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I was at the mall the other day sitting drinking coffee and saw 2 good one. I'm pretty sure both these girls had hayfever, they were in the same area about 5 mins apart.

1: First was a girl working at a juice bar in the food court. She was Indian, maybe mid 20s. She stepped out to just beside the stall she worked in continuosly pinching her nose in one of their paper serviettes and sniffling really loudly. Not long after she lifted the napkin to her nose and sneezes into it before throwing it in the bin and getting back to work. No nose blow from her.


2: A few minutes later a girl, maybe 20, average height, brown hair came walking by then sat down at a table with her friend. Even as she walked up she was carrying a whole pocket pack of tissues in one hand with one of them unfolded held in the other. As she got to the table she sneezes around 7 times (fully audible but not super loud) into the tissue then blew her nose, a moment later she put the tissue in her pocket, took out and unfolded another and had another sneeze fit (maybe 10 this time) into the tissue, blowing her nose briefly half way through and then kept going. She was also dabbing her eyes the hole time as they were apparently very runny (I could overhear her). She got up and left not long after.

One more from a different day

3: Lastly, was a girl who looked about 18, maybe part Pacific islander. Was sitting with her family who were just finishing up their food. She sniffles a bit then unfolded a tissue, not loud but kind of a snotty honk, and then walked off to the bin to throw out her tissue.

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14 hours ago, Victoria said:

Wow!  The second one must have been amazing to witness!  Thanks for sharing.


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