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Elliot and Alicia (Giantess)


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Hey All!

This is my first story I'm posting and I plan to make this into a series. Let me know what you think and I would love to hear feedback!



I never thought that I would miss home as much as I do now. The nice warm lake, the wonderful smell of the campfire at night and my loving family to…

 You see just the other day I was banished from my village because I have a sneezing fetish. I never acted upon my fetish, however the village that I lived in did eventually found out after one of the villagers caught me staring at a woman sneezing uncontrollably from a plant allergy. They were embarrassed to have me living with them and forced me to leave. So off I went off on my own with just my bow with some quivers, a few bandages a piece of bread I managed to steal from the village and a necklace around my neck that my father gave me when I was young.

That was 3 days ago. I’ve been on a journey wandering aimlessly ever since then. I’m not sure what to do with my life. It’s been tough traveling alone. My village was all I knew. I never roamed outside the village since we were never allowed to leave. As children, we were told of the dangers that were beyond the walls of our hometown. We were told about a dangerous rival tribe that would hunt those who were not a part of their tribe. Just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine.

After walking for what seemed to be an eternity, I came across an open field. I scanned the field making sure there wasn’t anyone else around. At first, I saw nothing other than trees blooming with pink flowers on top of them. I did eventually scan across something I’ve never seen before. A sleeping Giantess. 

She was gorgeous with a capital G. She had to be around 100-120 ft tall. She was laying on her back with her head straight up. She has straight long blonde hair that ran midway down her back and two giant breasts that I could walk on if I wanted to. She was built lean but not in an unhealthy way. She was wearing a revealing light blue tank top that exposed most of her shoulders. All of that was great and fun but her nose was the sexiest part about her. It wasn’t gigantic but it was bigger than average. I could fit into her nostrils if I wanted to.

 I didn’t even know that Giants existed! The woman back at the village were stunning, but they were nothing in comparison to her. I wanted to talk to her but #1 there is no way she would see me and #2 she probably wouldn’t want to date a tiny man like me. 

Just as I was about to leave something strange began to happen. A flock of birds flew in her direction and they were flying awfully low. They must have been curious about her too. One began to get awfully close to her nose. I didn’t want her to sneeze on the poor thing, so I quickly headed towards it to try to stop it before it got hurt and or woke her up. It landed right on the tip of her nose and her nose immediately began to quiver. I jumped and climbed up the side of her face and worked my way up to save the bird. 

I carefully sneaked across her cheeks trying not to wake up the Giantess. I did not want to disrupt her sleep since it could be a huge risk to my life. For one she could move the wrong direction and send me flying. Or even worse, she could be a mean Giantess and kill me herself. I tiptoed my way closer and closer to her nose. I managed to get to where the bird was sitting and quickly grabbed it before it could fly into her nostrils.

“Hey” I whispered to the bird. “Leave her alone. She’s sleeping. Go on with your friends”.

I threw the bird back up in the air and it caught up with the flock and flew away. Whew I thought to myself. Imagine what would have happened if she sneezed? 

But then I did begin to imagine. I wanted to see her sneeze so badly. Not too much I didn’t want her to suffer but maybe once or twice. 

I felt her breath rising into her nose and back out towards me. I began to raise my hand to touch her nose but then I immediately came back to my senses and pulled my hand back. It was wrong of me to disrupt someone's sleep no matter how much I wanted it to happen. 

Suddenly, the Giantess began to twitch her nose back and forth almost like there was an itch inside. Curiosity got the better of me again and I stuck my head into her left nostril to try to see what was bothering her. I couldn’t see anything that could have been the culprit to cause her nose to twitch. Maybe it was just my imagination?

As fate would have it, she sniffed harder than normal. The sudden force of wind pulled me right into her nose!

I landed hard on my back and felt the dampness on the floor. I was slow to get up but once I did, I realized how dangerous this was. But at the same time, it was exciting and right up my alley. 

 The walls were bright pink, wet and full of mucus. Her nose hairs were about half as tall as me and there were hundreds of them spread out everywhere going in numerous directions. Her nose was quivering rapidly, and it had to be because of me. I knew I needed to find a way out so I wouldn’t bother the poor Giantess anymore no matter how much fun I was having. 

I tried standing up and to my surprise I was able to stand up a bit. I had to hunch my back, but it was better than crawling. My hair brushed up against the ceiling of her nose which caused her to hitch quietly. I had to be careful and efficient on my escape.

I tried to take a step towards the way out, but as soon as I moved, her nose began to quiver faster and more powerful than before. I immediately stopped and tried to sit as still as I could. I knew that even the slightest movement could be catastrophic. If she sneezed well, there’s no telling where I would land or even if I would make it out alive. I needed to get out without her sneezing. But every movement I made would tickle her nose. My body began shaking from the anxiety building within me. 

While I was thinking about my plan of escape, I felt my whole world shake. I was certain the Giantess was waking up. I peeked outside her nostril and saw the grass begin to move further and further away. She must have been starting to stand up. As she was standing up, she moved her head which caused my balance to shift. Thanks to momentum I fell and landed on my knees. I then heard the giantess start to yawn, and immediately her nostrils stretched outward causing me to slide down a bit. I tried as hard as I could to grab onto one of her nose hairs, but I couldn’t reach in time and began to slide down further. 

As I was sliding, I saw her pointer finger go under her nose. It seemed like she was trying to suppress the irritant inside her nose. Still sliding I tried to stop myself by extending my arms to each side of her nose, but the soft and sensitive walls were too slippery, and I continued to slide. I was going to make contact with her finger. I braced myself and prayed to god she was a nice Giantess. 

Thankfully, before I could reach her finger, she sniffed hard and up I flew again further into her nose. I landed on my back again and I subconsciously yelled out in pain. Now I’ve done it!

“Hello?” The Giantess said with her finger still over her nose. “Is anyone there? Are you ok?”

She seemed nice. Even though this was my craziest idea since… well 10 minutes ago when I helped the bird, I decided to take my chances and tell her I was here. It was either that or wait for her to sneeze me out which could be catastrophic. I took one large gulp, breathed deeply to ease my anxiety, and shouted out to her.

“Can you hear me!?” I shouted. This was a huge gamble I was taking but there was no turning back now.

“I knew I heard a voice!” she said somewhat excited for some odd reason. “I’m Alicia! Where are you right now? I can hear you, but I can’t see you”.

“I’m Elliot” I said, trying hard to contain my nervousness. “Um I don’t know how to say this so I’m just going to come right out with it. I’m… w-well in your nose.” 

There was a silence that seemed to last an eternity. I had no idea how this was going to turn out. I felt the butterflies in my stomach as I worried about what she was going to say next. Was she going to think I was a creep like everyone else? It wouldn’t surprise me. To my surprise, she began to laugh a little. Then a lot.

“You have no idea how many times this happens to me with animals” she said while laughing. “But I’ve never had a human in there before!”

I began to relax a little. “Yeah well it’s been a crazy ride. How do you normally get the animals out?”

“What do you think silly?'' she answered with a sweet tone. “I sneeze them out! I love to sneeze.”

“You love to sneeze? I love girls who sneeze!” I quickly covered my mouth realizing I may have crossed the line a bit. After all she was a stranger.

“That’s so cute!” she said. “Now let’s get on with the show. Don’t worry darling I’ll catch you in my hands.”

I felt her walking again and I peered out of her nostrils to see what she was doing. I saw her crouch down and rip off a tree branch from those trees full of pink blooming flowers. She then inserted the branch into the opposite nostril in an attempt to make herself sneeze. Immediately I could hear her breathing becoming sharper and irregular as she continued to induce. 


The walls inside her nose began to quiver more than ever before. The walls were starting to expand apart once again. Learning from my mistakes I secured myself by holding onto some nose hairs. I could even hear her breathing intensify with each second that passed. I couldn’t believe this was happening!

“Heeehh…. heeeehhh…ahhhhh….

Instead of sitting around, I decided to be the gentleman that I am and help Alicia out. I reached into my quiver with all my arrows and pulled one out. I chuckled to myself while looking at the arrow and then proceeded to gently stab the walls of her nostrils. 

Alicia’s breathing became even more intense, no doubt because of my help. The wind picked up so much I couldn’t stand up anymore. Each time that I did, I would get knocked back over. I used the arrow to press it into her nose so I could use it as support to stand up and tickle the ceiling of her nose with my hands. By doing that made Alicia’s nose even more irritated and that much closer to a colossal sneeze.

“Ell…. lll…...iot…...aaahhhhhh…...b-bee…...AAAAHHHHHHH…...CAREFUL!!!!

Poor Alicia… She was torturing herself to try to get this sneeze out. I knew she enjoyed sneezing, but this couldn’t have been fun.


“HEEE ...AHHH ...t-trry pull...AHHH ...ing m-my…. NOSE HAIRS!”

That could work! I grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled with all my might. 3 popped out immediately and it worked like a charm. 


The force of the air sent me flying out of her nostrils like shooting an arrow. Thankfully Alicia kept true to her word and caught me in her hand, otherwise who knows where I could have flown off to. Once she separated her nose from her hands, I noticed her eyes and nose. Her crystal blue eyes were tearing up and her nose was as red as an apple. She immediately dropped the branch on the ground likely to try to prevent another sneeze. But her eyes were still tearing up and her breathing was still heavy.

“Does your nose still tickle?” I asked her. I was hoping she said yes but at the same time didn’t want to get carried away.

“It f-feellss…. hhhheeeehhhhaaa...like...s-soo-mething…… is…. AHHHHH…. STUCK!”

Alicia lifted her head just enough for me to see inside. She needed my help finding the culprit to her tickle. After scanning her nostrils, it then hit me. I left the arrow inside her nose! There’s no way she could get it out and I knew that I had to be the one to grab it.

I jumped up and grabbed her soft lips in an attempt to lift myself back inside her nose. Alicia clearly felt my presence on her lips, and she attempted to grab me and put me back to safety. But she couldn’t grab me in time partially due to her eyes tearing up and my skill at climbing. I was able to leap back into her nose.

“G-GEETTTT…. AHHHH…. HEEEH….OUT…...AHHHH…. NOW!!” Alicia pleaded. I knew she was just looking out for me but at the same time she needed my help.

“I figured out what the problem was!” I explained to her while in the midst of climbing. The pink walls were quivering, and her nose began to drip slowing me down a bit. I kept going strong and continued to inch closer and closer to the arrow.

I was able to get there quicker than I had expected. I attempted to stand up only to once again be knocked down. I tried to pull out the arrow, but it wouldn’t budge. I then tried moving it left to right to try to loosen it out of the wall but as I did, I heard Alicia take even sharper inhales and more breathy exhales. I was making the tickle worse. 


I once again returned to pulling when suddenly, everything went pitch black and I couldn’t see anything. I looked back towards the exit and noticed that the light from outside her nose was diminished. Was Alicia pinching her nose shut?

“Alicia!” I called out to her. “I need you to let go of your nose; I can’t see a thing!”

“Elliot” she said with her fingers still pinching her nose shut. “There’s something you should know first about my sneezes. They get stronger and stronger after each one and I have a hard time controlling them. I tried stopping you because I don’t want you to get hurt!”

That explains a lot. I appreciated her concern; however, I couldn’t stay trapped in her nose for much longer. It was getting harder and harder to breathe because of her preventing air going through her nose.

“Don’t worry Alicia I’ll be fine! Just get ready to catch me again and let that sneeze out!”

“Alright…” Alicia said hesitantly. “I’ll let you when I’m about to sneeze.”

Alicia reluctantly let go of her nose causing the light from outside to allow me to see again. I began to work on getting the arrow out again. I continued to pull as I felt her breath become more rapid and faster. She was going to sneeze again.

“I…. ahhhheeee…. nehhh…. neehhh….to…...AHHHHHH…SNEEZE!!!”

The walls began to spread further apart, and I only had a few seconds to think. I placed my right foot on the walls of her nostrils and positioned my hands one over another. It was going to take all my strength to get the arrow out. I placed all my weight into my right foot and pulled against all the weight. And just like that the arrow popped right out! 

“I DID IT!” I screamed out loud. My victory was short lived as just as I screamed, I lost my balance and fell backwards against the opposite wall causing a tremendous vibration to rise across her entire nose.


The force of the air from the sneeze launched me right back towards the entrance at a supersonic rate. The high-pitched squeal at the end of the sneeze was enough to cause my ears to ring as I was sent right back into the hands of the beautiful Giantess. I managed to hold onto the arrow that was covered in mucus but that was a small price to pay considering the amount of fun I just had. Alicia was right her sneezes did get stronger!

I looked up in awe at Alicia in all her elegance and beauty. She had her eyes closed and was rubbing her nose hard trying to suppress the remaining bits of tickle inside her nose. After a couple of seconds, she sniffed a bit and regained her composure and then opened her eyes. We shared eye contact for the first time.

There was a long silence as tension began to build up inside of me. What we just went through is something that neither one of us has been through before and I think we were both equally shocked that this was real life. I stood up still on the palm of her hand and attempted to break the silence.

“Alicia. I started. I’m… well at a loss for words. You were perfect just now. I’m sorry if I’m coming off too strong but what just happened right now was…”

“Amazing?” She chimed right in. I could see her cheeks turning just as red as her irritated nose.

“Yeah amazing!”


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@Sceptile450 This was an absolute treat to read!  Thank you sooo much for posting!  The more giant sneeze stories, the better :P

I'm excited to hear you are planning on making it a series.  I'm also very curious about how her sneezes get stronger the more of them she has! 😃

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I have to agree with Show&tell - the more giant sneezes on the forum the better. I really enjoyed reading this and looking forwards to more :D 

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Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! Hope you enjoy Chapter 2 :)



My entire body is trembling, and I have a feeling Alicia knows that. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by it though. In fact, she seems to be flattered! Alicia brought me up closer to her face and placed me on the bridge of her sexy nose. As I sat down, I placed my hands on her nose for extra balance. In response, she wrinkled her nose causing me to jump a bit, but I think that she was just flirting. Man, I needed to calm down. 

            “So, Elliot” Alicia started. “How did you end up inside my nose you naughty boy?” Alicia was flirting hard with me. I’ve never had a woman flirt with me never mind be interested in me, and I’m sure she can sense my discomfort. I don’t know exactly how I was going to explain the whole bird situation and if she was even going to believe me. Although it does sound strange, maybe she would believe me. After all, she did say she had animals stuck inside her nose before. 

            “Well you see” I began nervously. “There was a flock of birds that flew close to you and one of the birds landed on your nose. I went over to get the bird off your nose so you wouldn’t sneeze all over it. And as I got the bird off you…” I began tripping over my words. Taking a deep breath, I continued with my story.

“You sniffed a little too hard and you sucked me right inside your nose!” I anxiously waited for Alicia’s response. I began to feel the sweat build up on my face and my hands were twitching so fast, I felt Alicia wrinkle her nose once again. It must have tickled her a bit!

            Alicia’s eyes widen. “Wow it seems like you were in the right place at the right time!” She said giggling after finishing her sentence. “You do love girls who sneeze after all!”

            My heart sank. I completely forgot that I told her that. I know she said she loves to sneeze, but I guess I’m not used to people giving me that reaction. My face must have given Alicia the impression I was uncomfortable because Alicia quickly began to apologize.

“Oh no Elliot I’m so sorry!” She apologized. “I didn’t mean to cross the line. It’s just that I've never had anyone in my life who enjoyed my sneezing like I do, and I guess I just got carried away”. Alicia began to get teary eyed. She began to whip her eyes with her hands and sob gently. Poor thing. I decided it was best for me to come clean about my past.

“Alicia trust me you did nothing wrong!” I explained. “It’s just… You see I was banished from my tribe a couple of days ago.  They said it was because I have a sneezing fetish. I also haven’t had anyone in my life who enjoyed sneezing. Alicia your sneezes are perfect and I’m just in awe on how beautiful you are”!

Alicia perked up right after I said that last part. Thank God that last part didn’t backfire, or I could have scared her off! Alicia gently grabbed me off her nose and placed me in the palm of her right hand. She slowly brought her hand down to her lips and kissed me gently. My entire body shook with joy. She then brought me right back to the bridge of her nose for me to sit on.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through that honey” Alicia said in a concerned tone. “I just don’t understand why a tribe would abandon someone because of something so simple and harmless.”

I had wondered the same thing when they did abandon me. Why would my tribe care so much about that? I never did anything wrong or hurt anyone before, it just makes no sense. Were they afraid about something that I didn’t know about?

“Well then Elliot it’s settled!” Alicia spoke with excitement. “You and I are going to be traveling buddies from now on! And I know just the place to take you so you can see more of my sneezes!”

I felt a giant grin appear across my face! Not only will traveling be much faster thanks to Alicia being a Giantess, but now I get to see her sneeze again! My luck was starting to turn around. 

“Sounds like a plan!” I said. “Where is this ‘Special Spot’ you want to take me to though?”

“It’s not too far from here” Alicia replied. “Maybe a 15-minute walk for me.” Alicia then began to walk, and I stayed on top of her nose. Along the way we got to know each other a bit more. It turns out she’s a traveler as well. Her hometown was a village of normal sized people and one day she woke up there not remembering anything. The people at the village took her in and she fell in love with the place. Alicia left the village because she wanted to explore the world, but she promised them that one day she would come back. Man, that village sounded much better than mine.

We eventually arrived at Alicia’s ‘Special Place’ There was a small pond with lots of animals living there and a small waterfall pouring water into the lake from the stream above. Other than that, the only other thing there aside from trees and grass was a giant cave next to the waterfall. I was very confused.

“Is your ‘Special Place inside the cave?” I asked Alicia.

“Yes sir!” she responded.

Alicia walked us into the cave. The cave didn’t go in too deep maybe only 400 feet back, but inside the cave was a giant backpack that must have been Alicia’s. On the backpack, there was black bold words that said, “Sneezing Supplies”. Now I was getting excited. But then I thought of something that caused my excitement to turn into anxiety. I remember her saying that her sneezes got stronger after each time. Taking my size compared to her, I could be in a lot of danger. How is she going to control her sneezes if they keep getting stronger?

In the middle of my thoughts I felt Alicia bring a finger under her nose. She must have been able to smell whatever was in the bag already. It didn’t seem to affect me though. 

“Ta-da!” Alicia exclaimed still holding a finger under her nose. “This is my sneezing supply bag. I’ve collected lots of supplies that make me sneeze while I’ve been traveling. It has everything that I know I’m allergic to inside of it!

“That’s awesome gorgeous”! I replied to her. I could feel her face turning bright red from where I was sitting. She’s so perfect.

“Thank you handsome. Now don’t worry about my sneezes getting stronger because I have a safe spot for you my dear.” Alicia picked me up from on top of her nose and placed me gently back into her palm. She walked over to the back of the cave and pointed up towards the ceiling with her free hand. There was a smaller cave maybe about 8ft tall sitting on top of a ledge. An animal must have lived in it sometime before. 

“You are going to sit in there while I sneeze from the supplies I have” Alicia explained. Alicia then reached to where the cave was, and I hopped off her hand and entered my safe space. Alicia took a few steps back to where I was able to see her entire body. She smiled very largely to me and waved at me. I watched as my gorgeous new traveling partner bent down and unzipped the bag full of her tools. After a few seconds of rummaging through her bag she then pulled out a giant feather maybe about 12 feet long. I wonder where she got that from?

Just as I thought that I had figured out what she was up to, Alicia then pulled out another tool. It was a plastic bag full of some type of animal hair. It looked like maybe it belonged to a giant cat. Where did she find a cat that large?

Alicia grabbed a handful of the hair from the bag and covered the feather with it while smiling to herself mis chiefly. After it was full of hair, she then threw the rest of the hair up into the air and started sniffing it over and over. The hair began to slowly descend closer and closer to the ground. Alicia was indeed allergic to the hair and had already started breathing heavily. Lastly, she used the feather now covered with more hair and slowly inserted it into her left nostril as I watched in utter amazement.  

“Huuuuhhhh…. heeeeehhhh…. haaaaaaaaa….”

Alicia’s nostrils were flaring wider and wider after each passing second. At the same time, her mouth began to drop down as her breathing began to become more and more sporadic. Occasionally, she would change the direction of the way she was spinning the feather which would have her hitch and sometimes even false start. 

“Hhheeee….h-hoooww…. heeee….h-hhiissss….t-tthhiisss…. b-bbaaabe?” The beautiful Giantess asked. Sadly, I was too far away for her to hear my response but the whole thing was nothing but perfection. Alicia’s chest began to rise and down as the sneeze was coming closer and closer to escaping her enormous nostrils. She continued to twirl the feather inside her nostril as tears streamed down her face and more small hitches escaped her mouth. 

As Alicia was continuing twirling the feather inside her nose, the fur had continued its path towards the ground. Some of the fur landed on Alicia’s face and some ended up falling straight under her nose. She was about to let loose the first of what was to be many beautiful sneezes.


Alicia’s first sneeze was mild for a Giantess. In fact, it was her softest sneeze I’ve seen yet. Even so, I felt a slight tremor in the ground as her sneeze echoed across the entire cave. Her sneeze caused the fur stuck on her face to be launched out in front of her and I watched as they slowly descended to the ground. Alicia rubbed her eyes, adjusted her hair and then finally went back to inducing with the feather this time in the other nostril.

“HHHHEEEE…. HHHEEEEE…. *sniff ...huh?”

Alicia pulled the feather out of her nose and gave a disappointed look towards my direction. She must not have been able to get the sneeze out. After close examination I noticed most of the hairs on the feather were gone. Strange. I walked towards the edge of the cliff, brought my hand to my mouth and whistled loud enough for Alicia to hear. Once I caught her attention, I gestured my hand, telling her to come over towards me. Alicia obeyed and headed over towards my way. 

“Is the feather not doing it for you Hun?” I asked her with slight disappointment in my voice. It would be just my luck that she wouldn't be able to sneeze.

“I’m sorry Elliot.” Alicia replied. “I think all the hair on the feather was launched away after my sneeze. Let me check to see if I have an extra”. 

Alicia headed back towards her bag and opened it up. After moving stuff around it looked like she couldn’t find another feather. Instead, she pulled up a giant bottle containing some sort of liquid. I couldn’t quite make out what it was, but I suppose I was going to find out soon enough.

Alicia sprayed the bottle around her and sniffed a couple times. The smell was strong. So strong that it traveled up to my area. It smelled like perfume! Alicia sprayed the perfume twice on her hand and then brought it up towards her face. She then proceeded to take deep breaths inhaling all the scent of perfume stuck on her hand. After a couple smells, her eyes began to scrunch up and her tongue snuck its away outside of her mouth. Alicia’s breathing gradually began louder and louder as the tickle inside her nose built up. She tried to bring her hands back up to her nose but couldn’t get there fast enough


That sneeze was much stronger than the last. Strong enough to cause me to lose my balance and fall backwards on my butt. It seemed even Alicia was having trouble standing up straight. Her sneezes were getting stronger!

Alicia brought her hands back up to her face. She cuffed both hands covering her nose and mouth with them and sniffed again. This time, she kept her hands over her nose and mouth so she could control the dangerous sneeze building up inside of her nostrils. Even though I couldn’t see her full face, it didn’t take away any bit of enjoyment I was having just watching her induce for me.


Alicia completely lost her footing and landed on her knees. The entire cave began shaking violently because of her explosive sneeze. I looked up at the ceiling of my ‘safe place’ and felt my eyes widen completely. Pieces of the ceiling began to fall onto me. It wasn’t enough to cause the whole ceiling to come down but still enough to cause me to worry. I decided I’ve seen enough sneezes for now and walked out of my safe space to tell Alicia.

It seemed like Alicia felt the same way as I did as I saw her closing the bottle to the perfume. She looked up at me and gave another big smile and wave to me. I waved back and gave two thumbs up causing her to giggle. After that exchange, Alicia walked back towards me to come pick me up still holding the closed perfume bottle.

“Sorry to call it quits early Hun.” she said as I hopped back on her free hand. “I noticed as I was sneezing, the walls around me were cracking. If I had kept going, we could have been in serious trouble!”

“No problem Hun!” I responded. She brought her hand back down towards her and began to step towards the exit of the cave. I really got to get a good look around and saw multiple cracks traveling up the walls of the cave. If we were to do this again, we must be a lot more careful. This may have been too close for comfort. 

Right before we reached the halfway point to the exit, both Alicia and I heard a loud crack from directly behind us. We both jumped a mile and Alicia turned around to see what the cause of the sound was. We both scanned the placed head to toe and could not find anything. Was it just our imagination? Alicia took a step backwards and that’s when a sudden force pushes us both backwards.

Alicia must have tripped over the bag. Thankfully, she quickly shut her hand with me on top of it creating protection from the impact of the fall. I heard a loud thud and Alicia cry out in pain from the harsh impact. She opened her hand once she landed and I was able to see disaster in front of me. When she fell, Alicia had also landed on the perfume bottle. The bottle was completely shattered, allowing the scent of the perfume to travel towards Alicia’s nose. Alicia still had her eyes close from the fall and was unaware of the danger that we were both going to be in if she didn’t get up fast.

I leaped out of Alicia’s hand and climbed her cheek to her eyes. Wasting no time, I tapped her eyelids causing her eyes to open. Alicia woke up fast and looked at me with a concerned expression. I knew we had to get out of there fast, but I still wanted to make sure she was alright. 

Alicia began to sniff, and I watched in horror as I noticed that she was getting ready to sneeze again. No doubt the scent of the perfume was getting into her nostrils and there was a good chance that if she suffered from a sneezing fit again, this cave was going to collapse. 

“Alicia, we got to get out of here!” I yelled out in a panic. Hearing my voice, Alicia picked me up with her fingers and placed me down on the ground next to her face. She then turned her head towards me with a finger directly under her nose trying to hold back this destructive sneeze. Her eyes were glued shut and she began to rub her nose vigorously back and forth to try to settle down the tickle deep inside her nose. 

“G-GGETTT…. HUUHH...*sniff…. *sniff…. OO-OUTTT!!!”

I dashed towards the exit of the cave as I continued to hear loud hitching and false starts from Alicia. I quickly turned my head behind me to make sure she was following me out and watched as she used one hand to hold back the upcoming sneeze and the other to lift herself back up to her feet. Right as she did, Alicia couldn’t hold back her sneezes anymore and brought both of her hands to her face and let loose multiple loud and wet sneezes. 


Each passing sneeze was louder, more violent and even more beautiful. Alicia couldn’t even keep her eyes open as the tickle inside her nose became too powerful and had taken over her entire body. The sounds of the ceiling cracking were becoming louder, and rocks were landing around Alicia as time continued to pass. It didn’t seem like any had hit her, but the longer she was stuck in there, the higher the chance of that happening. 

I finally made it outside of the cave and at a safe distance for me to turn around and make sure Alicia had gotten out ok. Much to my dismay, she was still stuck inside as the sneezing fit had prevented her from moving. The cave couldn’t handle anymore sneezes from her especially if they are going to be stronger than the last ones. She had to get out of there now!

“GET OUT OF THERE ALICIA!!” I screamed as loud as I could, so loud that I hurt my vocal cords in the process. She couldn’t hear me. All I could do was watch as the beautiful Giantess let loose bigger and bigger sneezes.


The sneezes were too strong. The wind from the sneeze lifted me into the air and knocked me backwards far away. I landed in the trees outside of the cave and watched in horror and boulders fell and covered the entrance to the cave with Alicia still inside. Oh no!

“ALICIA!!” I screamed as I attempted to jump down from the trees. I jumped out and landed hard on my legs causing them to shake but it didn’t stop me from trying to save her. I ran right towards the cave with the giant boulders and tried to help find a way to save her. 

Before I could reach, I heard loud hitching and breathing. Alicia was ok! I breathed a sigh of relief. My relief however only lasted a second as I realized that her hitching meant she was going to sneeze again! I stopped in my tracks and turned towards the lake. I bolted towards the lake and jumped right into it and ducked my entire body underwater to protect myself from the massive sneeze.


Although I was underwater, the sneeze was still very loud. Loud enough to cause my ears to ring. After the sneeze, I heard giant thumps that caused the water to shake, sending vibrations straight down my spine. Worried about Alicia, I rose to the surface and looked towards the cave. My jaws hit the floor. The boulders were cleared out and scattered across the field and Alicia was outside the cave looking around frantically for me. Her nose was running from all the sneezes and her eyes were full of tears. The trees that I was just launched into were destroyed thanks to one of the boulders. I hopped out of the water and whistled as I continued to run towards her.

Alicia turned towards me and put her hand out telling me to stop. She sobbed into her hands and sat down causing a slight tremor in the ground. My heart broke as I watched her cry. She must have been upset that she couldn’t control her sneezes.

“Elliot I’m sorry.” Alicia began. "It’s too dangerous for us to travel together. If I can’t control my sneezes, then how can I assure you will be safe? I’m sorry but I… I can’t do it!”

Alicia stood up again and walked away leaving me alone. I sat there for a minute trying to process everything that just happened. I felt my body shaking again only this time it wasn’t from anxiety but instead anger. Life just handed me a gift in Alicia and here it is taking it away from me. There was no way I was losing her!

 Unknowingly to her, I ran right behind her. There was no way that I was going to give up on the one girl that I knew I loved. I only hope that I can convince her to let me travel with her once again.




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Thanks to everyone for reading! I am definitely going to be continuing this story. Chapter 3 is being written as we speak and may need a little more time to finish. I can't say for sure when I will get it out but I am 100% still working on the story. ☺️

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On 1/24/2020 at 1:01 PM, Sceptile450 said:

Thanks to everyone for reading! I am definitely going to be continuing this story. Chapter 3 is being written as we speak and may need a little more time to finish. I can't say for sure when I will get it out but I am 100% still working on the story. ☺️

Woo!  😃 Very excited.  Great work so far.

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