been saving the last one for you.” He sniffed.


“Chivalry is not deahh…dead.  Ahhitschoo! Ihhtschoo, ihhtschoo.  Bless me.”  She beat him to the blessing this time, taking the tissue he handed her and handing over the fresh box.  “I think you’ve got me beat in sneezes tonight though.”


He chuckled.  “Yeah.  Your allergies don’t seem that bad tonight.”


“Because we stayed in.  Air purifiers in every room.”  She pointed out the one in the living room.  “If we’d have gone out, it’d have been allergies as usual.”   

He nodded, sneezing again.  “I think we can switch coming down with a cold to plain out having a cold.  I should have figured the way Kristin was sneezing this weekend that I’d get it.” He grumbled.


“It happens.”  She rubbed his back.   “You’ll be better in a week.” She reminded him.


“Yeah.  Back to the movie?”  


She switched on the movie, and they finished watching.  “I should go.” He said when it was over.  “Get some rest before taping tomorrow.”  He hesitated. “You up to trying another date with someone else? He asked.   


She hesitated.  “Maybe.  Fill me in.”


“His name’s Freddie.  He works with me.  Great guy.  Funny, sensitive, good looking, athletic, although that’s probably not a selling point for you-


“I do indoor sports,” she protested.  “I go to the gym.”


“Ok…ok…athletic…just a really great guy.   Wanna try it?


“Ummm, sure…why not.”


“I’ll have him call you.  And thanks for letting me stay in tonight.”


“No problem.  Thanks for understanding everything.”


He shrugged and sneezed twice.  “I felt the same way.”   He gave her a hug.  “Friends are always good to have.”









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